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  1. Ooh Rory, I'll have to try that one on Red! I've just SAR Crap1 even though I had a CCJ from them. Lowell are on the case with it, but I was conned by CAB to answer and admit the first part of this debt, I won't do that now!
  2. Regarding the signature document issue. I've had a CA which when the DCA originally sent it to me was photocopied and had T&C's on the back. However, since then, they have sent me two more copies with no T&C's on the back. I have SAR the OC and await to see what occurs there. They have sent me an SD which will be set aside, but I am really concerned they may have faked the first copy. Anyone got any thoughts?
  3. Well Red have started on me again for a disputed debt - now what did National TV say? Once a debt is disputed they can't collect it! Someone get them some new batteries for their hearing aids!
  4. I agree but dear ole Dom needs to be made aware of the CCA requests and SAR so they can really empower people to sort these things out!
  5. And I can agree with that - usual thing, the lowest common denominator always lowers the bar for others.
  6. Thing is MrShed, is many people do not see it that way. I have suffered a lot of abuse and discrimination, for being a carer and constantly told, "you should be working". People forget the "intentionally unemployed" bit and it isn't always fairly obvious. I am not flaming you or out to have an arguement with you, but seeing things from a slightly off centre perspective, as I do, I felt it should be pointed out because too many people make the wrong assumption about those on benefits. I agree that in an ideal world people would all be working, and yes points to this bloke for having a job.
  7. I'm sorry, I don't like that attitude. I am a full time carer for my mother who has Alzheimer's. I save the state thousands every year. I'm on benefits and I totally object to this 'holier than thou' attitude of all people on benefits are milking the state. I can see both sides to this arguement, but, Mr Shed, you lost it with me, there, pal! You talk of tarring all DCA's with the same brush, and you are doing the same about people on benefits. I'm not here for an arguement, as I don't know either of you, but think a little before you post. Not everyone on benefits is fair game
  8. Thanks nicklea - and yes it is Carers Allowance!
  9. Just spoke again to the court concerned and they told me I should put in the affidavit that I have no assets, what does everyone think?
  10. Just tried speaking to my local court and they don't do bankruptcy and the court I've contacted is the nearest one! I one I originally contacted wouldn't really talk to me about it when I asked for advice. I've been told to speak to the court as they will help..........Not this one!
  11. So, how do I word this for the set aside, as I am extremely confused. I also care full time for mum who is suffering severe Alzheimer's and physical disabilities. My time is so short to deal with these things. Maybe there is someone on CAG who can advise/help me? I've not got the money, I own nothing so I don't know how to proceed. Many thanks
  12. Thank you very much for that. Yes I have SAR the OC. I'll PM you the thread with the CA and the reverse Terms of Use - surely even if they are on the other side, they are not in the single document, because it's headed as something else?
  13. NO I haven't worked for 6 years, do not own where we live, no car, nothing they could have off of me. I'm a full time carer. Yes they have filled that bit in about which court to go to. I phoned that court which isn't that far from me but not local, and their set aside forms are for their court only. Should I get an affidavit from my court to fill in and send back, stating that is the correct court, not the one CQ chose? I'm quite worried about the CA - it's the same one I've banged on about for a long time. The page I signed only has the APR on it, the sentance stating the limit and
  14. OK I've contacted the court and got the set aside forms, which has no provision to change the court. Sent a complaint letter to CrapQuest who sent me another copy of the CA which several people have said is unenforcable. CrapQuest think it's good to go. But surely, if they bankrupt me, they won't get any money from me?
  15. Hiya SG glad you are still fighting. I've also have a couple of DCA threatening which I need toget CCA requests off to. I also was very down having lost a friend to suicide so have been absent. But I'm not letting the buggas get me down! Go Girl!
  16. Just received a Statutary Demand from CapQuest which has £703 of interest included! Nice! It's also written to a name which isn't mine. For example if my name was Collection they have written to Colction and the SD is in that name, i.e. they have missed 2 letters out of my name on both the letter and the SD. The debt was CCA'd some time ago and a CA was given but several people on this forum have agreed the CA isn't enforcable due to the wording and the fact I signed the front form and there was not CA T&C's on the front of the form. I wrote back to them disputing the debt a
  17. Yes, but a start IS a start! As long as it really does benefit the consumer and not just make the banks charge more with other services - like a reciept slip from the cash machine or something.
  18. Just seen on the BBC site that OFT have won the case against the banks! It says more soon!
  19. The DCA never owned the debt, whatever they told you. It is still owned by Cap1.
  20. Indeed if you want to vent - use email rather than here!
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