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  1. Hello. I've been reading around a lot and I'm still not certain on how I should handle these issues. I played head-in-the-sand a few years ago and I'm finally working on cleaning up the mess. I currently have 4 defaults on my credit rating. 3 of these I want to focus on and clear if at all possible. I know this might not be possible but I'm willing to try. I also have no issues paying back what I owe. 2 are from natwest dated 2008 - current account and repayment loan 1 is from Lloyds dated 2009 - current account all are around the £600 mark Now, something which confuses me is that according to my recent credit report (experian) my natwest account was set up in 2006, this was a back up account for when I chased lloyds for £900 in charges (and won) and I havn't used the lloyds account since. So I am not sure why it took them 2-3 years to register a default, are they allowed to register it so late if it was issued sooner? Secondly I believe the two accounts with natwest may overlap as the loan was pushed on me to clear the charges but I would have to check that as my memory is terrible. I believe my first port of call is to SAR them both and figure out what actually went on. I've been looking at the one for debts, is this the best route to go? I'm not clear which angle I should approach first with regards to default removal and subsequently which information to ask for exactly. Third and final, I've been recieving letters from cabot who I'm not comfortable dealing with regarding a debt with cap one that they have 'bought'. This one was defaulted also but is not currently showing on my credit report - I'm waiting for a second report to confirm whether it has dropped off or not. Will cap one themselves have any interest in settling this one now? I'd appreciate some guidance and thank you very much for your time.
  2. I have just today discovered that the company is still registered as active so I am trying to locate the directors. will see how that goes
  3. forgot to add I can access the court forms today! not sure what was up with it yesterday. we were hoping to get a paper copy in the hopes that sending her a copy of the filled out forms will remind her we're serious and not going away. court isn't the desirable option here but we are ready to do it (almost)
  4. Thank you for the response! How the deposit was paid gets messy, it is actually my partners last tenancy its just that I'm doing the legwork at the moment. He started living there as a sublet from the previous tenant, although he didn't know this was the case at the time. The deposit was paid to her in cash and he recieved a hand written receipt that we can't find. After she inevitably did a runner the letting agent got in contact and told him he could stay on as a tenant, this was when the tenancy agreement was presented. The letting agent stated that as the previous tenant had forfeited her deposit by running off and being uncontactable, then he would put the deposit into my partners name as it was all the same to him. I am trying to trace the papertrails at the moment as the case does seem weak without it. It seems the agent was a one man band and the company stopped trading after he passed. the landlady has dealt with payments and the property as far back as he can remember. I'm currently trying to find out if anyone still has records from the business but the last resort is family members of the deceased and I am not sure how willing they will be to respond. We have checked with the deposit protection companies and none of them have a record of the address. Throughout the tenancy he has only had a phone number to contact her on, which is the only information on the tenancy agreement. Recently we obtained an email address from a letting agent she was dealing with to relet the property and have only communicated via email since. However I'm not sure how well this stands for evidence as I was under the impression that written letters are the best kind and other forms may be dismissed? All communication has her stating that the deposit is being held by the letting agent's estate and yet she doesn't even have up to date contact details for whoever is involved. She refuses any liability for the deposit stating that its with someone else and she will have to get it back from them first. She has given us the run around for weeks as this dispute started before we left the property and we agreed to wait while she contacted the relevant people, but she did not. Another point that may be irrelevant but I find very strange... the tenancy agreement has a front page on with details for the letting agent she is currently using. they had never dealt with the property before and is not the letting agent my partner dealt with, they were also confused by it when I called them to enquire as to whether they had dealt with this property before. I have an address from the land registry, I was thinking when things need to be mailed via letter we should send one copy to this address, one care of the letting agency she is using, and one to the address that we have left. We know she spends a lot of time out of the country but one of these is bound to get to her. She has been very difficult so far and in such a nice way she's been given the benefit of the doubt every time, but it really has gone on too long now. We have a new council tax bill and tenancy agreement but we had vacated the property some time before the tenancy officially ended because of the notice. I can't believe she has gone to the trouble of lying about the council tax after he stated it was fine to rent the property before his lease had ended and even offered to decorate the place for her! the cheek of some people
  5. Hello. I hope someone can give some advice. We are about to sue an ex landlord for the deposit of £400. Here are the basic details: • Tenancy agreement dated 1 october 2007 for 1 year. Deposit is not protected. • Rent is £425 monthly payable on the 26th (although the tenancy agreement states the 1st). • Tenancy was ended on verbal agreement for june 26th • Deposit was £400 although was agreed with a letting agent who provided the tenancy agreement but no documentation on the deposit. it is briefly mentioned that one is payable in the tenancy agreement, but no amount listed. Letting agent died in 08 although we are tracing records to see if there are any. we did not know of this until the landlord told us recently. • landlord has been taking rent and dealing with the property throughout the length of the agreement. • landlord failed to give an address even when asked before the tenancy ended. • landlord has falsified the leaving date and caused us extra charges in council tax that the council will not let us dispute without a written notice from the landlord. Now I'm not sure what our chances are of winning a case in which we cannot prove the deposit without hard evidence. Whilst I'm trying my best to secure any records its possible they wouldn't have been kept for so long. At the moment we are in two minds about whether to sue for the deposit or non TDS compliance. Really we would just like the original amount back but I do wonder, would a court be inclined to award the fine if it is not mentioned on the court forms under a standard claim? Can anyone advise whether its a really silly idea to sue without the hard evidence? It seems so but we can't afford not to try really and lose the whole deposit without a fight. Is one claim or the other a better way to take? or does it not matter? I'm not sure which claim we should really be chasing. And finally, does anyone have a link to download the court forms (if they can be printed and used?) I can't seem to get the hmcourts website working on the relevant pages. Thank you for reading.
  6. Well this is a new one but an ex landlord is making it difficult to return the last set of keys to the property. We have tried several times and usually end up with no response. Where do the responsibilities end?
  7. I've just found the tenancy agreement and its dated october 2008, does this mean it should have been protected in a scheme?
  8. My partner's last tenancy is ending as we've moved house, however there is an issue with the deposit. He entered the tenancy first through a slightly dodgy sub-let that he was not aware of at the time, eventually the person he was renting from disappeared and the letting agents contacted him. They were happy to let him stay in the property as this other person had scarpered, since she had disappeared with his money the agent said they could put the deposit they were holding into his name instead and that would be fine. Now we've discovered that the person dealing with this has died and the landlady doesn't know much about the deposit, she says he will have to speak to the solicitors handling the late agent's estate. She took back control of the property a long time ago and has been dealing with him directly for most of the tenancy. So what can we do about getting this deposit returned? The landlady is relatively amicable but does not seem happy to take liability for the deposit. Paperwork on this end is slightly lacking, even the original tenanacy agreement doesn't say a great deal. Is it her reponsibility to return this deposit or will we have to wait and hope things get sorted out? The lease began before the tenancy deposit scheme. Thanks for any help!
  9. Yes, thats true. It just concerns me the way they handle the fact that we have had no customers as a result of this advert when they themselves believe we should. I have been uncomfortable with this company since the beginning but my boss decided to give them a shot. Thanks for all the advice, I know where we stand now
  10. Thanks for the replies. I just don't know what to do as they have really been awful to work with and honestly don't seem to know what they're doing, yet we're in an awkward position with little room to actually do anything other than let them rip us off. As far as the ad costs go - fine if they had ASKED us at all but they threw one together then added on the charges. out of the blue. Their ad copies were just plain terrible - it honestly looked worse than a school kid could do, and like it had been thrown together in 2 minutes flat. While we were agreeing to their advert it got rejected by the paper 8 times (6 more times than ours had to be changed) which is when we decided we would just do it ourself. and yes, they're still charging for this 'service' even though we had to reject their ad completely. We understand that ad campaigns can be unsuccessful, we are still striving for something that works. However we have not had a single customer from this particular service and it is obviously not right for us. How can we even be sure our advert is being shown if we don't even have one enquiry to back it up? This was recomended by them as something that should work (as they claim to have done this kind of advertising for these services before), and they do not seem open to switching us over to something else that might actually benefit us instead of losing money. They really just do not care about making anything work for us. Sorry, but I thought it was reasonable to expect some customer service (since we've been paying for it on top of 'ad space' costs), even suggesting changes we could make instead of saying its obviously all our fault none of the customers are getting through. They are actually currently blaming a technical problem with our service, despite the fact that everything is working just fine. Its not as if we're after any money back for services already purchased, its just horrible working with these people. It seems that they are only interested in bleeding us dry rather than actually providing any kind of service.
  11. Hi there. This is a situation between someone I work for and an advertising company and I don't know what to suggest to help. I wonder if anyone can clarify? This advertising company was found online (I believe we were sent to him by an equipment supplier) and after some email exchanges suggested a medium of advertising, a local newspaper and assured us that similar companies advertised there already and it worked. They insisted we had to agree to 12 weeks advertising, paid monthly. This was agreed to, no official contract, just informal emails. Since the very start they've been nothing but a pain, completely unprofessional, claiming that our adverts weren't good enough or didn't fit the guidelines and that we had to use ones they had designed for us. At our expense of course! My boss ended up accepting the extra charges as it was a relatively small amount, but after several proofings of their (bloody awful) designs and having to send it back to be redone several times we put a foot down and said we were using our adverts - although they refused to tell us the guidelines we needed to fit. This went on for weeks and subsequently resulted in the ad going out much later than it was meant to. If all the hassle wasn't bad enough, the adverts have had no effect on the business whatsoever. To be honest I can't even guarantee the adverts are going out since this paper isn't available in our particular area. Now my boss doesn't want to continue and has said she wants to cancel (they have to resubmit the ad to the paper weekly so they aren't losing out) - where do we stand with this? all they do is say they don't know why it isn't working and we should continue. They havn't been rude as far as I know but they're very hard to communicate clearly with and are always on the upsell. This is losing us a lot of money. Do they have grounds to chase the extra payments for services we don't want?
  12. Might just be my perspective but it sounds like they are just making excuses to not return your deposit. I doubt you can get a reasonable look at minor curtain wear from driving past a house They're not allowed to enter without your permission, however some will but I'm not sure if anything can be done if you're not still living there. I don't know what you'd hope to achieve by bothering them after you've left? I'd focus more on the deposit issue. If you are still living in the property then perhaps you can get a new lock fitted (don't damage anything and replace the original when you leave) or a chain, if its really necessary. Its potentially not at this point if you're leaving as they may just try and claim extra damage.
  13. I have had this happen before and the interview wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting, I hope it is the same for you. With my experience the people were there to gather information - not accuse me of anything - and were very understanding. You can also call and arrange an interview at a different date and place thats more convenient for you - we didn't know this at the time and they told us afterwards we could have had them come much closer to us. You can also have someone accompany you to the interview if it helps.
  14. There is a thread in the CRA forum that says otherwise Can the 'full report' tell you exactly where their information comes from, every party they've shared information with and any correspondance between them?
  15. I've done some very similar ventures, although not with food. I did research into it a fair bit though, just other things took priority. Just remember the important things like immaculate kitchen hygiene and labelling the food to the correct standards. Also if you have your own stall at a markets theres a good chance you will need public liability insurance, if the market itself doesn't cover it (most won't). You will definitely want this anyway in case something happens (literally, anything. someone gets sick from your food, or trips over your stall. honestly, its a necessity). Try searching for insurance that caters to small crafts businesses - there's at least one company that specialise in it and the costs aren't nearly as bad as anywhere else I've seen. I can't recall it at the moment though. If you really want to make a go of it, it really will help you to write a full business plan. I hated writing mine, but seeing everything laid out on paper does wonders for you and makes sure you research the important things. Good luck edit: don't forget to draft contracts if you're taking orders for occassions and things. Make sure you don't get your time wasted
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