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  1. Just to let folks know that the King and Emperor pkelly refers to are the two computer accounting and data systems that Swift Advances plc use for each and every account they hold.................that is I can assure you is 1000% accurate information.....ie a "sign" of double accounting. sparkie
  2. Sorry for the banter folks but we have to unwind sometimes .....there is no-one who knows how serious the issues are than me and pkelly.......but you have have some light heartedness sometime or you are lost. I would still like the answers to my two questions being TIE said he was a banker. sparkie
  3. OHHHHHHHH pkelly, You have caused TIE to leave before he has answered my questions Wonder if it was because I asked you about your Swift "Group" holiday?? I don't know about a swift birdie .but you wind people up like a cuckoo clock sparkie
  4. TIE, you have said anyone can ask a question ...I have two to ask ...they are sensible constructive questions 1...Can you tell us how we can obtain the Mortgage Sale Agreement from Swift Advances plc and; 2...How can we obtain the Mortgage Administration Agreement from SWift Advances plc. Normal requests made are ignored dismissed and questions about them avoided by Swift Advances plc Thank you sparkie
  5. The Treating Customers Fairly is for FSA regulated Mortgages ....only Swift 1st Ltd first charge mortgage customers can rely on them and attempt to use them......if Swift Advances plc customers attempted to use them would face a challenge from Grays Inn Barristers who represent Swift Advances plc in court proceedings.........if I am wrong again I apologise up front sparkie
  6. Hullo pkelly where have you been I thought you had gone on a "Swift Group" holiday!!!!????? How mny of you were there ...."Three"?? sparkie
  7. Oh yes ...Appologies are needed ....you forget I pull up firms for giving misleading info and that what I gave out should have learnt my lesson by now. I know what it feels like to have your hopes raised only to come crashing down on you sparkie
  8. Yes Mate Too good to be true.......But they haven't got a licence to canvas of trade premises did you contact them or did they contact you or were you passed on to them by someone else sparkie Event Details Licence Details: Licence/Application Number Licence Status Applicant/Holder Name 0153495 Current Wilmslow Financial Services Plc Event Details: Event Number Event Type Date of Receipt Closed Date Status 23 Variation 19-Jul-2001 04-Sep-2001 Completed Licence Event Details: RoleNameActionLICENSEEFreedom Finance LimitedRemovedLICENSEEFreedom Finance PlcAddedLICENSEEFreedom Finance PlcRemovedLICENSEEWilmslow Financial Services LimitedRemoved Trading Names: NameAction... Freedom FinanceAdded
  9. Was this the address they woked from?? It will be on their Docs!! Current Address(es): Address TypeAddressPrincipal Place Of Business38, Fir Copse Road, Purbrook, Hants, PO7 5HZ
  10. I am going to makee you very very happy in a minute stay here I'll be back in a minute;):D sparkie
  11. Hi G That is insufficient it must contain those words or something that is very very close to it ...if it isnt you could nuse the following as a powerfull weapon in your claim against them....by the way who was your broker. All agreements which are secured on property.YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED 4 Fraud by abuse of position (1) A person is in breach of this section if he— (a) occupies a position in which he is expected to safeguard, or not to act against, the financial interests of another person, (b) dishonestly abuses that position, and © intends, by means of the abuse of that position— (i) to make a gain for himself or another, or (ii) to cause loss to another or to expose another to a risk of loss. ( The loss of your home) (2) A person may be regarded as having abused his position even though his conduct consisted of an omission rather than an act. It can also be construed as a misrepresentation by omission under the Misrepresentation Act 1967 sparkie
  12. Hi Gallahad & Welshperson, Can I ask you if your agreement is the same as Fretfulls ....which does not contain the warning that.... "Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up up the payments on this agreement or any other loan secured on your home" or words to that effect? sparkie
  13. :idea:Swift Group:?: Since the foundation of the Swift Group in 1965, the company's policy has always been to produce innovative products that are well designed, constructed to the highest standards and provide outstanding value for money. As the Company has grown over the years to become the clear market leader for both touring caravans and motorhomes in the United Kingdom, this philosophy has remained central to its success. In 2004, the Swift Group ;)began to build on that success with the launch of its range of prestigious holiday homes in a venture forming the Company's biggest investment since it started manufacturing motorhomes in 1985. The Swift ;)holiday home range now encompasses five ranges. Over the last decade, as the Company has grown from a single brand, Swift, to a multi brand operation encompassing Sterling, Sprite, Bessacarr, Mondial, Escape and Autocruise, which was bought in October 2007, so has the sophistication and level of support provided both to dealers and customers. A multi million pound investment programme in online technology enables dealers not only to order online, but also to check product availability and delivery dates. Spare parts and after sales service are also vital parts of the Group operation. Dealers have access to online systems, helping them to identify parts, many by photograph. They can also submit Pre Delivery Inspection checks and claim for warranty work using the same industry leading system. Our aim at the Swift Group ;)is to provide high quality, well-engineered products that provide outstanding value for money, supported by industry-leading parts and after sales service. Whether it is the caravans, motorhomes or holiday homes, all Swift Group;) products are of the finest quality, aimed at providing the most comfortable and enjoyable holiday experiences time and again. © 2008 All Rights Reserved. Accessibility Terms & Conditions Privacy Disclaimer Useful Links Address Swift Group Limited Dunswell Road, Cottingham, East Yorkshire,HU16 4JXUnited Kingdom Think about the above folks get your thinking caps on;) I've done a little trouble causing....which I don't do very often. sparkie
  14. Hi landy, I've got a new e-mail address now and on the change over lost some addys so can you just pm me yours again Thanks sparkie
  15. Hi frettful38, It only affects Swift Customers ...no help to you what so ever....worse luck.. Sorry sparkie
  16. Hi Determinator, WE..... I do not want to say who we are....BUT...we have almost proved beyond doubt that what you say is absolutely true in that money is being "exported" out of the country and disappearing never to be seen again.....which does exactly what you say ....affects the country's economy. we are moving the smoke screen away little by little. Do you mean you want a copy of my draft unfair relationship claim? if so pm me your email address again and I'll send you it no problem. Also I have something to ask everyone and will be pm'ing every one who will agree to the pm ...if I may....you will all find it very important but I can't post it..its something I want you all to do. thanks sparkie
  17. Thank you sweetiejane, You really do have a way of charming us old age pensioners:)....... use anything you think will help. X sparkie
  18. I see we have two guests!!!???....If people want to view threads why do they not join CAG and make themselves known.......it is still a fee country up till now but, the way things are going ....it does not appear that it will be for much longer.....that is for the working class anyway !!!....Just my opinion....WE ARE STILL ENTITLED TO THAT .....I think....might have changed already and we haven't been told yet:) sparkie
  19. I suggest that everyone should ask Swift Advances plc and Swift 1st Ltd to provide a full statement as to all fees and charges applied to their account via Eastern Counselling Department as they have been applied whilst committing a criminal offence under sect 39(2) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.....eg £250 Counselling fee there will be others.....and they are unlawfull....."no one should gain and no-one should lose as a result of a criminal action.........The OFT have confirmed that to use an unlicensed trading style to carry out consumer related business is a criminal offence. Do not request these charges back........DEMAND them. sparkie
  20. Remember every one I am not a legal person of any description.....just a common retired auto spark ....so do not rely 100% on what I post ....it is our application...............but feel free to use anything you think may help your particular cause. sparkie
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