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  1. I have received in the post a AQ to fill out and send back to the copurt as Lloyds have filled defence. I am ok with filling it out until Section g when it asks if I wish to attach anything !! Help what do I need to include ?
  2. Thank you for your advise, I have sent them a letter saying I will accept as part payment and will pursue my claim for the rest through the courts, I am claiming in total £1741 in charges and £290.31 in interest totalling £2031.31 so they have paid £750 into my account and I have deducted this off £1741 and kept the interest the same, but obviously this is wrong so I will work it out like you said by deducting it from the latest interest first. If I do deduct the £750 off and they later take it out of my account how do I go about reclaiming the £750 because my online claim will not include thi
  3. I am just about to file my on line claim and just have a couple of questions, (1) I am claiming on 2 accounts with Lloyds TSB but in their correspondance they have combined the accounts, should I make 2 seperate online claims or combine the two? (2) I have received £750 in my account as a goodwill gesture so have reduced the amount claimed by this. How do I calculate the 8% interest as this is on the full amount and not the reduced amount, Also, Is it a possibility they will take the money back out of my account when they receive the court order? Please help I am very confused and dont want
  4. They have sent me a letter saying that they will pay £750 into my bank and the claim is for about £1200 but they didnt send me anything to sign. The 14 days is up today so I was going to file my claim tomorrow via moneyclaim. But I dont want them to just go ahead and put the money in the bank and then I cant get the rest. So am I best to write to them saying I accept the money in Part Payment or ringing them before they put the money in declining their offer? I dont know what to do for the best and im crap at writing letters and dont want to mess anything up !!! Thanks for your response. C
  5. Lloyds TSB have offered me less than half of my charges back and said they will be credited to my account within the next few days but obviously I want to file a claim with the small claims court for the whole lot, please help what do I do !!!
  6. I am about to write to Lloyds TSB to reclaim charges for 2 accounts i have with them but I also have a credit card with them which I also need to reclaim charges for, can this all go on the same letter or should I send my credit card one seperate? Thanks Cat
  7. Thanks for that I will look into that asap, do you recommend seeing A&L in branch or get an account over the internet? Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it, its always a bit daunting when you dont know all the pros and cons and everyone keeps telling me Lloyds are the worst to get money out of !! Thanks again !! Cat
  8. I am just about to start claiming my back charges back but I currently have an authorised overdraft of £1400, a credit card and a loan all with Lloyds TSB which I am currently constantly using and not in a position to pay it off, I have however calculated that I have just over £2000 of bank charges to reclaim and want to start the proceedure but will they say I have to pay off the above before they refund me or are they not allowed to do that, please help, can any one recommend a bank account to open aswell please !! Thanks Cat:?
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