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  1. But from the looks of it (if the total is to be believed) the most I can get from these listed charges is £37.50....unless we are to believe that they charged and then felt sorry for me and took the charges off without me requesting so?????
  2. Hello, I'm right at the very beginning of claiming bank charges from HSBC. I sent them the SAR on 18th June and received a 3 page document with numbers written on it. The pages reads: 13/10/2001 Overdraft Fees £27.50 13/10/2001 Adjustment to Fees for 13/10/2001 £27.30 - 12/11/2001 Overdraft Fees £27.50 12/11/2001 Adjustment to Fees for 12/11/2001 £27.50 - 12/11/2001 Adjustment to Fees for 12/11/2001 £27/50 31/10/2002 Overdraft Fees £27.50 31/10/2002 Overdraft Fees £27.50 13/12/2002 Overdraft Fees £27.50 27/12/2002 Adjustment to Fees for 13/12/2002 £27.50- 27/12/2002 Overdraft Fees £27.50 27/12/2002 Adjustment to Fees for 27/12/2002 £27.50- 12/08/2003 Overdraft Fees £10.00 TOTAL: £37.50+ They annoyingly haven't sent the actual statements as I can't actually remember if I talked my way out of charges....but this seems a very strange way of presenting the information....hasn't been this way with any other banks. Has anyone experienced similar and can shed any light/give any advice as to how to proceed. Are they dragging things out by not providing statements? Thanks PIGGY XXX
  3. Hello All, Is anyone else out there claiming back charges from both their Halifax current AND visa accounts? I was wondering if anyone has noticed a significant difference in the way they have been treated by both defending parties? I have a claim for £1063 for current account charges and £1065 for credit card charges. After I sent my LBA for the current a/c charges, I received a phone call offering me £500 and when I refused to acknowledge this they upped it to the full amount, which I accepted. With Halifax Card Services it has been a completely different ball game. When I rang to ackowledge they had received my LBA, and to confirm with them they only had 14 days to come back with an offer I had a very defensive young woman on the phone. She told me the banks had their own deadline which I should adhere to. When I stood my ground and told her that I was perfectly in my rights to dicate the deadline and that 14 days was reasonable I got told to stop shouting at her. I am in Customer Service and I can assure everyone here that I know perfectly well how to conduct myself over the phone - and I never shout! I told her I wasn't and that I was not arguing with her as she only represents the bank and my gripe was with their charging regime. I asked to speak to someone else and she told me I wasn't allowed to - which I rectified by hanging up and speaking to someone else when I redialled their number. The next person I spoke to was even more aggressive and started quoting from the OFT. This actually started to worry me, and I said that they would hear from me by the deadline. Had anyone else noticed the rottweilers they have employed to deal with claims that have been escalated to Complaints??? Has anyone else had a similar experience so I don't feel so alone out here???
  4. Thanks Guys, Have successfully entered my claim on MCOL, managed to get the card to work today (maybe the Bank Holiday was a very busy day for MCOL?). Was reading HellzBellz posts, in particular a suggestion made by the Welshman, and have decided to post out my schedule of charges to both MCOL and Barclays. I have penned this for Barclays, my accompanying letter to MCOL will obviously be short and to the point: ---------------------------------------- Litigation and Disputes Team Level 29 1 Churchill Place London E14 5HP 02/01/2007 Dear Sir/Madam, ACCOUNT NUMBER: xxxxxxxx SORT CODE: xx-xx-xx CLAIM NUMBER: 7QZ00495 Date Claim Filed: 02/01/06 I am writing to inform you that I have filed a claim against you (claim reference as above) with regards to unfair and unlawful charges made on the above account. I have already written to you to inform you of my intent to do so should you fail to respond positively to my Letter Before Action of 12/12/06. I calculate that you have made £380.00 of charges to my account since February 2002. Despite our correspondence and the ample opportunity that you have had to settle this matter, it remains unresolved. I am therefore claiming the full amount of £380.00, plus interest and court fees: Amount of Charges: £380.00 Interest Occurred (as at 02/01/2007) £62.27 Court Fees: £50.00 Daily Rate of Interest: £0.0836 Claim Total (as at 02/01/2007) £492.27 I have enclosed a Schedule of Charges, including interest, for your records. I have also sent a copy of this schedule to the Court Manager, Money Claim Online (Northampton County Court). -------------------------------------------------------------------- Can anyone advise me as to the content of the letter above or have I missed anything/gone compeltely overboard??? Thanks, Piggy
  5. Hello All, I have completed steps 1 (asking for the statements Data Protection Act etc), and 2 (asking for it back) with Halifax Visa. I have had letters back from them saying 'huh? you want it back? errr. no, we're not listening, laalaa laaaah' and something has tweaked in my brain and now I'm all a panic... The correspondance I have been receiving from Halifax has been from Pittreavie, Scotland. Now, I understand Halifax to be an English Building Society, but I opened my account in Scotland (though for the last 4 years have been living in London, where the majoeity of the charges were incurred). It is my understanding that Scotland is not included on this OFT / Bank Charges, etc etc... So are they just laughing at my pathetic attempts (they cashed my £10 S.A.R. [Data Protection Act] cheque) to sound like I know what I am talking about, knowing fine well that they are happily shrouded behind Scottish Law and I will never see a penny? Also, when I inevitably sile my MCOL, what address am I supposed to put under defendents??? The address I beleived myself to have to respond to in the past (as that's from where they were communicating), or the registered HALIFAX office, in (derrr) Halifax, England??? A VERY CONFUSED, Piggy
  6. Hmmmm - tried to use my friend's card today and it just keeps coming up with unauthorized payment... Do I need to start over again on MCOL? If payment has been refused once is it likely that it would penalise you after that? Or maybe the site is down over hte festive period? I can't afford the time to go to court, I've just started a new job - can I post the N1 forms with a cheque???
  7. WAAAAAAA:-( I've just tried to file my MCOL and the only kind of bank card I have is a barclays visa electron!!!! What to do????
  8. Thanks Spotty, I thought that might be the case, I just wanted to make double sure. Thanks for replying, PIGGY X
  9. Just had a letter from Kiran Rauli, Customer Relations Manager at Head Office Customer Relations, London E14. Basically saying, no, we won't let you take our offer of £175 and carry on through the small claims court, after careful consideration we are not willing to increase our offer. Firstly, is this them saying we'll see you in court, if so, do I still need to wait 14 days before going down the court routes or can I start now as they have said they will offer no more? Silly bank...
  10. :eek: AAAAAH!!! PANIC PANIC PANIC I've just looked at the spreadsheets and realised that I have been asking for interest from the very start of the claim! I asked in my rejection of settlement for the balance with no interest added, but all my schedule of claims have interest printed on them, and the total value was the amount I originally asked for!!!! Are they going to rumble me for being a complete and utter idiot????? :eek:
  11. YAY - someone out there listening! Yeah, I know what you mean...long term is so hard when you are as NOW NOW NOW as me! I'm like s spoiled kiddie at Xmas!
  12. is there anyone out there who cares enough to be as lovely and helpful to me too??? I'm really nervous about my court dates too, come on guys share the love...are my letters right? Am I doing the right thing? I've got 2 other banks/cards I am going to start claiming for as well, I'm using the relatively low value case as my learning curve!
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