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  1. Or just do this: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/47056-no-need-r-natwest.html
  2. Thanks paul. That puts my mind at ease a bit. Last thing i need is trying to find over £20000 with my credit rating!
  3. Hi, Ive got a £4900 claim in with Natwest. When it all went wrong last year I moved to HSBC but still needed the natwest account becauce I have an unsecured loan with them for around £23000 My question is can they clase my account and request payment of the loan back in retaliation? If so does anyone have and suggestions how I might be able to deal with it as im quite sure I wont get a loan with anyone else to pay it off. :?
  4. Hi, This might have been covered before, but anyone wanting their statements from Natwest should just phone them up on the customer service number and request them. I did it last week for 7 years of statements and they arived within a week, plus it only costs £5! Same with Natwest credit cards.
  5. Thanks angry cat. Its all very confusing the first time you try and wade through all the do's and dont's. Good thing is there is some great info and advice on here if you are willing to look.
  6. Hi, last week I disputed a default against me with the credit card company. Today my cra report has an amendment to the entry which states ... "THE ACCURACY OF THIS DATA HAS BEEN DISPUTED BY THE INDIVIDUAL CONCERNED AND WE HAVE NOW CONTACTED THE SUBSCRIBER. CARE SHOULD THEREFORE BE TAKEN WHEN USING THIS ITEM OF DATA TO ASSESS THE CREDITWORTHINESS OF THE INDIVIDUAL CONCERNED." Is this bad or good? Not sure how to view it or what to do next.
  7. Cheers guys, will do. Its quite liberating to be doing this after around 5 years of financial missery, taking out loans to pay others off etc. The banks and CC's take liberties with people who are not as financial savy as perhaps they should be. Definately needs to be something they teach to kids at school IMHO ah hem.......
  8. Hi, Ive just started with my prelim letter to Natwest. Im owed around £3400 in charges over the last 5 years. I have decided to use the contract interest rate which brings the total up to just under 5k. Just waiting for the first bugger off letter to arrive on the door mat. I'll try and keep this thread updated for peoples interest. Wish me luck....
  9. Thanks angry cat. Was your claim stayed because it was over £5000? Im quite new to this and just wondering what my chances are of having a case stayed. My claims are all (just) under 5K.
  10. Angry cat did you manage to get the stay removed?
  11. Can I ask how much you are claiming?
  12. Are you going to court tomorrow with them?
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