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  1. That has just made it clearer!! maybe some of that info should be included in the page where you download it. (that you have to print the OFT and EDM docs yourself) and some confirmation that you need only "personallise" the first 3 sections? Not wanting to be seen as ungrateful - it already is about 20x better than i could have even imagined i could do on my own, i guess as a newbie sometimes you can't see things that those of you with the knowledge take for granted, i know in my line of work (IT) i often have to think "am i taking peoples level of understanding for granted?" I guess this is the same, since you understnad what you need to send it makes perfect sense, those of us with less legal minds just need a little more noddy instructions i guess. Thanks for responing so positively, was worried it would be seen as complaining and being ungrateful!
  2. i totally agree with you that this process is one of learning - i would not want to end up in a court and not have at least a reasonable understanding of the issues that were being raised, reading the contents of the Bundle helps in that process, i agree. However within the Bundle are 2 website links, to confirm if they need printing out and including as full documents would be a start! You also mention this "Statement of Evidence" which has no mention anywhere in respect to the Bundle surely there should be some mention of that when downloading this?? At all other stanges there is seems to be standard wording, with different coloured sections for different eventuallities, at every other stage people get told to stick to the standard wording and add/remove the sections that apply to them, then at the final hurdle it changes to "work it out yourself" it just seems a little bit like we'll help you, but only so far! Would be great if someone could
  3. quite the opposite - i think you are in the same boat as a lot of other people, i think the process is very well explained untill you get to the point of having to make up a bundle, all the other bits you can cut, paste and follow instructions to edit them. The Bundle, having had a look through it to prepare myself for when i get there is the only bit that has little or no guidance on WHAT to edit and ammend. My guess is as you say you include all the docs you have, the copy of your claim from MCOL and your other letters i am guessing is enough statement of defence, if not can someone provide a template for such a thing? I would be inclined to print out the documents that are linked in there and include the full copies. I hope someone - maybe Bookworm, is able to clear this up as it seems a little murky to me.
  4. thats not a very helpful answer now is it - the page where you download the budle says "personalise it" She says do i just add my correspondance and my statements and leave the rest alone? I think thats all you need to do yes, but someone to confirm that would be nice what she wants to know is if she needs to print off the contents of the websites referenced in the bundle? I suspect the answer is yes you do but again, some confirmation would be nice I know that people here provide their time and advice for free, and that a lot of people do ask blindingly stupid questions, but this lady has asked the same questions I have been wondering about and no one seems to be able to say yes or no to these things?? To simply point people back to the page they are asking questions about when they have obviously read all that is there is patronising in the extreme, the info she asked for is not on that page so why send her back there? I thank people here for all the work they do, its a great site, and as Admin on a huge footy forum myself i know how hard a job it can be, but i have to say it seems that the stock response to people is "all the info you need is in xxxxxxx page, go there" even if that page does not contain the info they asked for.
  5. Well, after reading the forums for a few weeks with great interest i have yesterday set off my Prelim letter with a copy of the spreadsheet attached claiming £490 (didn't bother with the interest as it was just too complicated tbh) Plus i will get my 8% anyway later!!. had 5.5 years of statements at home so just worked my way through those, was easier than asking for a SAR and waiting another 40 days!! Having read all the info it seems a pretty simple process, my only concerns are once i get to the point where i need to file online and what information i need to enter there, how to fill out the AQ, what documents to send to the Bank and the court at that point and what the hell i should put in my Court Bundle?? Online N1 Claim Form. My take on it is that i use the following as the particulars of claim I then need to send a copy of the spreadsheet with my list of charges to the court is that it - anything else at that stage?? Cost approx £50 Allocation Questionaire I then fill out an AQ (No Idea How, or what with??) Assume there is a template somewhere for this? and do send that to the court only? or to the bank as well? Cost Approx £100 Court Bundle And then make up a court Bundle, inc all the letters i have sent and recieved during this process, my bank statements (just those with charges? or all that i have?) and the rest i print from the template right?? is there anything else that needs to go in there? i want to try and collate all this as i go along to save time having to do it later!! I think that is all my questions for now, anyone who can advise, by phone, e-mail or MSN or similar feel free to PM me - esspecially anyone who is Leeds based and has had any success against Barclays - i'd love to hear from you and what you did and when. Other than that thanks for a great site - i will soon be starting tha same process off against RBS and BarclayCard for my Credit Card charges over the last 5 years too!! Wish me luck!
  6. thanks kate - i will start a thread in the Barclays forum later tonight with the details of my claim, i know barclays are likely to make an offer after the LBA from reading the threads, i'm tempted to take that and not incur any aditional charges for going to court - especially considering that could be a drawn out process. My personal circumstances are such that i will be getting a lump sum from the sale of my parents house hopefully in the next 4-6 months and that will clear the £6000ish of loan, credit card and overdraft i have and leave me with a hefty deposit for my first house. So my need to get as much money as possible might not overcome the desire for some quick wins now with a view to reducing the amount i have to pay out of my lump sum later. Leaving a bigger deposit and less mortgage debt to take on. Swings and roundabouts i guess.
  7. Thought i would post a quick hello on here, since the forum keeps telling me i haven't and that i should, have sent off my first letter to Barclays today, asking for £490 in charges back from the last 5 and a half years of statements i had to hand (couldn't be bothered with the DPA disclosure tbh!) Am pretty happy with the idea of sending my LBA in 2 weeks time (and plan to start the same with barclaycard and RBS Credit card soon!!) My big fear is what happens when/if i get to the point of having to fill in all these forms for the court, there seems to be so much contrasting info from different people on here, sometimes its hard to know who is giving the best advice?? Is there anyone in Leeds who has taken on any of these organisations and won - as i might need you in a few weeks time!! Anyway, thanks for giving me the belief to send that first letter, it isn't the biggest sum in the world compared to some i have seen on here, but i guess every little helps!!
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