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  1. Heavenly1 Read my threads about Wescot on other bailliffs forum threads , you will be able to claimall your money back because Westcot had no legal right to process your information they received from the Nat West, they may make you fight them a little but but use the "if you dont give it me back" I'll report you technique Sparkie 1723
  2. haley, You can either write to Newman & Company tell them that you have become aware of the fact that they are incorrectly registered with the Information Commissioners Office as a data processor and that that by holding and processing your personal and financial information they are committing criminal offences under section 20 (1) of the Data Protection Act (failure to notify changes) and that you will give them 7 days to give you assurance IN WRITING that they have deleted the information about you from their data base and that it will not re-appear again on their data base, for any reason, otherwise you will have no choice but to report them to the Information Commissioners Office for non compliance of the ACT and thereby committing a criminal offence Sparkie 1723
  3. Westcot SPV Ltd are also incorrectly registered Name & Registered Office: WESCOT SPV LIMITED DUNEDIN HOUSE 45 PERCY STREET HULL EAST YORKSHIRE HU2 8HF Company No. 05478076 Registration Number: Z9477941 Date Registered: 11 May 2006 Registration Expires: 10 May 2007 Data Controller: WESCOT SPV LIMITED Address: KYLESHILL HOUSE 1 GLENCAIRN STREET SALTCOATS AYRSHIRE KA21 5JT With regards to prosecution 13 October 2005 Two companies fined for flouting Data Protection Act Two companies have been successfully prosecuted by the Information Commissioner’s Office for failing to notify under the Data Protection Act 1998. in both cases they were given the maximum possible fine of £5000, and ordered to pay£300 towards prosecution costs, by Manchester City magistrates yesterday. Corporate & Trade Limited and General & Commercial Guarantee Limited who both trade from premises at First Floor, 130 Church Street, Preston, failed to notify with the Information Commissioner’s Office that they processed personal data. The companies are debt collection agencies. Corporate & Trade Limited were written to on five occasions and General & Commercial Limited on three; both companies failed to notify as a result of these letters. Under the Data Protection Act organisations that process personal information may be required to notify with the Information Commissioner at a nominal cost of £35 per year. Make the ICO aware of these cowboys, the more people that make a complaint the faster the ICO will Act I'm making one today inf act right now. You can file a complaint on line Sparkie 1723
  4. You must be able to see that now she has one big hammer to hit back, Every Criminal OFENCE under the Dat Protection Act, carries a £5000 fine or imprisonment or both I'm pretty certain I'd stop chasing her under those conditions ....they can also lose their consumer credit license ( thats if they've got one ) if they havent thats another offence, she can also claim compensation off them and so can every one else under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997... they are legally entitled to chase her for a debt .....the list is endless when this kind of thing happens. Sparkie1723
  5. Westcot Credit Services are not registerd with the Information Commissioners Office as a Data Processor for a license to process data and are another DCA that are committing Criminal offences under the Data Protetion Act See below a search on them with the Information Commissioners Office and niether the Hull Office or the Glasgow office are registered * There are no entries that match your search criteria. Registration Number Name Westcot Credit Services Address 45 Percy Street Hull Postcode HU2 8HF Organisation sub-division * There are no entries that match your search criteria. Registration Number Name Westcot Credit Services Address Oswald Street Glasgow Postcode Organisation sub-division * There are no entries that match your search criteria. Registration NumberNameAddressPostcodeOrganisation sub-division A COPY OF THE DATA PROTECTION REGISTER This site houses a copy of the public register. It is updated daily. Saprkie1723
  6. Heres the details .........not so clever are they???? Sparkie1723 Name & Registered Office: NEWMAN & COMPANY LIMITED LIMEWOOD HOUSE LIMEWOOD WAY LEEDS WEST YORKSHIRE LS14 1AB Company No. 02641622 Registration Number: Z6626975 Date Registered: 01 May 2002 Registration Expires: 30 April 2007 Data Controller: NEWMAN & COMPANY LIMITED Address: 8 GEMINI PARK SHEEPSCAR WAY LEEDS LS7 3JB Other Names: NEWMAN DCA NEWMAN & CO This register entry describes, in very general terms, the personal data being processed by: NEWMAN & COMPANY LIMITED This register entry contains personal data held for 2 purpose(s)
  7. Give you the details in a min sparkie 1723
  8. Right here we go. Newman & Company Ltd The Data Protection Act states that anyone obtaining and processing personal data of others must register with the ICO for a license to do so in the case of a Limited Company the address give on that license MUST/SHALL be that of its Registered Office You will see from below that the registerd office given to Companies House is not the one given to the ICO on their license. Therfore by being incorrectly registered and having failed to notify the ICO of the change of address within 28 days of change ( and I believe they've been there longer than 28 days) and as they are processing data incorrectly registered.... they are committing a CRIMINAL offence under the DPA. Sparkie1723
  9. Westcot Credit Services PO Box 137 Dunedin House 45 Percy Street Hull HU 2 8HF This crew are committing CRIMINAL offences under Sections 16, 17, 18, 19,20 of the Data Protection Act processing financial & personal information and data about you The Data Protection Act states that anyone who processes data must be registered with the Information Commissioners Office and hold a license to do so ,,,,below is the search of the Information Commissioners Office's data processors license register I carried out just a couple of minutes ago, the penalty for these offences are £5000 imprisonment or both, Sparkie1723 * There are no entries that match your search criteria. Registration Number Name Westcot Credit Services Address Dunedin House Percy Street HULL Postcode HU2 8HF Organisation sub-division
  10. Can you give me the full name and address of this newmwn debt collection Agency ...it looks to ma at first hand they are in deep deep trouble! Sparkie1723
  11. SDAR's The time starts from yhr time they cash th cheque, once they have done that the clock ticks they cannot put up any kind of excuse the fact that they have cashed the cheque is proof they have received your SDAR, Dont take any excuse and tell them exactly that..... if they dont supply you within the 40 days they ARE in breach of the Act FACT.... Another thing to consider ....because they are not registered correctly ...even supplying you with the info they are breaching the ACT by processing info to you while being incorrectly registered....technical legal point. Sparkie1723
  12. Bailiffchaser That bears some thinking about registering s a data processor , The ICO states that if you keep any information about anyone other than a personal diary you must consider registering as a data processor ....if you use this information you MUST register.....Way to go Bailiffchaser I'm going to have a big think about that idea. Sparlie 1723:)
  13. To Bailiffchaser, I wonder if it would be possible to work out how much they pay out to buy these debts from their company accounts filed at Companies House, I think it would have to shown in the accounts as say....Purchasing of consumer debts or something like that maybe????? Sparkie1723:)
  14. You can claim that you were "bullied" into paying the 2 payments due to your lack of knowledge of the law and to the extent of their of their powers. Sparkie1723
  15. Here is a template for anyone sending in an SDAR Dear Sir or Madam [Your full name and address together with any other details to assist in identifying you and the information you require] Please send me the information which I am entitled to under section 7(1) of the Data Protection Act 1998 [in relation to [give details if it is specific informationyou require]]. [Please would you also advise me of the logic involved in any automated decisions taken by you about me pursuant to section 7(1) (d) of the Data Protection Act 1998.] If you need further information from me, please let me know as soon as possible. If you do not normally handle these requests for your organisation, please pass this letter to your Data Protection Officer or another appropriate officer. Yours faithfully Signature Sparkie1723:)
  16. I would write back to Moorcroft and send them a copy of this and ask them to read it... taken from the OFT guidelines on Debt Collection. Inform them that their actions are causing you severe stress, and panic, lay it on real thick, Physical/psychological harassment 2.5 Putting undue pressure on debtors or third parties, e.g. relatives, is considered to be oppressive Examples of unfair practices are as follows: a. contacting debtors at unreasonable times and at unreasonable intervals. b. pressurising debtors to sell property or to raise funds by further borrowing c. pressurising debtors by using more than one debt collection business, either one after another or at the same time, resulting in repetitive and/or frequent contact by different parties d. pressurising debtors to pay in full, in unreasonably large instalments, or to increase payments when they are unable to do so This is the one that applies to you Tell you cannot afford to pay any more and that if they continue in the manner they have done you will take action under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 Sparkie1723:)
  17. This little bit of info may help some people I dont know how many, With regards to Scotcall LTD.....Up till the 12th May 2004 they used to be known as just Scotcall ( not LTD) they were owned by Sheildaig Enterprises LTD... NOW heres the interesting point up till 12th May 2004.... Neither of these were registered as a data processor with the ICO at that time, so if Scotcall have any info supplied to them and kept by them about you before they had a license or you paid them any money because they had this info about you i.e a debt they have unlawfully deceived you into paying on the basis of information unlawfully held at that time .....it was information information they should not have had. That is worth thinking about. Sparkie1723:)
  18. An unrecorded search does not have any detrimental effect on your credit status.... BUT.....it means that the searcher has made notes on the state of your credit status and the state of your other accounts. If they did accept the settlement and you have record of this in writing ....then you do have a case for breach of the data protection act obtaing information without.... a) your consent b) without a legitimate reason This would be without doubt a breach of the First Principle of the Data Protection Act unlawful processing, and more than likely a breach of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights ( the right to respect to privacy of home life and correspondence). Sparkie1723
  19. JUst a question has anyone ever signed a Consumer Credit Act Agreement with Littlewoods??? I mean a real proper one under Section 10 of the CCA 1974 a Running Account agreement??? And further more have they been designated an agent of Littlewoods when they have only used them for their own purchases, if so ask Littlewoods for a copy of the agents agreement signed by each party wherein in responsibilities of each party to each other are clearly stated have to each other ( ie the agent & Littlewoods Interesting this one. Just curious ..... Sparkie 1723
  20. THe request is OK ...you have to send £10 for every SDAR you request to each company you request it from no you dont have to send what I wrote yours is good enough, my info was meant as template to add to a standard request. By the way the 40 days starts from the time they cash the cheque so keep an eye on that. that gives you the EXACT 40 day timescale I'm with you Boo Sparkie
  21. THe only info I can give about Lowell Financial LTD is that THEY are operating legally..........BUT Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd & Lowell Portfolio Ltd 2 are not. These two companies are not registered with the Information Commissioners Office as data Processors if anyone is having hassle from these two, this info will be of a lot of help to them. Sparkie1723
  22. In the Data Protection Act there are Eight Principles .... The one that governs Subject Data Acess Requests is the Sixth, Section 7 is the section you submit your SDAR under. One of the most important things you must put in your SDAR is somthing that most people dont do, In the content of your letter put the following request also "Would you also supply the information regarding any decisions that are made about me by automated means only and the logic involved in the making of those decisions, I make this request by virtue of the Data protection( subject access) ( Fees & Miscellaneous Provisions ) Regulations2000 (S.I.No. 191). If you dont put this you wont get ALL the info you are entitled to. Buchanan Clark & Wells Ltd are using the Data Processor License of AVANCE Group Ltd They may try and bluff you with this Just tell them this....All seperate individual Ltd Companies MUST have their own license. But that is another criminal offence under the DPA 1.. NOt registerd themselves & 2... using someone elses license Sparkie1723
  23. Buchanan Clark & Wells Ltd 24 George Sq Glasgow ... as I've said before on other threads ARE NOT REGISTERED with the Information Commissioners Office as a data processor, they are unlawfully using some one elses license......AVANCE GROUP LTD under section 17 of the Data Protection Act a limited Companies address on a license MUST be of their Registerd Office and Licenses are not transferrable form individual to individual or company to company each seperate Ltd company MUST hold its OWN license. Buchanan Clark & Wells are still committing criminal offences if they are chasing you for a debt then they are processing data report them to the Information Commissioners Office and then tell them to erase , destroy delete any info from their data banks and claim compensation for unlawful pursuit of a debt. Sparkie1723
  24. Bailliffs can only force their way into anyones property for any purpose whatso ever unless A...They have a warrant of entry and B must be accompanied by an a police officer or officers, NO copper then you can cop him even if he has got an entry warrant. Sparkie 1723
  25. You are entitled to a full readable copy of the agreement, dont send any moey for the fees for the letters ask them to clarify the charge for each letter and ask under what authority they can charge you for them, and then charge the same rate on the letteres you have writted to them, "good for the goose good for the gander" sparkie1723
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