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  1. Had a similar response, saying either the case has been settled or not. How do you respond to this?
  2. Phone Adrian Whalley at Barclaycard. He is head of DPA. Sorted me out. 07920267281
  3. I wouldnt accept it. Your letting them off. You only have a few weeks to go before you can get the lot.
  4. Thanks Zoot, that seems quite good! I have spent hours trying to sort this out!
  5. Ahh, I see. Lucky I read this then. When I get my offer I was going to bank it as a part payment - not now though.
  6. And they were 2 days late putting the AQ in. These banks seem to be able to do what they want.
  7. Could you not bank the cheque and persue them for the rest?
  8. Just recieved their AQ and they are requesting it go in fast track unlike me who wanted it in small claims. Claim is for £4900 + court charges. They have put the total on the form as £5019 - which pushes it out of small claims court even though its the court fees that put it over the 5K. Just have to wait and see what the judge decides I guess. Does anyone know how long it takes to get allocated normally at the Reading court?
  9. Thanks Parkvale, just trawling through that now.
  10. Claiming just under 5k. Recieved my AQ today - just when I thought I might have missed that stage
  11. How long do the court take normally before they get back to you after Cobbetts have issued their defence?
  12. I went to the court on the 5th and handed in My N1 with POC and list of charges being claimed. Was issued on the 11th March. Ive just recieved cobbetts defence. I guess its standerd except that they have .. " invited the court to direct that there be a case management conference in order for the court to consider the making of appropriate orders to give the claiment the opportunity to properly particularise the claim " I dont appear to have to complete the Cpr part 18. What are my next steps now? Do I just wait for the courts?
  13. Great idea. I'm finding it hard to come up with £150 to fight each case. Then another £100 for the AQ I earn a fair bit but with outgoings it is still hard to find this 'extra' cash.
  14. crfx250 why are you here? you say you dont need the advice that this forum has to offer, or the money, so why bother? It doesnt make sense, you must be a mole. When you go back to your banking job in the morning be sure to tell them that you have failed to lead us astray with your posts, they will be most dissapointed!
  15. Lookinforinfo, The issue is that because money is being taken to cover bank charges from our bank accounts, maangov (and myself) were unable to pay the minimum credit card payment. Had the bank not charged us the unfair fee's that they did then we would have far more in our bank accounts at the end of each month and would probably been in a possition to pay the cc payment each month.
  16. Hi Stornoway, that makes things a little easier. In my case im claiming bank charges just under £5000 and credit card for £800 + default removal. Obviously I dont want both claims going through at the same time in case they combine them and I end up being fast tracked. So i'll being asking the credit card people (different address) to remove the default because of issues with my curent account.... same company but different section, and because they will be separate claims it could get interesting.
  17. He says he doesnt need the money and is doing it for a laugh, however even if you were a millionair you wouldnt want to just throw £42000 away ! This guy is either mental or just having a laugh with us all.
  18. Hi, Mike, I was thinking the exact same thing last night. My situation was identical to this albeit with Natwest bank and their credit card. I came up to the same conclusion as you. Im just waiting for the credit card statements to come through to take this further. Has anyone else used this reasoning to a good outcome? Perhaps a Mod could help us with this idea. Bob
  19. Stange way to have fun.... Cant say it floats my boat that much, but each to their own. Enjoy your game.
  20. Cheers Lex, very informative
  21. Hi Im getting ready to fill in the N1 and get it to court, im not using MCOL as im claiming for contract interest. Question is what do I take to the court? Do I take a filled in N1 and hand it to them? Do I fill it in there? and is there anything else I need to take or do? Thanks for any replys.
  22. I think you will have to follow the tried and tested route used on this site to get your money back. I think thats your best bet. Doubt you will get to court, £400 to a bank is really isnt worth blinking over.
  23. Im claiming contractural interest in my claim, but I have not been able to find a suitable way of filling this in on the MCOL Does anyoe have any suggestions what should be written when claiming this? Thanks for any help.
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