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  1. Quick update! I have posted all of the documents off to the Financial Services Ombudsman now; I wrote to HSBC last Thursday (1 week ago now) telling them that I was going to do this and warning them about putting stuff onto my credit file. Since then I received a letter hurriedly pushed out (I think they sent it on Tuesday but dated it 13th July!) saying that they had received the documentation I sent (which was on 27th June) and would look into the matter within the next 30 days!! So I've copied that letter and sent it to the FSO too. They'll hopefully get the message soon that I am fed up.
  2. Have just spent ages photocopying all of the letters in readiness to send to the Financial Ombudsman, this is all so stressful, but I can't afford to lose my reputation over this, especially as I don't think I've done anything wrong. Sandra x
  3. Oh - I didn't know that you could get it removed! I'd read somewhere that once it was on your file the best you could do was add a note to say that you thought it was inaccurate! Thanks so much for the support guys, I really need some support right now... Sandra x
  4. Have just spoken to the Financial Ombudsman, they have advised me to say that they will write to HSBC today telling them that they are now involved and will tell them to suspend any further action on my account, and I am also to reply to this really nasty letter with a two-liner telling them that FSO are now investigating and asking them to suspend any further action until the matter is resolved. The FSO say HSBC cannot be forced to suspend, but that they would regard it as very bad form if they don't. So I am just hoping that FSO intervention will resolve this matter once and for all. I am
  5. In my post today - a really stroppy letter from HSBC Credit card services saying that "due to the way I have conducted my bank account" I am now no longer allowed to use my credit card and to cut it up now!! I had paid the balance off in full, never missed a payment on it, ok I didn't owe anything but I did want to keep it as a line of credit!!!! And this is a bank I banked with for 30 years.. As well as making me really angry, at the same time I feel sad that they are being like this. When I had a proper local branch where I knew the people I could have sorted this all out in a
  6. Hi - sorry ODC, does that mean I can or cannot complain, sorry I'm confused as this has been going on so long? The first complaint I made was in Nov 2006 but the first of this round of letters was sent to them on April 13th 2007. That was the first letter I actually received an acknowledgment of but it was a letter I sent in May which they appear to be investigating now.... I hate them. I've had a lousy night worrying about this. Thanks for your help.
  7. My first complaint in writing went to them in November 2006 but they never replied to this. I wrote to them again on April 13th, complaining and again asking for a copy of their complaints procedure, but didn't receive one, just a letter saying "go away", I have now written six letters asking for a review of the case and got absolutely nowhere, the last letter I had from them said that if I wasn't satisfied I could write to a Senior Investigator, which I did, but even this added an extra stage into their own procedure which should have been complete at that time. But thanks for the information
  8. Oh, and I forgot to say, no there are no "charges" as such because it is an agreed authorised overdraft, but they have added about £400 in interest since this began as every fraudulant transaction increased my overdraft...
  9. Hi Hi, thanks for your reply - this was my original post, at the beginning of the saga... Hi everyone, just joined today.. wish I hadn't had to but hey ho I stopped using my current account with HSBC two years ago because I moved my mortgage to an offset one with NatWest which required me to use current account with them.. fine I thought, I'll just keep my old HSBC one (which has a £3.5k overdraft) in case I don't like this offsetting business. So for a few months, I just spent time adjusting to the new account and didn't bother to look at my HSBC account, just "filed" the state
  10. Hi! The good news is that HSBC have stopped phoning me. The bad news is that despite my raising the whole issue as an official complaint, which is now on Senior Investigation (which I believe is the last stage of their complaints procedure) - they have sent a holding letter to say they are investigating fully, but today I have received a "Final Demand" in writing from HSBC Centre Manager (they don't give a department name). It says: a. Despite our previous communication concerning your debt we have received no reply (I have written six letters to them since November, and have
  11. Should have known it was too good to be true! Despite the letter, two more calls last night, one today (so far).. And it's been a week now since I wrote my complaint (I think they have a five day response target?) not even a holding letter! I hate HSBC
  12. Don't know whether it's a coincidence or what - I sent my really long letter out to them on Thursday but because of the postal strike on Friday didn't expect them to receive it until Saturday... However I have not had a call from HSBC since Thursday. It's spooky now. Mind you, they did stop for a couple of weeks when I wrote before asking them not to phone me, but then it all started up again So, I won't hold my breath!
  13. I certainly feel like sticking something on them. This is driving me mad...
  14. Hi - I've written a huge long letter now as a last resort to HSBC senior complaints department and have asked them to deduct all of the unauthorised transactions plus all of the interest charged through these transactions. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained! The first time I wrote to complain, now I've got all my correspondence out, was on 16th November 2006 so they are well outside their 8 week target to resolve complaints! I've given them 21 days to respond so we'll see what happens, i'm logging all of the calls I receive (I counted 26 in 6 days!). Thanks everybody! Just wondering B
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