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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Morning all, well, having successfully got my money back from barclays i am on to the next one in line Virgin. i have to say they have been great and reduced their charges to £12. So will i get anywhere if i am claiming back £12's in charges or is that concidered acceptable? i really need to know before i write them a lovely letter i don't want to look a wally. Good luck everyone claiming !!!
  3. Hi, I was reading your thread and just wanted to say i am going to claim some charges back from Barclaycard (not that they know that yet) But 1 week ago they reduced my credit limit which was quite handy really for me. So i think that it is something they are automatically doing at the moment to account that are perhaps not great. I have been paying mine off really well recently too so as much as i hate them i think it is a good thing? Good luck with your claim.
  4. hello, Make sure you hang on in there !! My court dat was for 21st December and they paid up (before i had sent my bundle into court) on the 1st December the whole lot. I rang them up to say i didn't agree with their terms and conditions and he said fine and gave me the money anyway. It is worth the wait, they will pay up. Its your money afterall. Good Luck.
  5. Hurrah, I rang up MR Celyn Evans and explained that i didnt accept the terms and conditions to the payment so he said i could just cross through anything i didn't agree with. So i did just that and faxed him the copy and put the original in the post and 20minutes later he rang me to say the money was in my account ! So a right result !! Hurrah !!
  6. Keep going you'll have all your money back soon, but be prepared to go through the court route. They settled with me 21 days before court date it is very satisfying. I got charged the other day for being £4.21 overdrawn and they won't give it back so i will have to go through the whole performance again. Good Luck
  7. Hello, I know what you mean about getting confused! i have managed to stumble through the whole process and today i got a lovely letter saying that they would pay up in full. My court date was 21st December so it was up to the last minute really. Don't get too confused everything is in the FAQ section and don't forget everyone is in a similar boat. You will get your money!! Good Luck
  8. Thanks for everything, without everyones advise i would never of attempted to get the money back. It is nice to know other s are in the same boat ! Good luck welshman i will follow your progress
  9. Mr Rob I started my MCOL on 22nd September so it has been a very speedy process GoodLuck
  10. Well Blow me down with a feather !!!!! As i sat at home trying to work out the court bundle a lovely letter from barclays landed on my door mat saying :- As you can see from our defence, we consider your claim lacks meritand that it will fail ( i love that bit) in particular we disagree with your legal analysis that the charges levied to your account with barclays amounts to penalty clauses and are unfair. We do however, recognise that the sum at issue between us is relatively modest and as such, it is not cost effective for either party to take this matter to trial. Therefore, in or
  11. Hi, thanks for merging my threads, My court is Worthing in west sussex, it says it will take approximately 10 minutes? I really hope it doesnt go all the way But i won't give up!
  12. Well, i have got my date and it is the 21st December 06 at 10am which is much quicker than i had imagined it was going to be! Good old Barclays they keep going to the end don't they! I know it is probably a dim question but how will i know if they are going to settle out of court? What is the latest i will hear from them? Is it ever on the actual day? I really hope everyone out there who is going through this process doesn't accept anything other than the full amount owed, just remember it's your money!
  13. How amusing Mr adrian ruffhead is defending me too!! What a dull job he's got! i can go to work with a smile on my face today knowing my job is far better !
  14. Thanks all ! Got the forms, have filled them in and it is free as my claim is a small £380. Thanks again
  15. Thanks everyone! What sort of cost is it for the next stage? Is it depending on how much your claiming?
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