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  1. Here is some more info to throw at them, Thames credit is another oner one of these "sharks" who are committing criminal offnces under the data protection Act, they are incorrectly registerd with theICO on their register, Section 17 of the Data Protection Act states that ... the Address of the data controller of a Limited Company given in order to obtain a license MUST be that of its registered office you will see from below their address with the Information Commissioners Office is NOT their registerd office so tell them also they are committing crinal offences and that you are going to take action against them for the compensation and tell them how much you want and get thaty information removed ie "yesterday " as continuing to supply it is only committing more and more of the offences Sparkie 1723 Company No. 03749604 Name & Registered Office: THAMES CREDIT LIMITED 4 FREDERICKS PLACE LONDON EC2R 8AB Company No. 03749604 Status: Active Date of Incorporation: 09/04/1999 Country of Origin: United Kingdom Company Type: Private Limited Company Nature of Business (SIC(03)): 7487 - Other business activities Accounting Reference Date: 31/12 Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/12/2005(FULL) Next Accounts Due: 31/10/2007 Last Return Made Up To: 09/04/2006 Next Return Due: 07/05/2007 Last Members List: 09/04/2006 Previous Names: Date of change Previous Name 28/04/1999 HALFPLANE LIMITED Branch Details There are no branches associated with this company. Oversea Company Info There are no Oversea Details associated with this company. ICO REGISTRATION Registration Number: Z6716152 Date Registered: 12 June 2002 Registration Expires: 11 June 2007 Data Controller: THAMES CREDIT LIMITED Address: WELLS HOUSE 15-17 ELMFIELD ROAD BROMLEY KENT BR1 1LT This register entry describes, in very general terms, the personal data being processed by: THAMES CREDIT LIMITED This register entry contains personal data held for 2 purpose(s) Purpose 1
  2. DONT TELL THEM ANYTHING, JUST tell them you are going to take action against them under the Protection from Harssment Act 1997 and the Administration of Justice Act for wrongfull pursuit and persecution of an unproven debt and mistaken identity that you will be claiming for damages caused by severe distress and frustration and vexation Sparkie 1723
  3. change infoPT2537 Hiya Paul Black Horse Finance Ltd are incorrectly registerd as a data processor with the Information Commissioners Office Their Reg Office is in Gresham Street London the Data Protection Act states that a limited company must give the Information Commissioners Office its registered address for its license This company is and has been committing a criminal offence under the Data Protection Act 1998 section 19. write and tell them you are goung to make the ICO aware of this Processing data with ahile committing criminal offences see below Sarkie1723 Registration Number: Z7591544 Date Registered: 23 January 2003 Registration Expires: 22 January 2007 Data Controller: BLACK HORSE PERSONAL FINANCE LTD Address: 51 HOLDENHURST ROAD BOURNEMOUTH BH8 8EP This register entry describes, in very general terms, the personal data being processed by: BLACK HORSE PERSONAL FINANCE LTD This register entry contains personal data held for 9 purpose(s)
  4. BLack Horse Finance accounts Can you give me the EXACT names of these companies you had the agreements with and the dates when they started I got some info that MIGHT help you it just depends on the actual company of that group. Some of them have /are and will be in alittle bit of "official trouble" I'm not kidding but it depends which company you are involved with. Sparkie1723
  5. Under the Sixth Principle of the Data Protection Act, section 7 all data and information held by the data controller holding that information must be supplied to you under your SDAR within the specified time scale of 40 days from the date of the cashing of the cheque or whatever. Failure to do this is a breach.......not an actual prosection offence by the Information Commissioners Office, their powers are very limited, they can and do only enforce offences. When breaches occurr it is up to the data subject to consider what to do. . In saying that you would have to prove that this particular breach caused you loss, damage and distress. Right now there's only a slight chance of doing that ... you might later on in your dispute, I'll keep thinking. Oh whats the name of the DCA?? Sparkie 1723
  6. Hi jveasey147, I've just got this off the ICO web site for members to see what these unlicensed DCA's could face Sparkie 1723 13 October 2005 Two companies fined for flouting Data Protection Act Two companies have been successfully prosecuted by the Information Commissioner’s Office for failing to notify under the Data Protection Act 1998. In both cases they were given the maximum possible fine of £5000, and ordered to pay £300 towards prosecution costs, by Manchester City magistrates yesterday. Corporate & Trade Limited and General & Commercial Guarantee Limited who both trade from premises at First Floor, 130 Church Street, Preston, failed to notify with the Information Commissioner’s Office that they processed personal data. The companies are debt collection agencies. Corporate & Trade Limited were written to on five occasions and General & Commercial Limited on three; both companies failed to notify as a result of these letters. Under the Data Protection Act organisations that process personal information may be required to notify with the Information Commissioner at a nominal cost of £35 per year.
  7. In order to make someone comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 The Sixth Priciple you must submit the SDAR undersection 7 " duty to supply information pursuant to section 7" that will cost you a tenner but its the only way you can make them give you ALL the info they hold about you, and from who supplied it to them. sparkie 1723
  8. I would send a subject data access request a few days before sending that letter, that will get the wheels moving for them to start processing your request and there you will get the black & white proof that they do hold data about you if they get your letter first they could delete all the info and write back they dont hold any and only use the info given by thier client and that info is then 2Lost" garbage of course but get them surrounded first before you go for the kill Sparkie
  9. Just a quickie on this site I've been an auto spark for over 45 years ( I.m 70 now well nearly I'm 69 really) I can safely say that the symtom of the glow plug light glowing can be caused by a 100 different causes that is why when some say this cured the fault on mine and some say that this cured it on mine the main problem with todays electrics and electronics, ther are so many electronic components monitoring what each other is doing, in some cases one component can be a little "iffy" another tells "itself" that its the one to blame, you replace that and it doesnt cure it the the other one still throws up the fault. .....In other words dont become a spark or you'll end up a "nutter" like me, thats what auto elec faults do to you Saprkie1723
  10. Hiya, They most probably will try to hold that over you but they ca'nt make that one stick you can claim you sighned under duress that will cancel that out no problem,in other words it was pre meditated blackmail, they knew there was a possibility of you making a full claim, and tried the umbrella trick, carry on with the help and advice on how to go about it from the forum help threads Sparkie 1723:)
  11. Steven 4064 First thought on what you gave me the RBOS in my case must have known they were wrongful because they were well aware that my BUsiness account had been closed since 1998, they were the ones who in the first place suggessted I closed it and used my private account from that date onwards, I'll be thinking on that one anyone else any thoughts??? Sparkie1723
  12. What the B****y H**l is a debt surveillance agency , is that an employment agency that finds jobs for people in debt??? Sparke 1723
  13. Hiya buzby, CM search means credit management its used everyday by 100's of banks, credit card companies, loan companies, but it NEVER shows up on your file, you wont even see them if you SDAR the CRAs, in my SDAR papers I got over 2000 pages not one CM search was recorded but I know for a fact that The NAt West & THe RBOS searched on 21 /12 05 & 6/01/06. Sparkie 1723
  14. THanks a million lookinforinfo and steven 4064, I dont know about exercising bank directors minds this info is certainly going to exercise mine, how I'm going to think of applying this to my case and the fact these charges /penalty fees were according to the RBOS applied to my closed business account. I've already got them stumped on how they did this charge an account that wasn't there, they are spluttering a little on that one. It was only when they inserted a default on my personal account that I had stopped using month before these charges re surfaced. 18months later Sparkie1723
  15. Here's some info about the RBOS that I have posted on other forums. I have 100% documenatary proof that the RBOS do keep records data and Bank statements much longer than 6 yrs BUT only for their own convenience I can give the proof to anyone who requires it. Sparkie 1723
  16. Hiya Buzby Good thought but they then could argue if youdo not tell them the info is incorrect when you know it is'nt then they cannot be held responsible for that inf not being corrected if they do not know its wrong they can't put it right. Sparkie 1723
  17. I tried to put this info on the Consummer Info main forum but its locked. So I,m putting this here in the hope a lot of people read it. I'll post it on other forums also or start a new thread. I have had to do a lot or investigating into CRA's and Credit file searches etc etc, and I've found out something that I dont think people are aware of Banks etc use different types of seaches on credit file, 1 an enquiry type search.....this one is used to check your file if you apply for credit with them. This search is recorded on your file so that you know it has been searched. 2 is an update search/entry to put monthly info about your account with them Its the third type of seacrch that they use that will be of interest to members... its called a CM type of search, This search method is used to "monitor" your credit status this search is never recorded on your credit file it is never seen by you nor other institutions, so in theory according to Equifax it can never harm you, but in my fight with Equifax over this because I stumbled on this search method by accident and they did not like me finding out about this search type I can tell you for a fact. The RBOS used this type of search on my credit file and downloaded a hard copy of it on 6th Jan 06. I had had no dealings with the RBOS since 2000, so as they had no right to search my file they used this type of search. This means that these banks etc can search anyones file get all the info they want and you are never aware of the fact that your file has been searched. for 6 months Equifax denied my file had been searched at all but I finally got them to admit it had and have now got the proof which I'm using in my case against the RBOS. Just thought I'd let every one know about this type of "secret " searches that are carried out without anyone knowing Sparkie1723:)
  18. To correct small errors on your credit file just write to the CRA's with the corrections and they'll put them right no problem, the onl time you'll get hassle and delays is when you are in real dispute with the Agency itself etc, minor problems they fix quick. Sparkie1723:)
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