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  1. Hello there, i am going through the same as you have been through and was just wanting to know how you got on? i am in the early stage and still waiting for them to send me a break down of what i will owe them in insurance. Any help would be g8.
  2. Hi,David This is what you should do in order to get your charges back. Write them a letter very similar to the one you send for the bank charges and change as apropriate. Ask them basically to prove that it cost £15 to send you a letter, bla-bla. Download the form N1 and fill it in and attach it to your letter. Refer to it as "Please find a sample of the County Court claim I intend to submit in the event you won't refund the charges". They will pass it to their legal department who are a bunch of morons and realising that they have no grounds for establishing a defence I believe they will
  3. Has anyone recovered any £15 charges from Direct Auto Finance (Yes Car Credit)?
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