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  1. Damn will have to call them again tomorrow morning as they are closed, anyone else have any info on liabilities of an appeal would be great.
  2. Thanks rory32 will give them a call straight away
  3. I went to hand in my letter requesting a hearing today but the court was closed, so will go back tomorrow. Anyone know what the financial liablities could be for me, for instance if I lost the appeal at an hearing would I be liable for thousands of pounds or hundreds??
  4. Went today to hand in letter requesting a hearing and the court was closed until tomorrow!!
  5. If I asked for an appeal to be heard in an hearing what would any liable costs be - anyone know??? Would it be hundreds of pounds or thousands??
  6. Thanks will do that and send it off tomorrow, is it to late to apply to the court to have an appeal heard at an hearing, could this be costly and have I lost all chance of winning it?
  7. Please could someone help me with some advice, the full thread is on: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/capital-one/49931-lurker1-capital-one.html Many thanks
  8. Please can someone give advice as I need to apply tomorrow if it isnt to late to have the appeal heard at an hearing.
  9. On my knees pleading now
  10. I was following what I had read others on the forum say to go for the set aside first and then once you have that go for the charges seperately. As I understand it I can only apply for the set aside once, so I need to know really now if I can continue or if I am already sunk. I will be going for the charges back, although I could do with the cash back my biggest problem is the CCJ.
  11. * no I didnt defend it either
  12. dont think I can apply for a set aside for a second time though.
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