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  1. The order states: 1. The hearing listed to take place on XX September 2019 at XXXX be vacated. 2.The claim be discontinued against the Defendants: and 3.There be no order as to costs.
  2. We received a letter today from Ascent legal stating that their clients do not wish to proceed with the claim any further and they will discontinue the claim as long as there is no Order as to costs. they have asked us to sign a consent order and send it back and they will lodge it with the court and this will conclude matters. Should we sign this and return it or is there another reason for this course of action?
  3. I have resent them to the email address you provided with all of the info on them complete.
  4. Do I have any way of defending this on the 23rd on the basis of falsified paperwork?
  5. Ok, but I cannot see how it is legal when the original docs are all in her maiden name because we were not married in 2008. She has signed them in her maiden name, the Legal charge is registered with land registry and signed in her maiden name so the documents they have sent have no resemblance of the originals . So if have no case to answer to we have just got to give in and let them obtain a CCJ after all these years even though the loan is secured and they could just start repossession . Does that mean that any Tom , Dick or Harry can just make
  6. Why can it not be used? they have obviously doctored or created paper work to suit their needs, surely this is some kind of fraud? they have produced these documents after the fact and inserted my wife's married name. We were not married until 2 years after this agreement was taken out. The original correct paperwork has her correct name at the time but the documents they sent me months after requesting them do not represent true copies of the originals in any shape or form.
  7. ok, I will redo tomorrow but as I said if I remove all the identifying info then you will not see the reason for my defence.
  8. I will have another go tomorrow, I have been scanning and redacting for hours now.
  9. I have tried the PDF reducer site but the smallest file it can give me with heavy compression is 15.7MB.
  10. I have wrote them exactly as they are on the original form, there is no mention of numbers 1 or 2. I have scanned all documents I just need to remove information after the school run. The documents are scanned as best I can, the original quality of what I have been sent is not great.
  11. [if there are more than one defendant listed - tell us] 2 defendants, me and my wife ( not wife at the time of loan ) Name of the Claimant ? Cabot Financial Ltd Date of issue – 08/02/2017 Particulars of Claim What is the claim for – 1.By agreement(s) entered into by the claimant and the defendant. The defendant has failed to pay the sum of 11k+ . 2.The claimant has requested payment but the defendant has failed to pay the sum demanded. 3.The claimant claims the sum of 11k+ and interest under s.69 of
  12. I have them for the original loan, not the rewrite. These are the ones that are typed and not hand written.
  13. Do you want the letter sent today or everything prior? there is probably over 30 pages. It was a secured loan that was later rewritten. They issued proceedings in February 2017 but the case was stayed because they could not produce the paperwork. They sent out the dubious paperwork in November last year then we received the court papers a few weeks ago to say that they were applying to have the stay lifted on the grounds that our defence was no longer valid as they had produced the paperwork. We would also like to know why they are going for a CCJ
  14. Received a letter from them this morning in response to a letter I sent them outlining our situation financially, physically and mentally. They have said that "their client is keen to resolve the matter without further recourse to litigation" and can we fill out an income and expenditure form with proposals of payment for their consideration. If we can agree suitable repayment terms the client ( Cabot ) would look to vacating/cancelling the hearing. The whole point of this is the fact that we cannot afford to live at the moment. I have a long term progressive illne
  15. Thanks unclebulgaria67, Ascent legal have applied to lift the stay and there is a hearing on the 24th of September. In our original defence we requested that we be allowed to submit a new defence should they produce the documents relied upon for the case. They produced the dubious documents several months later so how do we go about submitting a new defence based on the fact that the alleged documents are not in any way shape or form true representations of the originals and have been created/doctored to suit the needs of this case?
  16. Hi, I urgently need to update an old thread but I am told that I must flag it up to the moderators to allow me to post on it again. How do I flag this post up please?

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      What old thread. Click on your username and find the thread. None are closed threads

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      Hi, it is the welcome finance thread. I am unable to post further on it and this message is at the top of the thread :

      Please note that this topic has not had any new posts for the last 288 days.

      If you are trying to post a different story then you should start your own new thread. Posting on this thread is likely to mean that you won't get the help and advice that you need.

      If you are trying to post information which is relevant to the story in this thread then please flag it up to the site team and they will allow you to post.

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      They have applied to lift the stay and the hearing is on the 24th of this month.

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