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  1. Send in a copy of your original terms and conditions, and of course all the GE MONEY "hard luck your not having it back" letters of which you usually get.In my case the first one from Joe Bloggs, then the next one from Jim Bloggs, and another from Jane Bloggs.All of which are the same,all of which are just stalling tactics just to wind you up.Their complaints department have not got a clue, and were even quoting paragraphs that did not even exist in the Terms and Conditions.The bottom line is if its not written as payable on completion then we should not be charged. All The Best
  2. I have complained direct to the Financial Ombudsman about this, and they are currently investigating my complaint against GE Money.Even Dick Turpin wore a mask!!!! All the Best
  3. Looks very good to me, its a shame you have not got a copy of your original terms and conditions as you can bet they will begin the stalling tactics. I kept my copies for reference and I bet they are the same ie at the time they were First National.Just for your info i think that amounts under £25,000 come under the 1974 CCA. all the best.
  4. I think your best bet would be to complain to the Financial Ombudsman as this company is just a waste of time.I have, and am awaiting further details.The way i see it is, if the redemption fee for this Land Registry rubbish of £200 is NOT written in the terms and conditions then they don't have a case.The other issue is that an early repayment (not to be confused with the £200) fee can't be charged if the contract is under the consumer credit act 1974.I know these terms in the act are confusing but it appears that a rebate should be awarded not a type of fine for settling early. All the best
  5. This company are the equivalent of the Ryman South League ( no offence to the teams that play in it) i was promised a reply within 4 weeks concerning my complaint of a "£200 plucked out of the air from Mars" administration charge for settling up my secured loan.Not a mention of it in the Terms & Conditions.One of their so called customer service staff had the nerve to tell me "well sir we can't put everything in our T's & C's" This reply just sums this company up, anyway as you've already guessed still waiting for that reply,now in its 5th week.
  6. I have the same ongoing issue with this company and you are correct in that this £200 is not mentioned anywhere in their Terms and Conditions.So in actual fact this discharge fee could have been any figure that they felt obliged to charge us.Did they also charge you an Early Repayment Charge.
  7. Don't it make you sick,reading tonights London Evening Standard about the Million pound bonus's there top boys are getting and all our CAG members struggling to recoup there charges. good evening everyone. Long live the CAG.
  8. This is my first thread so please excuse any mistakes.Have sent off the usual letters etc and of course got the never ending knock backs T&C's etc etc.But the good news is there redemption statement did NOT state ERC it is said "as you are in the penalty period this is the penalty you will be charged if you redeem early"any way still trying to claim back over £2000 in charges. long live the CAG
  9. I have just joined the CAG and would like to know how i can put my views on the progress of my claim aginst The Woolwich of which they charged me over £2000 in mortgage redemption penalties.I have been a compulsive viewer of this site for over 4 months.Thanks
  10. This site has been compulsive reading for me over the past 4 months and am currently involved in reclaiming my mortgage redemption penalties back.Had the usual replys back etc etc but now its time to go to war and when successfull this site will recieve a good donation.
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