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  1. Hello, Hoping someone can give me some help. I came home today to a letter from Lowell Financial chasing a debt of £3540.52 on behalf of MBNA. This debt is at least 8 years old (possibly as old as 10 years) and I haven't acknowledged it in at least 6 years. What course of action should I take. I've read recently that courts have been overturning a procedure called statute barred? Is this correct? Should I ignore the letters? Help!
  2. Hello all, I'm looking for advice on how to approach several DCA with settlement offers. More specifically, the removal of default notices when I am settling the debt. I have recently sought help on several debts that I have outstanding - all currently with DCA's (7 in total, 5 of them have had small payments made and 2 haven't) - and I am now in the very fortunate position where I financial support to settle the debts. This is a really great opportunity for me to repair some of the damage I've done and I was wondering if someone would please provide me with advice on the best way t
  3. Hi, I successfully managed to get my charges refunded by BoS last year. This claim with RBS is much bigger and just when I was about to start the claim, I was advised to await the outcome of the test case... since I now believe that things have moved on, I am looking for some guidance. I have a claim of £5700 to put to RBS for charges levied on my account over the past 10 years. The account was closed 2 years ago. Can someone give me some guidance on how I should proceed.... I have all my statements and have calculated the charges. Who should I claim through? Should I write dire
  4. Hello all, Just an update to those of you who have helped me.... BOS have settled my claim - in full. £907 credited to my account today And now for RBoS £7949 - my ex-employer!! :o
  5. Thank you all for your help! Will read all the links and more than likely come back with some more questions! Want to make sure I get the BoS claim right as I have a much larger claim to start against RBOS - £7989!! - and they are my ex-employer :o Thanks again, toots xx
  6. Hi Mad Hatter3, Can you tell me how you go about doing this or where I can get the information? I've been getting fobbed off for days by the BoS.... supposed to be calling me back!!
  7. Hello! I am seeking some advice. I submitted my preliminary approach for repayment letter and schedule of charges totally £906 on the 14 May. On the 26th May I received what appears to be the standard response from a Thomas Langan stating that my complaint was declined. I then sent a LBA letter off on the 30th May and I have received nothing back. Should I proceed directly with submitting a claim (am slightly nervous to do this as I think I can only claim for max £750 in Scotland?? - I do not know anyone with an address in England) or should I send another letter to the BoS??
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