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  1. Hi Guys and Gals. Can anyone advise me on a query I have?? I am at the stage where Cobblers have sent a CPR 18 request...I have sent the "Bog Off" letter response.... The Court has been re-allocated to my local county and I have completed the AQ and sent the standard letter advising the court of intimadatory tactics along with it.....and paid the £100 fee...my claim is for £1850. The questions I have are: 1. At what stage do I get to claim the £100 court fee back? 2. Do I guess that as I completed my POC/claim on MCOL the court will request a CPR 18 as my POC are not as full as they would have been had it not been done through MCOL? Sorry if the post is all over the place but am stressing abit about this.....****ing bank...why doesn't it just pay up what is owed??? Cheers Guys
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