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  1. Sent it off yesterday!!! fingers crossed. Thanks for all your help.
  2. Sorry should have read your post more thoroughly! I see the figures now, thanks!
  3. Thank you! very grateful. So in the spreadsheet where it says amount of charge do I put £2587.80?
  4. Hi everyone I'm new to all this and am just starting the road to reclaiming several lots of PPI! My first one is with The Funding Corporation. Unfortunately we are only going by the paper work we have as we can't remember the details. Basically we took out a loan with TFC for £10,000 plus PPI for £2170, plus interest at 6.9 totaling the loan to £14,505 of which £2587 is PPI. Husband had a full time fab job with full sick pay etc etc. He also had life insurance. We would never have knowingly added £2587 to a loan without thinking it was compulsory. It appears to me this is 'fr
  5. Just found the other thread saying to post it to: Penny Berryman Senior Manager Data Protection Dept. Lloyds TSB Bank PLC The Pentagon 48, Chiswell Street London EC1Y 4XX
  6. Can someone tell me to what address I post the letter asking for my last 6 years statements, I've been on the Data protection website but it brings up several for Lloyds. Sorry if this is an obvious question but I don't have time to peruse the forum today to find out (have a 5 month baby!) Thanks in advance
  7. Hello I'm about to take on Lloydstsb - well, I actually already wrote them a letter asking for two unpaid direct debit charges to be refunded. I found a template on the web (unfortunately hadn't found this site then). They have sent the standad sod off letter and write to the Ombudsman. Now after finding this site I think I'm going to get my statements and try to claim all my charges back rather than the original £70. Now what I want to know is should I send a LBA with regards to the £70 or, start again listing all my other charges that I want back?? Thanks
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