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  1. This topic was closed on 03/08/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thanks Barty, much appreciated. Will have a good weekend filling in her spreadsheet. Feel really excited starting another campaign. Looks like both accounts claim will be well under the small claims amount. Will I have to start 2 claims? Or can I put the 2 accounts together on 1 claim?? have a good weekend everybody x x
  3. Hi all, having got back charges from Abbey & NatWest my friend has asked for help with her 2 Lloyds accounts. She has a Gold service account & what looks like a normal current account. She was referred to collections some time back so is nervous in starting to claim back her charges (not worked them out as yet). Am I right in thinking that she can still go for claiming them back even if her accounts are in collections. Have told her she should open an umbrella account. Thanks for any advice you can give.
  4. Hi My son had an overdraft of £500 but he was quite often over it in the last 18 mnths. We started proceedings and got paid last week. The chq was paid into the same account so overdraft is now paid off. They did write asking him for his card back but he told them the account was in dispute over unlawful charges & they said they would contact us again in 6 weeks. Thankfully the chq arrived before the 6 weeks was up. Go get your charges back - it is your money!! good luck x
  5. I personally found MCOL ok to use. I did have charges covering over 2 years. I put charges as x amount of dd's x amount of referral fees = total of claim. I managed to fill it in much less that 1080 characters. I did not feel the need to write an essay, just keep to the facts. Got chq for full amount Monday!! Good luck x
  6. Hi, I did a claim for my son, I did not realise there was a charge for ADV Gold acc so I inadvertantly included it in his claim, got a bit worried but thought I would just see what happened. THEY PAID ALL I CLAIMED - I do not think they are checking the spreadsheets at all - I even sent Cobbetts copies of the bank statements cross referenced to the excel spreadsheet! Good luck - keep going - it is worth it in the end when that chq lands on the mat!!!!!!!!!! x
  7. Hi leighsuz, I got my money back a couple of weeks ago, had filed in court & they settled before I sent in my AQ. My account has not been closed, I took a chance as looking at the forums they are all as bad as each other. My account still seems to be running ok. Apparantly they have to give you 30days notice if they are going to close your account, sure I have read this on another thread somewhere. Good luck with your claim - keep going - it is worth it in the end. Got my sons money back too from Natwest - it was like xmas in our house for a couple of days!! x
  8. Hi Deano69 spend time reading the FAQ's, there are template letters to use & read lots of threads about other peoples journies to getting their money back. Lots of people will give you advise. Good luck x
  9. Stick to your timescales, if they haven't answered that is thier fault!! Good luck x
  10. HI Phil, if you get no response quickly private message a Moderator, Alanfromderby usually answers very quickly. Unable to advise you myself but know how frustrating it is not getting any replies x good luck with your claim x
  11. pm a MODERATOR LordLee, they usually answer really quickly - good luck x
  12. Good news Eileen, I thought the same thing, why a cheque!! Mine cleared ok x take care , got tears in my eyes again thinking of your loss x x
  13. Hi Bowkett, you are nearly there now. Abbey will probably file a defence right at the last minute so it is best to check on the 15th day after serving. Good luck x
  14. Use special delivery - it is quicker that recorded!! Guaranteed delivery next day - good luck
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