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  1. I was thinking about including the letter in the sticky section from the commisioners office. What do people think?
  2. I would send them a letter with a new list of fees to be reclaimed, and amend the court claim. Chances are they wont go to court anyway. Just be firm with them and dont let them railroad you. It should be fine. IMO
  3. I would think that is wishfull thinking. Getting your charges and interest back I think is the limit.
  4. My Natwest credit card that was closed 2 years ago cannot be found when I phone them up and ask about it. If it more than 6 months ago there seems to be a problem finding it out. Not quite sure what to do. They get confused because I have another card with them and it all seems to be getting mixed up.
  5. Good question that I also need the answer to.
  6. Did you send the prelim first before sending the LBA?
  7. Watching with interest as I was thinking about doing the same. Cant help you though Im affraid, but Im sure someone will. Good luck.
  8. Debt management plan for 25 years! If you are good you get far less than that for murder!
  9. Just sent of my LBA. Awaiting the second bog off letter. Its just a matter of time though
  10. I got my statements from them for 6 years within a week of ordering them on the phone? and it only cost £5.
  11. Could get interesting for the banks around christmas with all the bank holidays. Think thats when some of my claims will be going through.
  12. Thanks Michael, they try anything dont they!
  13. I know it is a delay tactic, but ive had a letter to my prelim saying they will contact me in 10 working days as they are currently investigating my claim. I will stick to my 14 days before I send them the LBA but is it 14 workings days or 2 weeks (10 working days)? I used the tenplate letter which doesnt seem to stipulate. Any ideas?
  14. Do it yourself, its just a question a sending a few letters. Providing you get going soon you should have it sorted by the end of Jan. save time by phoning them up for your statements, it only cost £5 and you will have them in a few days. Then get that prelim out, they should respond within a week, so you can then get on with the LBA. IMHO
  15. Hi Gizmo111, I sent the SAR and £10 but all I got back was copy stats printouts going back to May 2004. How did you get the rest from them?
  16. Trouble is that the £10 will get you the statements from 2004 onwards. It is proving a pain to get the full six years.
  17. Is it better just to pay the £3 for each stat and just claim the cost back in the claim?
  18. Charges are charges, ask for them back. Doesnt matter how they ended up on your account, you are entitled to them back. Just follow the steps in the FAQ's. P.s use NatWest forum, some good advise in there.
  19. Recieved the standard bog off letter that most people seem to get from Stuart Higley. He must be a very busy person! So im just getting ready with the LBA. Just wondering if I should wait the full 14 days before sending it or as I have had a response just send it now?
  20. Just got the same letter. Is it best to wait the 14days before sending LBA, or could I send it now?
  21. Cheers for clearing that up Kriso. Im suing them now and was worried they might close my £6000 acct and ask for their money back - which funnily enough I dont have.
  22. Hi Kriso, Did they close the account or did you? Was there money owing?
  23. Ive just recieved same response with stats only going back to 2004. If I buy the extra stats at £3 each (quite expensive!) can I claim it back? Has anyone else done that?
  24. Did you send the prelim and LBA recorded? Is that why they said they never recieved it? Or was it because of something else?
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