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  1. Busterg can you upload the second of my new publicity photos I have just had taken on to the thread specially for TIE????:D:D
  2. Listen S/M/C take heed when Svengali speaks:D:D:D By the way does anyone live near Ballards Way Croydon I used to have an army mate there, lost contact with him like to meet up with him again sparkie
  3. TIE Then you tell us who actually owns Swift Advances Plc & Swift 1st Ltd, if you can tell us that ...it will be a start of some kind of positive info, by the way again I have just been given some information fom N. Ireland that what I say now is right up your street....I AM NOT posting what it is for " SSR (Secret Security Reasons) :D:D:D it has been added to the 2 Defendants Counsels list of questions to ask at the Hearing.....But I will let everyone know Monday evening. sparkie
  4. If you can afford the airfare take a trip to HIgh Court in Belfast Tuesday 10:30 a.m. THis is not just a County Court hearing...this is in front of a Grand Master who takes no prisoners. Swift Advances PlcV " 2 Others ...that's if they dare turn up!!! you AND everyone else?????? is in for one hell of a shock. A chartered accountant has had a look at the accounts in question ( not me) and there is £200m missing somewhere..it has not been traced as yet ........but it will sparkie
  5. THank you LFI ........I try to be as open as anyone possibly can be ...even to giving my name and address freely, if I am wrong then I will accept that if it is prooved I am ...and I will accept it and apologise, ....I have been prooved wrong in some instances ...and have admitted it....however contray to what Mr Righteous believes...there will be news next week and not at the end of it either... more like Tuesday and more likely of an important event on Wednesday;) sparkie
  6. Where has the "Righteous One" gone now????:mad::mad::D:D Sorry for the rant folks but I feel a lot better now, I'll go back on my red calming pills:) sparkie
  7. Especially for The "Extra SPECIAL ONE"....Mr Fling his hook" as us scousers would say Note they admit I was in no way responsilbe for this default entry...................... I never say something unless I have a document to prove it. The date it was entered was 31st May 2001 the date they were finally forced to remove it was 23rd December 2003. I believe also that there are people with far worse stories to tell of what he calls "bad luck" than me sparkie
  8. Just about sick to the teeth with you mate...so I will be drawn Answer to 1 My loan agreement with Swift Advances Plc (note I use their correct title not a trading style/name).... stated at the top .......the amount I asked to borrow..... The amount that appeared on my credit file borrowed was £3955 more than I applied for. 2 The RBS systematically removed sums of money totalling just under £3000 actually in 5 transactions and transferred them to an account I used to hold that has been admitted in court documents to have been closed 13 months earlier....due to the fact I had suffered a serious heart attack while all this was going on I was completely unaware of these transactions two of them .....the two large transactions took place while I was actually in hospital and could not have sanctioned them. They have ADMITTED to one of the transactions....but because they cannot trace where it has gone tried to blame the Norwich Union ...who categorically refute and deny what the RBS say.....they still have not offered to pay this back. ( Ihave a leter from the RBS solictors confirming this fact) The Chief Executive of Manufacturing RBS amitted in front of my MP that serious accounting errors took place on my accounts.and that they had not handled my dispute and complaint in a proper manner...........but cleverly admitted all this as the meeting was a without prejudice meeting at the insistance of the RBS. 3 Answer to this is exactly what I have said and will post the letter of apology for this action just for you to see in a few moments. 4 Is just not worth answering. 5 I have not claimed conspirancy of any descriptuion only facts. 1..The solicitors initial involved have been found at fault by the Legal Complaints Services ........ and those solicitors were ordered to deduct £ 3.600 off their fees which was over half of those total fees ( these have been paid may I add) The legal Complaints Complaints Service cannot award or investigate for negligence and have advised that court action is avilable agast them to reclaim all I have paid plus compensation ...which will take place when I can possibly do so. The Barrister concerned has been investigated by the Bar Standards Board and that is now in the hands of the Legal Ombudsman who is investigating further....using the information and findings of the Legal Compliants Service together with the Bar Standards Board findings. 6. With regard to companies accounts check yourself with companies house ...you will find accounts lodged there ...some are unsigned by their auditors...some are not dated...and each year strangely enough its a differnt comany each year who's accounts are not comlete. So you see "Old sparkie" may be dangerous ....BUT....Who to in reality?? I still believe you either work for one of the afore mentioned companies or USED to, I could be wrong ..but you have given no idication for me to assume otherwise. sparkie
  9. I see we have 3 guests.....wonder if one of them is our Mr "Takeitanyway we can"???? "Swiftysnooper" sparkie
  10. JUst a thought Why do not folks ring Swift Advances Plc & Swift 1st Limited on Monday and ask that as they are of the belief that their loan has been sold to “a” Kestrel company would it be possible for them to be supplied with the bank details of that company in order that they can amend their direct debit or other means of payment to the Kestrel company their loan or mortgage was sold to. Provided that the necessary OFT licence number details is given including the Credit Reference Agency licence details for processing data and information, and the acceptance holding of clients money is given. and the ICO licence held by the Kestrel company issued by that office. Tell them that they are aware that Swift Advances Plc can administer the account and if that is so please could they be supplied with the details of that arrangement given by the Kestrel company involved. Otherwise payments could be with held as it is believed the wrong company is being paid at the moment. Also ask for the full details of their OFT CCA licence to ascertain the lawfulness of all this Could cause them some problems methinks;) BUt ten again I could be accused of whipping you all up into a frenzy...you know I am the NEW Svengali:D:D sparkie
  11. THe top the mornin to you pkelly ...........I have missed you on the forum...........all I have got to say at this moment in time is .....If YOU borrow money illegally from a bank by misleading the Bank........and then you lend that money ILLEGALLY to someone else..............what right have you got got to force the borrower to pay it back .........using the Courts ILLEGALLY by misleading the Courts by telling lies?? into making such orders for the borrower to do so:confused: sparkie
  12. On a lighter note it sems as if I have blown a fuse in Arcadia House somewhere.......wonder if they want "Old sparkie" to go down and check it out for them. sparkie
  13. Landy, That's it all the "Swift" people haven't realised yet that compassion and repossession are two different words with different meanings........its follows if you can't do sums properly like Mr White then they are more than likely not to understand English.....even when its "typed with a Liverpool accent":D:D sparkie
  14. Quote from Andrew1 "Oh dear, here we go again. But I think Takeiteasy is right. All the people on this forum, including Mr Sparkie are all up their own backsides ..........." Not sure if I like that!:p:D:D:D
  15. Hullo Mr Takeiteasy .or should I say "Mr Swiftlyeasy"......normally I would not be drawn by your comments. IF Swift had lent me the amount of Money I applied for ...NO problem...but 1..Swift misled me AND many others into borrowing more money than I and they asked for...........that was not very nice to say the least. They also pay/paid secret commissions which again is paid back through their interest rate ....they also then deny paying commission. I do not like people who do not tell the truth..........espececially people you are forced to put your trust in in a lot of cases 2...I did not owe the RBS any money...they stole Nearly £ 3000 from my accounts. and stole my credit file, The FOS are investigatng that issue now.........I WON my Case against RBS but did not have the legal expertise to win my claim for damages. 3...The issue with Black Horse Ltd is again not about debt it is about a loan default they placed on my credit file and would not remove it and finally issuing me with a letter of apololgy to the that I was not at all responsible for the debt because it did not exist.....it was their fault entirely.......Iwill post this actual letter of apology on this thread JUST FOR YOU PERSONALY LATER for doing this and damging my credit status for 3 years offered me £ 250 compensation ..so "Mr Swift" make sure of your facts before you speak in other words "engage the brain before the mouth" even though it may be just a single cell one. I say this again WAIT till NEXT WEEK sparkie
  16. I have been given the go ahead to post this...so here goes "I'll make you happy" ...so the saying goes. sparkie I am now able to post important information that I have known for a considerable time, that I am sure that all “Swift”??? customers will find very interesting and satisfying to say the least. The High Court hearing all forum thread readers have been advised about takes place on Tuesday 13th April 2010. This is the case that will prove to all that Mr White has been misleading the Courts in possession claims up and down the country, and that he has made many deliberate false misrepresentative statements to Courts on oath, and has in fact perjured himself,. In his sworn affidavits submitted to the High Court in this case, which is actually two cases that have been joined together at the Order of the Court, Mr White has made a statement to this effect. “ It is true that the Plaintiff ( Swift Advances Plc) sold some loans to Kestrel Loans No 3 Ltd, but not the two relating to this claim”. This is a very bold assertive statement of fact. Mr Whites sworn statement of this going to be severely examined and questions by the Counsel for the two Defendants in this case. I don‘t have to repeat all of what the accounts of Swift Advances Plc and the Kestrel company involved again say fully, but it is sufficient to say that it is stated in their accounts that all loans were sold by Swift Advances Plc and all loans were acquired by the two Kestrel companies. Mr White’s statement will be challenged as to why he can and why he has contradicted the statements made by his superiors. If Mr White’s statement is true then the directors reports and accounts are false. I foresee problems in this issue of Mr White and his "statements of truth.???? Mr White in previous Court cases has stated again under oath that Swift Advances do not pay commission as such only a small documentary fee to brokers. The Defendants have irrefutable evidence that substantial commission was paid to their brokers amounting on one of their loans amounted to almost £3000 The two Defendants in this case were present at our Court hearing in December 2008 and were witness to Mr Whites statement under oath about commission and what is or not paid which again the Recorder accepted, Mr White misled the Recorder by making that statement, Mr White said that only a nominal sum was paid towards the Brokers documentation costs,the reference to that is in the Defendants court bundle and again Mr Whites statement on this issue will also be seriously challenged. To back this up being submitted is the Statement in the accounts of Swift Advances Plc is the fact that they actually paid £ 19.2 m in commission and brokers fees, it will be asked if this claim ( tax deductible ) include the brokers fees that all borrowers had paid, and were Swift Advances Plc claiming that they paid these brokers fees. The Court will be asked if all document relating to the “NON sale/transfer” of accounts to the Kestrel company stated in this claim, have been supplied as requested, and an explanation as to how that out of £71m worth of loan sales only the two loans in question and appertaining to this claim were not sold, a very hard task to prove I would imagine. The High Court will not merely accept what Mr White says like the County Courts do, he or Swift Advances Plc are going to have to prove it. There are many many more other questions Swift Advances Plc will be required to answer, none more important than this one and that is the manner in which Swift Advances Plc deliberate and knowingly miscalculate the APR on all their Consumer Credit Agreements, to support this will be shown several of Swift Advances Plc Agreements that prove this, .....ours is one of them. The APR Shown on our agreement is 9.84%, it should have been shown as 15.4% and this will be submitted to the Court. On the two Defendants loan agreements the APR has also been miscalculated. It will be submitted that as Mr White is Swift Advances Plc’s Risk Manager and holds a degree in Economics he should have noticed that they were incorrect unless he also knew they were not and he failed to make the required corrections as was his duty to do so The Enterprise Act of 2000 says this in Paragraph 4.17 “The interest rate or APR under a credit agreement, or other charges within the total charge for credit, would normally be core terms and must be expressed clearly” if they are not or miscalculated, this applies. 4 Apr 2000 Admn Consumer, Crime, Financial Services A statement of an APR in the sale of a financial services product remained a price indication, and, if it was miscalculated, that was a misleading price indication, and criminal, despite provisions in the Consumer Credit legislation. What was given was a price under the contract. Consumer Protection Act 1987 Swift will find it hard to overcome this on 13th April 2010;) Fraudulent misrepresentation was defined by Lord Herschell in Derry v Peek (1889) as a false statement that is "made (i) knowingly, or (ii) without belief in its truth, or (iii) recklessly, careless as to whether it be true or false.". See: Negligent Misrep This is a false statement made by a person who had no reasonable grounds for believing it to be true. (This would be Mr White) See Derry v Peek (1889) 14 App Cas 337. Misrepresentation is a false statement made during the negotiations of a contract which induces the representee to enter into a contract. The result of a finding of misrepresentation is that the contract is voidable. Types of Fraudulent misrepresentation S2(1) Misrepresentation Act 1967Negligent Misrepresentation For negligent misrepresentation the burden of proof rests on the representee to show that they had reasonable grounds for believing it to be true. This can be a heavy burden to discharge Howard Marine and Dredging Co. Ltd v A. Ogden & Sons (Excavations) Ltd. [1977] EWCA Civ 3 (13 December 1977) Misrepresenting the APR falls into this category!!!! Added footnote: Also in this case are all the allegations about the trading styles and names and LOGO used by Swift Advances Plc Swift 1st Ltd and Swift Advances etc etc etc.In factt everything that has been posted about them is being brought out into the open AT LAST Lots of questions to be answered;-)
  17. I want to make people realise how important the issue over the correct name being legally used, so I give a perfect example Black Horse Ltd entered a default on my credit file and kept it there for nearly 3 years .............after fighting them for so long they finally admitted that they had entered it by "error" and they were wrong .....I received a letter from them apologising and saying that I should not be adversely affected by what they had done for me to present to possible creditors in any applications I made. This was too late I had been prevented/or penalised by this unlawful entry for 3 years. THey offerd £250 in compensation for the 3 years unlawful default on my credit file....The entry was for a non existent "Loan. It was entered on my files as Black Horse Ltd ( Loan) I issued proceedings against them but I made a small error on the Claim form and POC. I put is as BLack Horse ( Loan) Ltd...... BLack HOrse submitted that there was no such legal entity and had my claim threw out ....with the Court saying if I wanted to continue the claim, it must be submitted against the Correct Legal entity Black Horse Ltd ...and that is what I have done.... I only put this in to show how important the legal entity stuff is. The Swift Group at Arcadia House does not exist....therefore you cannot sue them as the Swift Group.....You would be suing the one in Yorkshire. Cant be done sparkie I put Black Horse Loans Ltd
  18. All solicitors who handle clients money MUST be licenced by the FSA that is a FACT sparkie
  19. : Hi Killerschick You completely miss the point ...there is no such entity named "The Swift Group" as in the context here they cannot be the legal representatives of a trading style. The Swift Group is regulated and licensed by ... www.loan-seeker.co.uk/lenders/swift-group/ Loan SeekerLoans – Mortgages – Remortgages The Swift Group The Swift Group is a leading loans provider that is located in the UK and works with the Alchemy group. The Swift Group is regulated and licensed by several organisations to provide the peace of mind that many people knowing that the Swift Group is bonded and licensed through different resources. The Swift Group is dedicated to bringing the best products and services to their consumers as possible The only legal Swift Group is this one ( Swift Group Ltd ...HULL Yorkshire)Registered at Companies House www.swiftgroup.co.uk/reviews/properties/category-swift-... www.swiftgroup.co.uk/reviews/properties/category-swift-sundance Swift Group Reviews As the UK’s leading manufacturer of both touring caravans and motorhomes Swift Group products frequently feature in tests and reviews carried out by the industry’s principal caravan and motorhome publications. The following press reviews and test reports are available to download in PDF format and feature Swift, Sprite, Sterling tourers and Swift, Bessacarr, Escape and Mondial motorhome ranges. But THen we have Name & Registered Office: SWIFT GROUP OF COMPANIES LIMITED SWIFT HOUSE HAMBRIDGE LANE NEWBURY BERKSHIRE RG14 5TU Company No. 05617055 and then we have Name & Registered Office: SWIFT GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED WINDSOR TERRACE 76 THORPE ROAD NORWICH NORFOLK NR1 1BA Company No. 02933670 Status: Active Date of Incorporation: 27/05/1994 Country of Origin: United Kingdom Company Type: Private Limited Company Nature of Business (SIC(03)): 7415 - Holding companies including head offices None of these have anything to do with the BUnch at Arcadia House sparkie
  20. Morning Dougal, What I can say for certain is both the OFT and the FSA are fully aware of ALL the information many many "SWIFT" customers have made them aware of ......is being seriously looked at and the appropriate wheels of action are in motion ...also as you are aware these two bodies move at what we consider a very slow pace ....but you can be assured that not one stone will be left unturned....that is one fact I am certain of ....I also believe that action will be taken and that it will be bigger than what was taken against against Gmac, as it relates to far bigger issues that just extortionate charges and fees. With this one the OFT and the FSA are talking to each other and working together. I am also privvy to the fact that the ICO is to begin their investigation into "The SWIFT GROUP"????? and the Kestrel Companies in the next two weeks or so. They also will be in contact with the OFT & the FSA I have asked them to do so whaen I made my initial complaint. sparkie
  21. Must ring them in Hull and ask to speak to their CEO Mr John Webster!!! P.S S/M/C There's an old song I think ...Something to do with " Little White Lies " in the title... I'm worn out laughing so I'm off to bed ...us old 'uns have to have more rest than you young 'uns:) sparkie
  22. I told you busterg that Mr Webster was building himself a get away roadster:p I wonder who is going to sue who over who is using who's logo??? Could be interesting:) sparkie
  23. Get back to that bone Busterg...:D:D:D What are you confused about now?? Which end of the bone to chew first????:D sparkie
  24. Because the Kestrel Companies accounts state that their principle business is lending money to the domestic market secured on property This person asked the OFT if Kestrel Loans No1 Ltd & Kestrel Loans No 3 Ltd held a CCA licence. This was the reply he received.......this will make them squirm a bit more.:D:D sparkie Subject: RE: Re confirmation of phone call Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 15:12:11 +0100 From: [email protected] To: ?????????????, Thank you for your email. I can confirm that the businesses you mention do not hold current Consumer Credit Licences. Yours sincerely, Tom Miller Enquiries and Reporting Centre They still haven't got one!!!!!!
  25. THere is no way that Swift will like the OFT visiting their premises to make checks ...that is whay they have not applied to renew their licence they are trying to find a way how to apply for a new licence and use another company.......Can't use the Kestrel Companies that would bring them out into the open and agin would require a visit to Arcadia House to verify Kestrels credentials.......can't use Swift 1st Ltd as they do FSA regulated mortgages.........they have a problem in my opinion....all caused by our small group of "freedom fighters";):D Mr Webster and all the Directors of all their companies have only themselves to blame all we ever wanted was fair and reasonable treatment ....what we came up againss was greed and avarice. All I wanted when I first wrote to them was to remove all the set up fees and charges from our loan..... reduce the payments by £70 per month ( cost of these fees and charges and the interest) if they had done that in May 2007 .....I would not have been involved in this forum and that is a fact. What they did do in May 2007 was immediately put the interest rate up and dismss my request....the rest is history. sparkie
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