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  1. thanks most of it confuses me!,thats why im in this mess financially at the moment,but im gonna give it go because basically they owe me,probably around £2000 and i owe them around £3500 so if i win...well you can do the maths! ,every little helps!
  2. i already have my statements,although my account is now closed,due to me going on a 'debt management plan',was trying to sort the bank charges but all my other financial problems came on top before i could go through with it:( ,but anyway im still going through with it because whatever they owe me,they can take it out of what i now owe them!,because im well over my overdraft limit and they are now one of my creditors...confusing or what?? but with regard to the original post i just heard it was a quicker way of settling the bank charges.
  3. is a number you can use to contact Barclays (0845609 0806) which helps get your claim sorted quicker,and you dont need your statements,think it deals directly with Barclays!....can anyone confirm this or is it aload of old tosh:(
  4. what even if the account is closed?
  5. help! i need an answer...anyone
  6. i still havent got around to reclaiming my bank charges and this is the reason....i have recently entered into Debt Management plan with the CCCS,had no choice just could'nt cope,but thats another story! ,anyway my question is this..Barclays are now one of my creditors,they have closed my account which i knew would happen,but how would this affect my claim?,obviously they will still owe me my bank charges,roughly 2k but i owe them 3.5k(this is my overdraft),so if i win my case against them do they have to pay me back(via a cheque i assume) or would they just take the amount off the amount i owe them?? thanks.
  7. now terminated my account which i knew was coming,so therefore can i still proceed with re-claiming my penalty charges?,and would i have to reword the 'template' letters that i send to them ie: as an ex customer blah blah cheers mick
  8. ...so the 2nd bit is for the interest then right?
  9. im in financial difficulties and have been in touch with the 'consumer credit counselling service',and they have advised me to change banks(for obvious reasons),what i need to know is can i still go ahead with my claim for un-fair charges and if i do get the claims back will Barclays just take them as they will be one of my creditors or do they have to give them to me? its all a big mess at the moment,ive been holding back with the claim as im trying to negotiate a new mortgage and Barclays have a say in this as ive a secured loan with them,so i thought id sort the mortgage first then go for the claim....incase i upset them!,if you know what i mean!
  10. thanks Ian without checking my policy as yet,i am now a little worried as,due to Barclays dragging their heels with regards to the mortgage i was trying to secure i missed a payment(paid the following week,it was bang on top of xmas and my budget was a little stretched) and no doubt this will default my PPI.I had been requesting a settlement figure for my loan at the start of December but didnt get a figure for at least 3 weeks! im going to ring Barclays Monday to try to get them to drop this PPI,because as i said above i didnt know it would be added onto my loan,they got me at a vunerable time.Im trying to sort my finances out and they are not helping at all, i need to get rid of this PPI because otherwise i cant go ahead with the new mortgage.....the chances of me losing my house are becoming very high,and hopefully Barclays(who are my bank of 20years!)will show abit of compassion.....although im not holding my breath:mad:
  11. only heard about this through the prog tonight... here goes,i got a secured loan with Barclays for 62K,at the time they urged me to take this PPI,and to be honest i thought this sounds ok,coz if i dont use it in 5 years i get back the 15k terrific!...trouble is i didnt realise this would actually be added tomy original loan,now realise as it was,brought the total up to £77K!! anyway,im in debt big,time and was trying to sort my mortgage to cut my payments,my mortgage company(northern rock) agreed to give me a new mortgage,which would include paying up the 62k secured loan with Barclays,lovely,would have saved me nearly £300 on my mortgage payments p/m....i contact Barclays to tell them i want to pay off the 62k and then they hit me with the fact that because of the PPI its now 77K!!!,i was furious as i didnt realise this would actually be added on..so basically this has totally knackered me now as it goes above the amount Northern rock could lend me. basically i just want them to drop this 'add on' to my original loan so that i can get a better mortgage deal.dont think im being unreasonable do you? also ive only had this loan for a year or so,so i dont even want to claim anyting back,or should i?
  12. ****meant 'Prelim' letter not LBA*****
  13. right just about to do the LBA,but as usual im a tad confused,in the letter it says..'i calculate that you have taken £XXXX plus £xxx etc etc'... i gather i put the the total 'un paid out/paid referrrals' in the first £ bit but what do i put in the 2nd £ bit?,i know it says 'overdraft interest' but whats that all about?? help!
  14. thanks for that,was just abit worried because its always down to me that the payments are late,dont want to set up DD's ,coz i have enough coming out of my bank already:|
  15. with regards to claiming from credit card companys,if i myself pay the monthly payment late,can i still claim when i get charged for a late payment? even though its my fault because i paid late??
  16. hi,gonna start to try and get charges back from Citicard. the thing is i dont have a direct-debit set up to pay them each month and i usually pay by phone or at the bank(Giro),this normally means i end up paying late and get charged,so therefore can i still claim?,because basically its me who pays it late:| . i have the same set up with my other credit cards,Mint(royal bank of Scot) and Marbles(HFC bank) i do the same with these,pay late etc.
  17. 2000,great thats even better,thanks. thanks for the help,and once i get going with this,im gonna need alot more help believe me:sad: ,because me an 'legal' jargon etc just dont mix,makes my head hurt! thanks in advance.
  18. oops sorry,consider it done!
  19. have finally got the chance to look at my statements!,never get any time to myself you see,3 young kids see to that:) ....anyway on opening up my statements,i find that they go back to Jan 1998!!,i can't claim that far back can i?,i thought it was only 5 years,so that would make my claim starting from Nov 2001 right? its looking promising,have just gone through first lot of statements 2005-to now,and have been charged £935 just in the past year!!:o ******** gits:-x but besides all that Barclays didnt cash my £10 cheque for the statements....bless 'em
  20. thanks for that Welshman:) if i stick to this and get a result,im then gonna go for my credit card companys,and store cards.....i take it that it'll be the same process with them?
  21. hi right this is it,got my statements from Barclays in less than a week(they must be getting used to this by now!),and im now ready to start....... quick question,dont wanna sound dumb:confused: ,but what exactly do i need to highlight on these statements besides the fees of £25/£30? what about the interest etc? cheers mick
  22. not wanting to appear a div.......but how do i print off the letters from the library?,'data protection'etc thanks
  23. hi,does this also work with credit card companys? im about to start the process with my bank,Barclays,do i write to the head office or my branch? cheers
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