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  1. Hi, Have you received your money yet? How long did it take?
  2. Ah thanks for that! Now how do I go about finding there bank details to organize a standing order?
  3. Many thanks for your reply. I asked hubby last night about a default notice and has no recollection of receiving one. Why do you recommend reducing the amount owing to less than £750? Also did you read in an earlier post whereby we should have around £150 worth of returned chargeswhich was paid directly by Cap 1 to Rob Way but this does not show up on the amount that Rob Way say hubby owes? What should we do about this do you think?
  4. What do I do now then, get in touch with Rob Way and arrange payment plan, please help!
  5. I have absolutely no idea what makes an agreement enforceable, just my luck if this one is.....
  6. Hopefully the agreement is attached to this, forgive me I havent done this before. IMG.pdf
  7. Hi, my husband has a debt of just over £1000 with Capital One,he hasnt been paying anything to them for around 2 years, mainly because we have other debts we have been trying to sort out and Capital One just never got in touch with him to chase payments, so he was laying low, wrong I know but it gave us chance to sort out our other debts. Anyway, he has had several letters from Robinson Way and he sent them a letter telling them that he did not admit to owing Cap 1 any money and would not communicate with them further until they sent they had sent a copy of the credit agreement, eventually
  8. Hi Bathgatebuyer, just wondered what the outcome of your claim against Egg for misselling of PPi was?
  9. jessie15

    Egg Ppi

    Yes thats exaclty what I am going to do, just wanted a bit more amunition to fire at them. They are saying that I should have read the T & Cs and that I ticked to say I had, but wouldnt that have applied to you also?? Do you know whether on your application that it was pre ticked boxes to take out the ppi policy? Was it 2001 when you took it out?
  10. jessie15

    Egg Ppi

    Hi Tink660, thank you for coming back to me. Below is my post which states the reasons given by FOS for not up holding my claim. Basically they are saying it was a non advised application and I should have read it more carefully including T & C's. "I have tried to claim for the misselling of PPI on my credit card with Egg from 2001, they refused so referred it to the FOS. I Received a letter from FOS today not upholding my claim!! To sum it up they say that "it is clear from the evidence from Egg that I was presented with three choices, which were to opt to take the cover for myself,
  11. jessie15

    Egg Ppi

    Many thanks for your reply. Was this a pre ticked box? Was there a box that you had to tick to say you were self employed on the application?
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