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  1. Hi there Bailliff CHaser


    I got one for you, Reliable Collections Ltd are chasing people for money all over the place.

    Their Company registration No is 00707759

    Reg Address 36 Houldsworth St M/Chester M1 1AG.........BUT the address they have supplied the ICO on license No Z7092708 as a Data Processor is

    36 Hilton St M/Chester M1 2EH.


    1... They are filing dormant accounts.

    2... They are either incorrectly registerd as as data processor....or

    3....They have failed to inform the Registrar of Companies of a change of Registerd address, one or the other are wrong


    what do you think????




  2. The first point if the debt is over 6 yrs and no contact has been made over this time then it is statute barred and is A"dead Debt".


    Second point Buchanan C;ark & Wells are again committing a criminal offence under the DPA as they are not registered with the ICO as a Data Processor

    Recommend you go to the threads on Buchanan Clark & Wells for mor inf

    Sparkie 1723

  3. The simplist way to prevent a bailliff from seizing goods is to have a personal friend tell the bailliff the item or items are theirs and that you sold them to your friend because you had no money and they have lent them back to you, it is then up to the bailliff to prove your friend does not own them, you can allways get a friend to say they have a receipt for what they give you for the items 6 months prevoious, not veru moral but its an out of the situation gimmick.


  4. Hi everyone,


    I have a question to put forward that I need as many forum members to think about very hard.


    In a lot of credit agreements especially credit card agreements and I'll quote some Halifax Bank of Scotland ( Unison Sainsburys etc etc) and MBNA.


    If you read these agreements and the terms and conditions you will find in the changes section a list of what they can change within these agreements, thats fine all other cards have the same or pretty much the same, but in the small print in these terms are some other words that say that (on top of the listed changes)...... "for any other change we can change this agreement "

    This means that the contract the consumer signed is absolutely loaded against the consumer from the start and he has no rights what so ever in the agreement. Because this term means ANY part of the agreement can be changed no matter what it is, and the consumer has not got a leg to stand on.


    With this clause being there the only right the consumer has is of cancelling it , that then leaves the balance outstanding due for FULL payment or face a court action to recover the money and a court judgement levied against him/her and on their credit file, so nobody cancels its a catch 22 situation.


    Some credit card agreements have been changed and this clause removed. examples of these are Lloyds TSB Morgan Stanley Witter and Egg.


    But the others still put this clause in, Lloyds etc I believe have realised this is "an unfair term" and have removed it from their agreements.


    But the Bank of Scotland did not remove it from theirs when they drafted their New agreements to comply with the new reguations of 2004 (I think that was the date).


    What they did was , where this term was one on its own, Term 8 I think, they moved it into term 12 or 13 and "hid it" in the middle of a much larger piece of wording, but it is still there and its hard to find.


    They rely on the fact that they can make the consumer fall in line and do anything they want under that agreement.


    I think this is a deliberate attemt to deceive consumers to trap them in a dodgy contract and I ask if anyone would like to comment with their views on this




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  5. Thereshope,


    I,m not 100% certain but it is my understanding that interest can only only be applied to a debt ...up to the date of the court order, after that no further interset can be applied the judgement goes onto your credit files for the judgement sum including any costs, if the Nat West are applying interest on the judgement sum they are not complying with the judgement decree.

    You should check this out yourself in the mean time

  6. Hi petehinch,


    Just to throw my "penny's" worth in , if you are a 100% sure you have nevr had an account with New Look uder the Administration of Justice Act Section 40 and the Protection from Harassment Act you can take action against both New Look & BCW for wrongfull pursuit of a debt, plus you could throw in unfair trading practices and as I have said before on the forum, Buchanan Clark & Wells Ltd of 24 George Square Glasgow are NOT registered as a Data Processor.


    Sparkie 1723

  7. Hiya there,


    Heres a little bit of new info that might help you,

    If it is this company that are involved with A&L

    Global Debt Mangement Services LTd Bldg 3 Floor 2

    Carlton Park, Narborough Leicester LE19 0AL are registered at Companies House with a Comapny registation No 02417634.


    They are not registered with the ICO as a data processor of information.

    That means that if Alliance & Leicester have passed information about your account and/or personal details, Global now have your information and are in possion of it unlawfully, that Under Sections 17,18 18, 20 is a Criminal offence under the Act. Failing to register as a Data Processor & not holding a license.


    Also the fact that A&L have passed this information they are in breach of the Banking Code Standards Board Statement of Principlles, A&L are respnsible for the actions of their agents and by using a debt collector who is not lawfully registerd they are aiding and abetting Global to commit offences under the DPA


    A&L should coduct themselves and operate their internal management and administrative affairs in a professional manner and with due care skill and dilligence( Principles of the BCSB) they have failed to offer you due care and dilligence and have been negligent in passing your information to Global.


    Write a letter to A&L with all this info and tell them unless they begin treating you with proper skill and with reasonablness instead of acting in such a reckless manner you will take action against them under section 13 of the Data Protection Act for damage and distress and vexation.


    BUT If its Global Debt Recovery LTD

    of New Malden, Surrey, The info I've just given you is a waste of space they are registered with the ICO correctly.



    I hope for your sake its the First one Sparkie 1723

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  8. Hiya Nail Post,


    The info you gave is correct in one way but not in another, Buchanan Clark & Wells is not their legal name, their Legal name is Buchanan Clark & Wells Ltd. They have what all companies call "made a slight error" the usual get out trouble excuse, but they can't get out of this one.

    The notification section of the Data Protection Act states that the address given by a Ltd company MUST be of their registered office, the registered office of Buchanan Clark & Wells LTD is 24 George Street Glasgow, the Act also states that licenses cannot be transferred from company to company nor individual to individual.

    Therefore Buchanan Clark & Wells LTD cannot process data under the license held by Advance Group.That is a criminal offence under the Act.

    By not informing the ICO of the change of particulars within 28 Days of the change is another criminal offence under the Act.

    That is why The Lloyds TSB group has its own seperate license and so do other companies in the Group , & why other big group of companies must have their own each and individual license. Buchanan Clark & Wells LTD ARE NOT registered with the ICO.


    You can be sure of that I've been checking the DPA out for 2 yrs now and can safely say what I have said. Keep smiling Sparkie 1723

  9. Louiboy Hi there,


    I've allready posted some info about Black Horse heres a bit more could help you a bit.

    Lloyds Tsb bought Chartered Trust in Dec 2000, They then set up Black Horse Ltd who the registered with Companies House in July 2001 and "took over " all Chartered Trusts business thats quite legal, but what they didn't do was register with the ICO as a Data Processor, they used Charted trusts registration BUT thats Illegal and a crimainal offence under the Data Protection Act licenses are NOT transferrable. They used this license until Sept 2001 and the they registered as Black Horse Ltd to process data BUT they gave the wrong office address so they were registerd incorrectly and did not notify the ICO of the change until Nov 2006. again an offence under the Data Protection Act failing to notify changes within 28 days of the change.

    They are at Last registered correctly but any data they passed about anyone until 2006 has been unlawfully supplied and claims can be made against Black Horse for unblawfully supplying data and that includes Credit Reference agencies. Any one who has had a default registered by Black Horse during this time can write to the Agencises and Demend they remove them and give them these reasons demand it under section 10 of the DPA.


    Sparkie 1723

  10. Hi Forres,


    Although consent must given in the first place and you give this when you sign an agreement with a Bank or creditor etc.....provided the agreement contains what is called a fair processing notice , some times the agreement does not contain this notice BUT if it is not it must be lodged with the ICO, and the creditor must make you aware of where this is.

    after this consent is not required because another condition of the Data rotection Act is "legitimate interest" reason, although it could be argued that when the debt was bought, it was only the debt that was bought and not the original agreement because there is section inthe Legal Guidance given by the ICO that says that at the end of trading relationships i.e the contract you originally is no longer in place with the original creditor consent may be withdrawn, another point a Debt Collector can only search and hold information about you if they are registered with the ICO and have a license to process data. As I dont know all the case this might be of some help.


    keep smiling





  11. Hi Greenranger

    The Solicitors for Black Horse Ltd are Sechari Clark & Mitchell 116 Cockfosters rd Barnet EN4 ODY, telephone No 020 844 7717 and ask to be put through to Sechari Clark & Mitchell they are what they call "in House" solicitors


    keep smiling




  12. Hi All,

    I've been fighting Black Horse Ltd and I have found out some info I'd like everyone to know about, especially if in their case Black Horse Ltd supplied information about them on credit files such as late payments and defaults (NOT Court judgements they are entred by the Registry Trust.

    until Novmber 2006, Black Horse Ltd were incorrectly registered a Data Processor with the ICO, that means they were committing a criminal offence for not telling the ICO of changes under section 20 of the Data Protection Act (notification of changes).

    When a company obtains a license to process data they have to put their registered office address on the register which is Gresham Street London, but they registerd it as St Williams House Tresillion Terrace Cardiff ( until I made them change it.

    So anyone who has had data processed by them up to November 2006 has a good case for unlawfull processing which is a breach of the Data Protection Act.

    Everyone should write to Black horse with this info and demand they remove any defaults from their Credit files or face a court case which they will have a real good chance of winning and getting compensation also if they passed the info on to debt collectors that makes it even more ammo against them, they passed it on with a dodgy license to do so.


    Sparkie 1723

  13. Hi every one.


    I know I, m repeating myself but every one who is having trouble with Buchanan Clark & Wells Ltd Follow this info, it will help you a great deal AAAAND if you push on harder after this you could have an unbeatable case for unlawful pursuit of a debt.

    Go to the ICO web site click on tools & resources, this will allow you access to the ICO register of data processors.

    Under sections 17 18 19 20 anyone who obtains holds stores data about individuals must hold a license to do so.

    If they do not hold a license they are committing criminal offences under the DPA Type in Buchanan Clark & Wells Ltd, 24 George Square, Glasgow G2 1EG, you will find they do not have a license to process data. The address on the ICO's register must be that of the Companies registered office If you go to the Companies House register and click web search you will find that BCW ltds' Registered Office is 24 George Square Glasgow and ever since they took over Laidlaw Bruce Ltd they have been processing data about 1000's of people without a license.

    License are NOT transferrable from company to company or individual to individual Non registration carries a £5000 fine every one should write to BCW and tell them of all this info and suggest some compensation for unlawfull processing of their data and using illegally obtained info to unlawfully chase a debt they should also write to the creditor and tell them the same as they are aiding & abetting and are part of the act of offences being committed and they are responsible for their agents Who are BCW. anyone who wants more info please contact me by all means and I'll help as much as I can ....I got my info deleted by BCW in 2 Days


  14. Hi chetz,

    and all u taking on Littlewoods and gettin no reply, thats probably because they are too busy taking me on, I'm just waiting for a court date I,ve had the allocation hearing, I, m taking them to court under the data prtection act, Section 40 of the Administraion of Justice Act and the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, my case is over a £74 debt that wasnt I've never had a thing off Littlewoods I dont even do their Football pools, they entered a default on my credit files for 4 years & blocked me opening a bank account refused to take it off until the legal dept of Equifax Cra made them, they used 4 different debt collectors for over 4 years and, am I going to make them pay UBetcha! I am

    One debt collectors was not registered as data processor untill 2004 they chased me in 2002 & 2003 thats wrongfull pursuit of a debt.

    So if anyone was chased by Littlewoods any time before 2004 by Scotcall debt recovery services when they were owned by Sheildaig enterprises they've got a case they can sue Littlewoods uner the same acts , check it out


    Sparkie 1723

  15. It wont cost you very much to issue a summons in the county court, If you win in court Littlewoods would have to pay your court fee costs plus up to £50 expenses.


    If you lose it could cost you 3-400 Pounds for their costs,but if you are absolutely certain you can prove they owe you £24 :00 Just go to the court and issue the summons.

    Theyll pay up plus your court fee.


    Sparkie 1723

  16. To Each and everyone having bother with Black Horse Finance Limited

    to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, in order to process data about individuals, obtain, collect, hold, store, pass, each and every person (including Limited Compaies) MUST register with the ICO and obtain a licence to do so. Section 16 of the Act states that with a limited company the address on the licence MUST be that of its registered office. I give you this information as a FACT because I,m using this against Black Horse Ltd a different company but still owned by Lloyds TSB but it still applies to Black Horse Finance Ltd their registered Office is Gresham Street London the address registered with the ICO is 51 Holdensworth Road Bourmouth Dorset BH8 8EP.....This is not a breach f the data protection act ITS AN OFFENCE and carries a fine of £5000 they are incorrectly registered as per stated in section 16, & BECAUSE SECTION 17 STATES THAT NO DATA SHALL BE PROCESSED UNLESS THE DATA CONTROLLER IS REGISTERED ( AND I MEAN CORRECTLY) THEY ARE COMMITTING ANOTHER OFFENCE... tHIS OFFENCE ...........IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE UNDER THE ACT REPORT THEM TO THE ICO STRAIGHT AWAY dont take my word check for yourselves, Log onto the ICO web site... then.... read the full data protection act, then CHapter 111 Section 16 to 24 its a bit heavy at first but you'll soon get the message, these Banks think they can bend all the laws to suit them selves.

  17. Hi Carla,

    I'm in a big fight with Black Horse Ltd, I am taking them to court, and I'm gonna win no doubt about it I have found out certain information about them that is mind blowing & could get Black Horse Finance ( Chartered Trust Plc) off your back. Can you give me a little bit more info, I don't want to know amounts of money, just exactly when ( date and year)?

    Did they inform you that they were selling the Debt?

    Did they give you a chance to pay it off before they sold it? ( even if you coudn't?

    Did you sign a credit agreement that contained a Data Protection Declaration

    ( ie your perission to them to pass on information and was their address St William House Tresillion Terrace Cardiff) Honestly If you can give me this information I could possibly help you in real terms.

    If you want you can E-mail me privately at [deleted for your protection. 90000 users, we can't guarantee they're all nice people]

  18. Debt Collector Harassment,

    Under the OFT guidelines for debt collectors: They are not to contact debtor too frequently, they are not to contact a debtor at unreasonable times, a creditor is to refrain from using two or more deby colletors at the same time or one after the other, the creditor has to notify the debtor IF it is to be passed to another collector, There are a lot of things that they cannot do.

    Log on to the OFT site and then Guidance for debt collection. you'll get all the info you want

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