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  1. I am sure I saw one on a thread earlier today, but I cant find it anywhere now. Or is it best to request the information separately. Getting shafted by MBNA at present, so want to know the best approach to fight back
  2. A work colleague has run up a 12k debt with a credit card company, he can no longer afford the minimum payments so is looking to remortgage and pay off the debt. What is the going rate percentage wise to offer in full and final settlement or too have at least the debt satisfied. I thought it was about 75%, he was hoping to have to repay less than this. Cheers in advance
  3. Barty Thank you for that I will reprint it tommorow and send. God I am getting excited again. Any other comments greatly appreciated
  4. I have been ill for several months, but I am now fit and well and ready to go. This is were I got up to: 10 Nov 06 - wrote a polite letter regarding the charges incurred that month. 25 Nov 06 - Letter received - sorry you are not happy go away ..................... End of November 06 - found this website ......................... 6 December 06 - sent the preliminary letter 19 December 06 - received the same letter as 25 November - Go Away ................... 2 Jan 07 - LBA sent - 14 days to 16 Jan 11 Jan 07 - received an offer/goodwill gesture of £750 (credited to my account), but no further money would be repaid. 15 Jan 07 - rejected their offer, but accepted it as part payment, as a goodwill gesture on my part I gave them a further 7 days before court action 6 Feb 07 - sorry you are still not happy, but the £750 is all they can award. If I win in court then this figure will be deducted from the settlement. .............................. I was then taken ill, so never got round to filing my claim. I did hear that Lloyds won a case, but dont know the full outcome of that. How do I go about restarting the procedures, also my initial claim has now increased by a further £400. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  5. Thank you, so by paying the minimum payments that means that I will get my money back as and when settlement is agreed. Cheers
  6. I have just come of the phone to some smug employee of Capital One. He was demanding payment today, not due till Monday, but telling me that if it was not received then I would be incurring another late payment fee. I am at present involved in a claim with Lloyds TSB, I pointed out that their charges were illegal he said they were not as they reduced them last year from £20 to £12 so now they were okay and he looked forward to seeing me in court. My queries before I commence action are as follows: 1. I have 3 accounts with Capital One, do I need to do 3 seperate claims. 2. Do I need to send 3 cheques of £10 and 3 SAR letters What really annoys me is the fact that 2 accounts have a £200 credit limit, which are both just over limit because of the charges incurred in the last year are more than the balance. 3. So bearing this in mind, should I carry on making the minimum payments on these 2 accounts. Cheers in advance Nigel
  7. After reading several threads over the last couple of days, I have noticed that the procedures are not been followed by the defendant (Lloyds TSB). It appears that they are not returning papers to the court on time and that they are not negotiating with people, but just before the case is due in court money appears in bank accounts. When I started my claim, before christmas, it appeared that every body was getting their claims settled by making a phone call to the solicitors, before return the AQ's to the court. Is this down to pressure of work or are they just getting more incompetant, therefore costing their client additonal money by having to pay more in interest and also having to pay the AQ fee. Also on one thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloydstsb-successes/51865-tedsbird-lloyds.html#post511108 John at Lloyds TSB has said that they are now paying £750 for all claims, in the hope that this will deter people. Again this would suggest that the goal posts are been moved. Could some one please give an updated version of how (in general) things proceed as it appears that the new tatics are panicing people a little. Cheers
  8. Can anyone confirm this, also what happens to charges incurred during the court process can these be reclaimed at any time. Cheers
  9. Cheers for that, the court route it is then. Will file my claim next week after pay day, and my next hit of charges.
  10. I rejected thier goodwill offer, but the money has still benn credited to my account. So in my letter I have accepted it as a paymeny on account. As the offer was made only a couple of days before the LBA deadline expired, as a goodwill gesture I gave them a further 7 days to settle in full. The new deadline is at the end of this week, so I am now amending my schedule to incorporate the payment received on account and also to add the additional charges incurred since I started my action. I assume you are allowed to do this. I will keep you posted of any developments
  11. Hi, I have just read through this thread, can you clear up a few things for me. I had sent the LBA and received an offer of £750 (which was oaid into my account). I rejected this and gave then another week before court action. That week rund out tommorow. I note that you also had some funds paid into your account and that you then phoned them, was this before you filed your court claim and if so have they agreed to settle in full. Or had you already filed your claim before they offered you anything. Cheers Nigel
  12. Sorry you are still unhappy, but as a goodwill gesture we will pay £750 into your account in the next few days. What is the standard response to this.
  13. Thanks for that, do I need to amend that letter as it is not an offer of settlement, but a goodwill gesture. This £750 goodwill gesture seems to be a new thing they are trying to get people to drop their cases before they really start. I have read through other threads and this £750 goodwill approach seems to be raising different responses. Cheers anyway
  14. LBA deadline is uo on Wednesday, 17 January. Recieved a letter yesterday, sorry you are still unhappy, etc. But as a goodwill gesture, as it would cost this if it goes any further they have offered me £750 (which will be in my account in the next few days). I am not happy with this and want to go to the next stage and file with moneyclaim. But do I a) reject their offer and see if they will increase it (more time wasted) b) keep the £750 and just go ahead and file my claim online, with £750 been received on account. c) reject the £750 and continue with my claim in the full amount Cheers ps. the £750 would be more than welcome at this time of year
  15. Michael Thank you for that advice, the charges I have incurred are £ 2,650. To be honest I do not have the time to try and calculate the interest as per the complex schedule, so I will leave it. - This will not jepodise my claim in any way will it. I will ceck for the address as you mentioned and the letter will be sent first class tommorow. I am getting quite excited now. Cheers ps I will keep you all up to date as things progress
  16. In the first letter asking for a full refund it states the amount I am claiming + interest. Is this interest figure the one that is calculated as been accrued on the charges on a daily basis since they were charged to my account. Please someone give me a shove to get this action started. I look forward to hearing from you all Cheers
  17. I have looked with interest at this site over the last couple of months, thinking is it really worth it. But with just over £150 is to be debited from my account tonight, for this months charges I thought yes lets go for it. I have summarised my charges from 1 July 2002 (where internet banking starts) and I have been charged over £ 2,600 in that time, plus overdraft interest. I have now prepared a schedule of these charges. When I received notification about this months charges, I wrote to them to see if there was anything they were prepared to do for me. I mentioned that there are firms who will take your claim on a no win no fee basis and go back 6 years. Today I received a letter saying sorry that I was unhappy, blah blah blah. So with the templates now copied, the ink drying on my schedule of charges - Let battle commence, as I try to sleigh the black horse. Before I send of the first letter (not bothering with the one to ask for details for the last 6 years - as I will be more than happy if I recover the charges from 1 July 2002) I have a couple of queries. 1. When I send the letter and schedule do I include interest, not the interest I have been charged but the additional interest the charges have incurred - so many days @ x% 2. Is it best to send the letter recorded delivery. 3. What is the best address to send my letters too. Any help or encouragement would be very much appreciated. Cheers
  18. Just received a letter from them, £190 to be debited in December following from £140 in November. Not happy, someone reccomended this site, so here I am. Thanks for listening
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