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  1. Thanks Andy. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?478641-Asset-Collections-claimform-old-Lending-Stream-PDL&p=5060833#post5060833 I have read the thread again, and I have spoken to the Court today regarding Asset's failure to respond to the original claim. I submitted my response on 14/06/17, Asset submitted their response on 19/06/17 but it was rejected by the Court as it didn't have the correct information and was submitted on the wrong form. Asset haven't responded since, even though they had 19 days to do so and haven't yet done so after 3 months
  2. Thanks, I have read through that thread before, so I'll wait to see whether I actually do get a "pack from the County Court" as Asset state, and then I'll come back and check I'm following the correct procedure. In the meantime, is it acceptable for Asset to keep open an identical previous claim. There has never been any judgement made on it after 3 months.
  3. Hi, thank you for creating a new thread for this. Oddly I had a further developments about which I was going to approach the forum for advice. Over the last month or so, I have continued to receive emails from TM Legal mentioning that they were wanting to enforce a CCJ that they had taken over the management of from Asset Collections Ltd. No such CCJ exists, as I have continued to check MCL and they never took any action after I submitted my partial acceptance. It remains open, but with no judgement. Today, I have now received an email from Asset Collections Ltd which thre
  4. Apologies, Andy. I thought it was relevant, and not worthy of a new a new thread mate.
  5. Hi again all, I'm looking for some help on CC action taken by this company on behalf of a LS loan from 2013. The LS loan shows as satisfied on Noddle. I responded to the CC action on 16 June 2017. It was a part admission of UP TO the accumulated default amounts (about £330) against their claim for about £1,800 including costs, together with a scathing comment about LS's business methods. I also commented that AI are impossible to contact. There has been no response after almost 2 months. I keep checking MCOL, and nothing is happening. How long can they keep this hanging ove
  6. I'd be very happy to make a donation by way of thanks for the advice I received.
  7. UPDATE & RESULT Last week I had an email from Vodafone asking me to give a date/time they could call me. I gave them 2-4pm today as I have a day off work. They have just called me, and confirmed that they will pay my County Court claim in full (£499.99 + court costs) for failing to refund the £114 for a cancelled mobile phone order in November 2016. Thank you to those on here who provided advice.
  8. Thanks Mikey, I have issued a SAR. It was rather strange to have to hunt out my cheque book to write one (only the 2nd on an account I have held for 10 years). It's a shame I couldn't do it all online. I'll post the letter in the morning.
  9. I received another letter today simply repeating the information provided yesterday. However, I've checked on information from Companies House, and Vodafone UK Limited only has responsibilities for 'Head Office Functions', whereas 'Vodafone Limited', who have responded to the claim as the defendant is responsible for 'telecommunications services'. I want to make sure I'm not being led on a "song & dance" by different subsidiaries here. As 'Vodafone Limited" has responded to a claim against 'Vodafone UK Limited', can I safely assume that they are accepting that they are the def
  10. Just a quick update. I discontinued the original claim against Vodafone's CEO, and re-issued it against Vodafone UK Ltd. Oddly, I have received a response from HMCTS indicating that Vodafone wish to dispute the whole claim. I'm not sure what their defence can be, having never issued me a refund from more than 3 months ago. Oh well, I'll let you know when I received their defence.
  11. That's what I intend to do, but I seem unable to access the case on Money-Claim Online. It's not showing me the case at all. I have emailed their help desk, so hopefully I will get a reply tomorrow. I am very grateful for the advice I have received on here.
  12. I have no lasting contract with Vodafone, I only wanted to purchase a mobile phone from their website. That is a 'contract' in the legal sense, but nothing beyond the purchase and receipt of the goods. My only intention was to address the court action against Vodafone, and I used the CEO's name because their responses used it. I would have thought that was reasonable. Are you suggesting I should withdraw this action and start one which specifically states Vodafone UK Limited as the defendant?
  13. The action in the small claims court is against him as CEO, not just as a random individual. Their complaints department state quite clearly that they are speaking "for and on behalf of Nick Jeffrey", so surely it's quite legitimate to use his name when addressing the claim against the company. Why don't they just settle the claim, instead of dragging it out. They haven't even addressed WHY I still haven't had my refund after more than two months. They seem more concerned with the pedantry of who is named in the claim.
  14. I'm hoping someone can help me with this, as I am now rather worried about a letter I have received from Vodafone. I placed an order online with them for a new PAYG phone and paid by TSB Debit Card (£114.00), I asked for collection from a store near work. They then said I neededd to take in various bank statements and utility bills, which I through was rather strange, so I immediately asked them if I could change delivery to my home address. They stated that to do this, I had to cancel the original order and place another one, but I would receive a refund for the cancelled order wi
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