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  1. Can you explain please Rory? Also does 7th April 2006 make a difference?
  2. Thank you for replying. I found the CA which wasn't the thing I signed but the paper the credit card came on. It's got the right prescribed terms but it's on the end of the paper, overleaf and on another leaflet! However, the prescribed terms are all on the same piece of paper. Unfortunately the letter date is 7th April 2006 so I guess it's under the new terms which means they don't need my signature???? (Guessing here). I also remember that they phoned me up because they lost my application or something at the time. I think I will SAR them - I think it's a huge rate o
  3. I had a CCJ given to me via BC on behalf of Cap1 in Sept 2005. I SAR Cap 1 to find they apparently never received any monies from BC. Also the full amount of the CCJ was paid 3 days before the deadline and I have had a CCJ on my account ever since and UNSATISFIED. I have written to Northampton Bulk Clearing but am still awaiting a reply.
  4. Please, someone must have an idea about this?
  5. I have had a credit card with my bank HSBC for nearly 3 years. I didn't go over limit and I didn't miss payments. Last November they decided to pull the card verbally stating my current account wasn't running they way they wanted it so the card was stopped. When I wrote complaining about this they refuted they said this and said because 2 payments were late they were pulling the card. The two payments were late because this time last year I had a severe chest infection which lasted 3 months. I was extremely ill with it. I continued to pay the card as I had only had it since Feb 2006 and n
  6. Re the court action over the Statutary Demand - I have today received my cheque from the defendant for over £100 in costs and the SD was set aside. For all you people just in the process of dealing with this - take heart there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, I am now fully expectant that very shortly they will issue a claim for a CCJ, so I'll be no doubt back to harrass everyone and start panicking shortly! Thank you to all at CAG who have helped me thus far! When the cheque is cashed I will send another donation.
  7. What an excellent post! As much as I was thrilled to get my SD set aside today and win costs, if there is some way of legally taking away all the stress and trauma it caused me beforehand, for others, I'm all for it!
  8. Thank you all very much. It was very scary but it is just as everyone tells you. A very quick process. There are many reasons a judge can set aside an SD but I think "because the other side didn't turn up" showed how much distain judges have for the whole SD for small debts debarcle. So if DCA's want to take anything from this, it's that the judges have no sympathy for your SD's. Abuse of process.
  9. Aw fankoo BB I got the Bears, I got the Bears! *does a little dance*
  10. YAY thank you all, espcially the 42man and the Curlyben - I keep pestering them and they never turn me away!
  11. Thank you so much - I can't rep you 42man - I've given you too much already! LOL
  12. BTW - for the record - I don't mistrust those who were helping me but no-one can argue that double checking the advice from people on the net is a sensible thing.
  13. Well I tried getting ready on time, the washing machine paused itself and didn't finish washing til too late. I tried drying my smart jeans but there was just no way they were gonna dry in time. I had a quick shower and wore the only trousers I had available - my baggy blue combats and a girly blue top. I forgot the costs - so had to type them out double quick smart. The dog hasn't had a wee since last night. I got stuck behind Mr and Mrs Go-Slow and then got caught by some traffic lights where they were digging up the road - oh gawd was I panicing. As I got near the c
  14. I spoke to the court this morning about who to send the letter to regarding this CCJ and the lady in the court was very abrupt. When I told her I had proof and would send that in that we paid it on 15th September she said "oh we don't look at your proof we ask the solicitors who will give us an accurate assessment of what was paid and by whom. If they never sent you a certificate of satsfaction it's probably because you never paid. We only accept confirmation of payment from the solicitors as defendants have been known to doctor documents incorrectly stating they paid when they didn't". I
  15. I did pay within 30 days and still got the CCJ.
  16. The lady at the court said CQ would have sent me papers if they had been sent to the court - don't know if that is correct. She wouldn't check my file today saying it had gone up to the judge. *shrugs*
  17. Thank you maybe the Court will tell me how to go about this.
  18. The debt isn't with Barclaycard and not for £15,000.
  19. OK thanks - I wasn't sure if a court could do that. I've never had the money to satisfy any debts but the OH paid it to actually stop me having a CCJ and that didn't seem to work.
  20. Just a little update. I am in no way concerned about this but I thought I would post it for the laugh. This morning I got a letter from Lowell re this debt. In the letter I am asked to bid to buy back my debt - LOL - I nearly fell off my chair. That has to be the funniest tactic I've ever seen to get someone to pay. When I have some time I'll scan in the letter and the bidding form.
  21. Just found this: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/capital-one/56389-pmhcfc-capital-one-default-2.html?highlight=CCJ+removed#post1468322 This is the same as my situation and I want to force them to get it removed. The Cap1 debt as it is now could be wiped out with charges as also the extra BC added on. Mind is thinking here, maybe BC need to know I know what they did was abuse of process and I now know the monies were never paid to Cap1 and Cap1 are after the rest and are going to be after them if they don't sort this CCJ out, as the whole debt can be proved to be wipe
  22. I do understand that it will be the end of the matter. Are you telling me that a court cannot ever issue a Certificate of Satisfaction?
  23. BBC NEWS | Business | Silent calls fine for Barclaycard Oops sorry Barclaycard.
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