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  1. Latest update. I spoke to fos and they said that by accepting the offer we would not have to accept the figures if we did not think it was right but it would mean MBNA would calculate the figures. The letter finally arrived from MBNA offering PPI Premiums £2383.57 Assoiciated Interest £1738.90 8% gross Interest £ 886.52 (of which £177.30 sent to HMRC) Although I did SAR MBNA I only recieved computer print outs so I was unable to do a complete recalculation but I have used the FoSCIS sheet v101 this gives me figures of £2352.02 Pre
  2. Update from the FOS. MBNA have agreed to make an offer as a gesture of goodwill and with no admission of liability to settle this complaint !!! If the offer is accepted it will be calculated based on the general approach the FOS takes when they decide PPI has been mis sold and MBNA will calculate the exact amount if we decide to accept the offer. Is this the norm to accept an offer even when we have no idea what it is ?
  3. An update .... we went to the FOS and they have upheld our complaint so we are now waiting to see what MBNA come back with. Does any one have experience of this? Do they generally settle or do the still fight?
  4. Thanks Ims, I Guess from that I had better cash my cheque then
  5. Mmmmm Thanks Guys. I time to relook at my SAR paperwork!!
  6. [ATTACH]38730[/ATTACH] I have attached pdf of spreadsheet putting in their figures. If this is right maybe I should cash my cheque now
  7. If I've got in right it looks like they have calculates the refund of premiums and then reconstructed the account without the PPI and added the difference between the new closing balance and the old one
  8. My Letter States I am writing to further to your correspondence outlining your concerns regarding the Payment Protection Insurance on the above account. I can confirm that your concerns have already been addressed under ref ******3 and a final response was sent to you on 20 August 2012 outlining our findings. As Requested I enclose a copy of the breakdown calculation we have used to calculate your refund for your information Please be informed that the above reference will now be closed and no further correspondence will be sent Yours Sincerley Rachel Nixon
  9. It will have to be done by telephone as their last letter stated they would no longer respond to any letter But it might be quicker than waiting for them to reply by post
  10. Interesting !! You seem to be having the same problem
  11. That would make sense to me. I need to be able to work out what they should of paid so that when I tackle them I sound like I know what I'm on about
  12. Just wrote to them thanking for the cheque but could I have a breakdown 10 weeks later so a mad rush as always
  13. That was my thinking too but I can't work out where to start. So I can get it clear in my head before I argue with them down the phone as they have told me they will not send any further correspondence. Can anyone give me an idea where to start
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