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  1. Sorry, hadn't realised it was previous total + new = current total. Easy
  2. Assuming it's the same as the one formular in the "official" sheet I should be able to cope.
  3. Just wanted to check, the version of Minzias sheet that I have (from chezt's post above) doesn't seem to total cumulative penalties or interest paid on penalties on the charges and interest sheet. Am I missing something? (there doesn't seem to be a formular in the box...)
  4. Hi Again, Have just been over to Vamps Chambers to re-get the spreadsheets and have gotten my self a little confused. Is it wise to try and charge Contractual Intrest against Barclays at the same rate that my OD is charged at? If I have read this correctley I should charge this from the initial claim letter not from the court action letter. Will carry on filling in the sheets for now but if someone could advise that would be great.
  5. Ha All, Copy statements arrived over the weekend so will be going through working out what charges have been made at some point today. Will keep the thread updated...
  6. Hi All, Have had a response from Barclays. Will type up a full transcript if people think that would be good but basicaly it says, -------------------------------- "We refer to you letter of ... request for certain information ..." " ... The bank is not under an obligation to present and information according to any particular format ... copy statements will be supplied to you within the next few weeks without any charge ..." "... Stored in the form of microfiche and does not fall within the DSA provisions ..." "manual intervention, the DPA does not oblige the bank t
  7. Thanks for the pointers, I have gone through most of the stuff already just got a bit more reading on the bank specific stuff. Will keep everything up to date as an when things happen. Gareth
  8. It's got more to do with my Waist line than anything else, maybe you have some issues that need talking through? The fact that it could have refered to anything else had never even passed my mind.
  9. Thanks Welshman, Have gone throught the FAQ's already (like a good boy...) But I still need to do some reading on how other peoples cases have gone. I have to say, there seems to be a huge amount of information on this site and I think that reading some of it 2 or 3 times would be a good idea. Letter is on it's way to them, watch this space The username is a nick name an old girlfriend gave me.
  10. Hi All, Righty, here we go then. Found the article on MSE.com Registered Here Got and filled out the SAR template About to go and mail it. I have to say that I am fairly aprehensive about this. If it works (which the posts here are making me sure it will) then that's great. Still doesn't stop me felling a little nervous. Will let you all know how things progress Just as a side note... Do these rules apply to finance companies like GE Capital. I had my car financed through them and got _Loads_ of charges . TTFN, Gareth
  11. Hi All, First time on the site and will be trying to make as many clames as I think I can get away with. If they shouldn't be charging me I want my cash back. We all work hard to make money it's realy annoying to have someone take it straight from you account without any leagal justification..... Will keep the forum informed of how I go on. First Hit will be Cahoot, followed by Barclays... TTFN, good hunting. Gareth
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