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  1. My parents also have the same problem. One day their line had lots of noise on it. Crackling and all sorts. They couldn't make calls and broadband was useless. They were told an engineer would need to come out to check. When the engineer got there he messed with the box outside then came into the house and suprise suprise it worked. He says he didn't do anything in the box outside but he must have. Now they are getting charged £99 + VAT for something that wasn't their fault. Any help on what to do would be appreciated. They also live by a reservoir. Must be the water causing problems!!
  2. Its utter madness. I paid my balance off in full in October/November and haven't used the card since and they write to me today saying they are ending the agreement and will beclosing the account!! Does anybody know if this will show up bad on my credit report? I phoned them today and told them to close it now as I didn't need it.
  3. Dar£n, how are you getting on? You got those statements yet?
  4. Wow!! How many months is that now Dar£n!! They are unbelievable!!
  5. If it does turn out that the banks lose in court and they have to pay everybody back their bank charges does this mean people who have already been paid out with goodwill gestures will get their money again? After all the payouts were never for the bank charges according to the banks Anyone who knows the legality of this and would like to comment then please do so.
  6. Well done Slick, My letter was also marked without prejudice but then said that the same thing about disclosing contents if I rejected. Strange cause I thought marking something without prejudice meant it can't be shown at a later stage without the agreement of both parties. Anyway i'm no solicitor so could be wrong. Once again WELL DONE
  7. I think Dar£n has only recently managed to get hold of the statments after a long battle. I'm sure he can shed some light on it for you though
  8. LN, It looks like they are saying you haven't provided details of the account and details of the charges. I would advise sending them your SOC's again. I read below and it says you emailed your SOC's to Dino. Did you also post them recorded? If not then send them again.
  9. Hi Rob, On my statements there was also Unauthorised O/D Fee and Unpaids Out. I think they changed the wording sometime in 2001. Good luck with the claim
  10. Hi Nanda, Welcome to the site. You'll find everyone here is very helpful so if you have any questions just feel free to ask cause there will always be someone who answers. Good luck with your claim. One point to note is to make sure you send all letters recorded delivery so the bank can't lose them.
  11. Yeah recorded both. I'll sort out emailing them to you by PM. Won't be at home most of the weekend but will see if I can sort it out tomorrow morning. If not i can send it Sunday.
  12. Hi Maria, Just listened. Well done. managed to record it if you didn't get a copy. Just let me know if you want it. Rob
  13. Yeah I was aware of this but at the end of the day just wanted my money quickly instead of in another couple of weeks time. A small price to pay to get the cash now.
  14. So heres the story since I spoke to Barclays. The cheque didn't arrive the next day. A settlement letter did/ Apparantly this was the quickest way to pay me they reckon. I signed the letter and crossed out the confidential bit. Sent it back and received the cheque today which has been paid into my bank. So i have officially won now. Can a mod please change my title to won.
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