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  1. bcw are thick as short planks, their is a person called tanya ask for her shes funny to listen to.
  2. if the debt was not listed in your dro it will not be included
  3. the credior normally defaults you and the agency transfer it to their name.
  4. I would notify the creditor also of the duplicate file
  5. they may think that further funds have been free up
  6. antibank

    Trout V Cap 1

    I can 100% say you wont get the intrest back
  7. dont speak to them on the phone ever, send them a polite letter saying that it has now been fully set and due to the extra charge you were unable to pay. No court will take action if you keep the payments up now, their threats of solicitors are their internal monkeys dont worry about them. If they keep stressing you remind them of debt collection guidelines about caussing anxiety
  8. Hi hope they dont put a supplier objection on your account, they can do this even if you owe them 1p! although normaly its £20
  9. Thats fine to be honest, they will try to deny getting it, let me know if you do as I have access to corp192.com and I can obtain their directors info etc
  10. ofgem will always refer you back to energwatch, if compensation is offered I would take it. The only legal requirement is that the supplier gives you as long to pay the bill as it has taken them to put the bill right. I know this is not what you want to hear, but after working for the company for 7 years in the sector this is the max energwatch will go on it. If you feel your meter is faulty you could book an ofmat test, but if found to be correct you are charged £60
  11. Cant really tell you the inside credit control procedure for security reasons, but not all accounts are able to leave some are lucky some or not. The rules are infact getting more harder than they used to be. To be honest all bills have gone up and most direct debits increased due to the price of wholesale gas / elec. When you first sign for a supplier they go off your AQ = yearly average usage, to which they normaly use the country average for your area, as you can apreshiate though people use gas and electric in different ways and some houses use more than others. Maybe worth you speaking to energy efficency about your usage. I would not advice ignoring it though as external debt collection action is always taken and they do reserve the right to disconnect your supply @ the cost of £190 and also may report to credit reference agency. Closed accounts are always sent to baliffs in the end, I would also like to say not defending them as I hate them as much as you but it always says on estimated bills that you can call with a read
  12. PPM'S do cost more to run as transco / siemens ( whom provided payment accounts) charge the supplier for the service, as you can apreshiate they have to make money somewhere, my advice if you can afford to switch to a standard credit meter, although if your in debt with them they will refuse.
  13. to be honest I have to be carefull as I work for this company, the £20 Standards of servic are looked into very deep. Most engineers that work for transco doing mex's are infact contractors so really they are a law to them selves. As for the reason failed mex do to additional work, this normal means either a concealed meter ( under ground slightly) or the pipes need to be altered / supply
  14. its a standard letter, advice them that you will only deal direct with their client and that you do not wish for them to contact you in anyway. Advice them that any form of contact will be seen as harrasment. contact this guy, Simon Gordon, Head of Media Relations tel: 01753 628335 email: simon.gordon@O2.com tell him what probs you are having and he will sort them
  15. oen least thing a dca ( debt collection agent) can not take any item which is subject to a finance agreement.
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