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  1. Following success with my claim on our joint account, I have now started the second round on my own account for a mere £454. 7/06/07 Preliminary claim sent to RBOS with schedule of charges. 13/06/07 Letter from Sandy Watt at RBOS to say that "due to the amount of work involved in investigating your claim, we expect to be able to respond within 6-7 weeks". Yeah, right. Like they gave me that long to respond to any of their letters. 23rd June I will be submitting the LBA.
  2. Glad to see you were succesful alanalana. I have just started my second claim.
  3. Cheque for £902 received on June 1st. Yippee!!
  4. Hi. I have just won my first claim against RBOS for £902. I received no reply to my LBA when the deadline 14 days expired so I emailed Sandy Watt to ask what was happening. She replied within an hour to say an offer had been sent out but we had not received it. She reissued the offer letter which arrived the following day. I know the general consensus is to issue court proceedings with no further communication but it might be worth one email.
  5. We had all our bank accounts (personal, joint and business) closed by the RBOS last year following defaults. We then cleared these debts following the sale of our house. I have just received an offer for the full amount of bank charges on our joint account (£902) so it can be done.
  6. Letter arrived today with offer to settle at the full amount! Happy bunny. Now I will be claiming the charges on my other account.
  7. Would appreciate any comments or advice on my post #14 Thanks.
  8. I decided to email Sandy Watt and received a reply to say that an offer had been sent out on April 12 and could I confirm that it had not been received. I emailed back to confirm that we had not received the reply but (and this was probably a booboo) said that we had received duplicate statements and 3 letters from Joyce Tudor to say more statements were on their way....even though they have already arrived. This email then arrived: Looks like you are being dealt with by both this Unit (CRU), and also by our Regulatory Risk Dept, where Joyce works. I can send you a 'duplicate' copy of our offer, but if you are still awaiting historic statements, are you likely to make a further claim, based on these? We would rather deal with your claim, based on one overall figure, rather than, several covering different periods. Regards Sandy Watt I will be making a claim on my own bank account which total about £400. The 2 claims total just under £1500 (we live in Scotland so just fit into Summary Clause I believe) Also, one claim is for a joint account and the other is for me so should they be treated seperately anyway? Can we just ask for this claim to be settled first? The claims do not cover different periods, the claims cover the same period of time but on different accounts.
  9. Hi fiestychick. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in having problems seeking your statements! I have had duplicate sets sent to me and today got a letter saying they are on the way. ?????? I don't want any more duplicates...just the ones they haven't sent yet. For Heaven's sake....they obviously need the extra cash from bank charges to improve their staff training.
  10. OK. So now I know they're losing it. 3 letters arrived today from Joyce Tudor in response to my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) apologising for the delay (2 duplicate sets already received) and saying they will be here as soon as possible. Nothing in response to my LBA so I am going to email Ms Sandy Watt to ask whats happening. Could anyone tell me what information they gave her to be able to trace the claims? All our accounts with RBOS were closed last year so I'm not worried about security!!
  11. The 14 days for RBOS are nearly up for RBOS to respond to my LBA. Funny thing is, yesterday we received another set of statements, all duplicates of the ones received before in mid April following my letter of non compliance. I think the RBOS are losing it.
  12. Thanks again. I don't think I'll bother!
  13. Thanks Hydrauk. If I don't bother calculating the interest at all, will it make any difference to my claim (apart from me getting less back...lol)? Don't really feel like picking my way through minefields at the moment.
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