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  1. !!!Rock on!!! There Terminator, I'm with you I really like that, take a look at my post on the RBOS you'll like the info I've just found on them in my case. It going to come inusefull to a lot of people I think Sparkie1723
  2. hiya paulwlton, I am not sure of the date but if you go to the county court web site find CPR rules and the CPR 27.2(3) it states exactly what cobbetts have requested, Cobbetts aren't daft they know the legall technicalities of to pat, as I've said Im involved fighting them in a big way, regards Sparkie1723
  3. To lookinfor info That is just my point there was no transaction on my private account. The RBOS stated to the ICO( during the ICO's investigation (still ongoing since April This year) in trying to justify their actions that Quote "as there was insufficient funds in the private account the charges were debited to the business account.........they could not debit these charges to an account that is non existent. It had been closed as I sAID 21 MONTHS EARLIER IN FACT FEB 1998 This £195:00 did not re-appear anywhere until they registered it with the CRA's,that is when they made this £100 in charges in january 2000 into £195:00 in June 2001. it never ever appeared in my private account until I walked away from the Bank. The £2;00 O/D Balance I left suudenly became £195 O/D balance Sparkie1723
  4. I would write to that solicitor and inform him that issuing a document that imitates an official document is an unfair business practice as per the guilines by the OFT "unfair Business practices " 2.2. Inform him that you are going to report the incident to the OFT and send the OFT a copy of that document , also tell himbeing a solicitor he should know better and that it could construed as forging court documenst which is a serious criminal offence. see what that brings you, Sparkie1723:)
  5. Hi Fairey, I don't if you have read my psts on incorrectly registerd DCA's Crystal Collections are another one, here are their details Name & Registered Office: CRYSTAL COLLECTIONS LIMITED 314 REGENTS PARK ROAD FINCHLEY LONDON N3 2LT Company No. 03344014 Status: Active Date of Incorporation: 02/04/1997 Country of Origin: United Kingdom Company Type: Private Limited Company Nature of Business (SIC(03)): 7487 - Other business activities Accounting Reference Date: 30/04 Last Accounts Made Up To: 30/04/2005 (TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL) Next Accounts Due: 28/02/2007 Last Return Made Up To: 02/04/2006 Next Return Due: 30/04/2007 Last Members List: 02/04/2006 Previous Names: No previous name information has been recorded over the last 20 years. Branch Details There are no branches associated with this company. Oversea Company Info There are no Oversea Details associated with this company. Registration Number: Z4903556 Date Registered: 17 July 2000 Registration Expires: 16 July 2007 Data Controller: CRYSTAL COLLECTIONS LIMITED Address: THE OFFICES WOODCROFT FARM FOLKES LANE UPMINSTER ESSEX RM14 1TH This register entry describes, in very general terms, the personal data being processed by: CRYSTAL COLLECTIONS LIMITED This register entry contains personal data held for 2 purpose(s) This is another DCA committing an offence under the DPA. Report them to the ICO. Sparkie 1723:)
  6. Sorry to disagree paulwlton, That is why Cobbetts have added CPR rule 27.2(3) This rule now applies to the Small Claims Court, I hate Cobbetts but they are right in this inst, if it is not complied with the court will lean towards the RBOS a little. I,m fighting Cobbetts in a multi track case, its another stall tactic used by them but it must be complied with. Sparkie1723:)
  7. Its just a high and mighty request used by lawyers to confuse you its exactly what they ask in all the words " a request for further information" i.e. state exactly what charges you are asking for back and list and no refernce to each one one your bank statemnts.CPR18 used to be for the fast track and above in County Court... Rule 27 has been added to take in the small claims track. Its a stalling tactic just send them what they ask for. Sparkie 1723:)
  8. Some may have read on the RBOS forum of my fight with the RBOS, reading these threads may have somethng in to help me. ona of the points in my case is.(I'll try to be brief) I used to have a business account with RBOS on the advice of the branch manager I closed my business account down in feb 1998, in Jan 2000 the RBOS bounced two cheques ( 50 each) 4 times. this is only 1% of my dispute with them, They say that the reason they bounced these cheues was that I did not have sufficient funds in my private account, so .......and get this " they debited the 4 x £25;00 charges to my business account" ( these charges are exactly the amount of the original cheques.) The point is my business account had been closed for 21 months, I only had a private account, from then on I had more fights with them than I can count. I did not use that bank again I just stuck two fingers up to them. They then applied interest to this £100 How can I use this section 15A in my case ......they applied a debit to an account that didnt exist and then 21 months later transferred this £195 back to my private account, inserted a default on my credit file for £195. which 30 months later had become £645 an interset rate of about 72%. Where does this credit and debit come in here????. I want as much ammo as I can get against them, beacuse I have now found out Dec 2006 that the account number that was registered on my credit file for 4 years was not my account number it was somebody elses I must be able to use this theft act somewhere ???? Anyone any ideas? This is a bit long ... but you want to see the rest of my case. Sparkie1723
  9. If you send them the payment you offered and then send the next payment you offered and keep them up, that shows your willingness to pay and the steps you have taaken to pay they then have two options. 1.. to cash the cheques and that will show they have in truth accepted your offer as long as you dont default on these. 2...Send the cheques back to you and take court action, in this I believe they would fail as they have rejected your attempts and willingness to pay. A judge would frown on their operation of attempting to force you to pay more than you can afford. Go to the OFT site and look up the guidelines for collection of debts by creditors and collecting agencies you will see that this is classed by the oft as unfair tactics. Sparkie1723:)
  10. Hiya PriorityOne, Security Investigations division is just adepartment in Alliance & Leicester they are not an actual company..... just like you have a housing dept in your local council and a refuse collection department.......thats what these are. Sparkie1723:)
  11. sbfido Take it a step at a time send your SDAR and letter off to Equifax, get ALL the info they've got. Youll get a lot more in that than from getting your standard credit report believe me I got over 2000 pages in mine. As I said one step at a time. Sparkie1723:cry:
  12. to Hagenuk, They will only send you up to six years I know I'm fighting RBOS they used it on me " as per the Banks policy no records are kept longer than six years" I wanted some from 1999 no chanceand they have the Data Protection Act on their side on this one. Sparkie 1723:)
  13. I doubt if you can claim for more than six, the RBOS and all the other Bans would claim "statute barring". Statute barred works both ways ..if the RBOS tried to claim off you for a debt more than six years old you could claim it was statute barred ...that is the court would not allow such a cliaim to be made. sorry about that only trying to save you wasting time only to be told that just before you get to court and have to pay the RBOS costs. Sparkie1723:)
  14. sbfido, First of all send a SDAR to Equifax, also in the letter you are going to apply to the court for an under section 10 of the DPA ( the right to prevent processing likely to cause damage and distress to remove the information also that you will be claiming damages against them for this distress,and get this point over to them real strong, that you are aware now that Credit Reference Agencies are not "custodians of the data they hold now, under the 1984 DPA they were, and usd this to bluff people but under the new 1998 DPA that came into force in 2001 has changed the roile of CRA's and they are now classed as Data Controller, dont let them bluff you, they are Data Controllers now. Tell them that by s refusing to remove the data that is not covered by an agreement they are in breach of the FOURTH PRINCIPLE of the DPA a) "Data shall be accurate and, where necessary kept up to date" b) Data are inaccurate if they are incorrect or misleading as to any matter of fact". In the ICO legal guidance The THIRD PRINCIPLE states that Data Controllers should consider " the possible consequenses for individuals of the holding of such data". THeres a lot more about this than you realise my advice to you is to send for the legal guidance book. Dat Protection Act 1998.........ISBN no1:870466 23 3 Sparkie1723:)
  15. Are there are any solicitors or real clued up people on the Technical side of the law I,m taking action against the RBOS in a big big way, the claim has benn allocated to the fast track, At the allocation hearing the judge ordered disclosure of documents by each party ie me and the RBOS(Cobbetts) no later than 4.00pm today. they received mine yesterday at 1 O'clock , I received theirs by e-mail at 4.10.16secs today. If that was me being late I'm sure that I,d be classed as missing the deadline. Can any one give me the straight facts can I ask for these disclosue statement and list be judged not acceptable in court by way of default, I know its only 10 mins but if a judge says 4;00 he doesn't mean 4.10 or does he? They have had since the 22nd November 2005 since the date the order was made. I need real good advise on this one. Anyone there??? Sparkie 1723
  16. The Registration license NO with the ICO is Z7092708 the address given as their registered address is not the one the terminator posted its 36 Hilton Street Manchester M1 2 EH Section 17 of the DPA says it must be their registered office address. How deep is deep S*#t? Sparkie1723:)
  17. This is another DCA that is incorrectly registered with the ICO as a Data Processor and are committing criminal offences chasing people for debts with an incorrectly registered license. To give you an analogy try using a TV inyour new home on a license that has your OLD address on NO way you'll still get fined because its the building thats licensed not you, Reliable has moved premises but haven't notified the ICO and thats a criminal offence under section 19 of the DPA Tell the Trading Standards and the ICO about that, as many members as possible should make a complaint to the ICO . I am, and I 've had no dealings with them but I'm going to kick their butt pretty good. Sprkie 1723:)
  18. Hi Marvin Go to Debt and Bailliffs forum, theres a lot of input there in all the different threads. Keep smiling Sparkie1723:)
  19. If you have not received you SDAR within the stated period, you can apply to the court for an order for it to be supplied to you, under Part 11 section 7(9) of the DPA If it is still not supplied to within the time stated by the order you can then ask the court to implement section 24 which can carry a prison sentence or £5000. There not many data controllers that do not take notice of the court order in the first instance, because of the threat of imprisonment. Failure to supply your SDAR is first a breach of the Act if they take no notice of the court order its a a criminal offence. Sparkie 1723
  20. A little bit of info that could assist a lot of forum members, I wonder how many menbers have considered sending a SDAR to the credit Reference Agencies? I did and I received over 2000 pages of info.. yes! thats right 2000, and in there I found a lot of info that is helping me in my court case against The RBOS, to give you an idea of how serious my case is, it is being heard on the Multi track. The barrister for The RBOS (Cobbetts of course ) wanted it to be heard on the fast track, but the judge said "no way hose" There are too many issues at stake in this case. Sparkie 1723
  21. Nice one Terminator, If they have registered with the ICO the are trading and processing info in order to collect debts, if they are collecting money the have to file accounts I KNEW YOU'D BE BACK Sparkie1723
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