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  1. Sorry had to check. No CCA requested but there is PPI to claim back. I am sorry I cannot be more accurate as he is sending me copious texts which make very little sense. I have asked if he has a letter of assignment from MBNA but he says he doesn't know. Unfortunately he is a clinical hoarder and he ignores weeks of post. If I can buy him some time then we can deal with this without the panic of Christmas.
  2. Not sure how old the debt is but he has had the card for many years. No idea when he last made a payment. I think he was in trouble with it in 2011 maybe longer. The CCJ has been issued by Varde Investments via Experto Credit and HL Legal.
  3. My friend is actually going off his head with worry over the CCJ but has some mental issues. He cannot cope with even trying to get the paperwork together. He must answer a credit card CCJ before Friday. Does he acknowledge it but deny the debt or what should he do? Just having dinner so will post extra stuff later if needed. Thank you in advance.
  4. Subbing as details almost similar for my friends claim. Same people same dates. Am interested to know what he has to do so close to Christmas.
  5. Ok will do but of course they have not left their number. They don't scare me. ;-)
  6. Thanks for your replies. I will let him know.
  7. They are not joint debts but I thought the CRA's actually score the address as well so someone with good credit can get turned down if they live in a home that has a bad debtor or has previously had a bad debtor living there. Don't know if that still exists?
  8. Thanks. OH not happy as we are ex directory. Not worried about them. How can OH disassociate with me financially? He is worried about his credit rating.
  9. Would appreciate some advice Caggers. Don't know the best course of action.
  10. I am posting on behalf of a friend who suffers severe depression and cannot cope with this issue. I am very behind on things and can't remember the best course of action so would be grateful for advice. Friend has a CCJ form from MBNA/Varde/H L Legal at Northampton. The date of issue was 30th November 2012 - my friend was a little in denial so only spoke to me last night. We believe that this MBNA credit card should be subject to a PPI claim - again my friend has not got onto this - and I remember the rubbish advice I got from CAB, not CAG, when I got a CCJ and spent years fighting to get
  11. I haven't been here for sometime, so hello to anyone who remembers me. I sorted out most of my debts but it appears 2 are still causing trouble. I am not sure which 2 at this point because I moved a couple of years ago and don't have the details to hand - stuff still in boxes! However, they have tracked me down and my other half isn't too happy about it. I am starting to get silent calls again and they have sent me 2 letters addressed to me in different ways - i.e. Mrs Vam Pyra and Mrs V A M Pyrya so I guess they relate to 2 different accounts. The letter says they have reason to bel
  12. Just to update you all; I have had no reply at all from the bank regarding my email sent last Wednesday. This is also considering my local branch has a copy of the letter too. I'm sure they will get back to me - never one to miss an opportunity to charge you for something, I have no doubt they will tell me the law doesn't apply to them and charge me for having to reply to me, or something!
  13. Had a bit of a result yesterday. Went to my local branch and after a less senior accounts clerk refused to deal with me, (she has tried the banks official line on me before and I've not bought it), the temporary manager from another branch came to see me. She was very helpful and understanding. She was aware of the issues and had received many First Right of Appropriation letters (as per Rory's posting earlier in this thread), at her branch that she allowed me the £68 that went in yesterday and talked through my options. She was aware I have not been going over by huge amounts and also no
  14. Sorry perhaps I'm not very clear here - but I have kept this account running well for years it's only just getting into a trouble and basically because now of these charges. I can also assure you I was dumbstruck by both mine and another bank telling me I didn't look like my driving licence "Are you really sure that's you?" Whatever occurs, I need a debit card to purchase items for mother's care on the internet. I am not constantly in trouble with them but I currently cannot get out of this mess as I will be left with £70 ish to care for mum and I for next week and bills will come ou
  15. We don't have Credit Unions around here. Just looked on Google and they don't have any in this part of the country as far as I can find. I'd never even heard of them before.
  16. Hi there thanks for the reply. I've done the CRA and I have a CCJ which shows as unpaid when it was and dear old Bryan Carter and Co didn't reply when they were contacted by the Courts about payment. I have written proof it was paid on time and BC&Co say it wasn't. I've sent via email a letter of appropriation to my bank outlining my situation as a Carer and that this money is provided for care for my mother etc. I used Rory's template. Got no reply from them so telephoned and spoke to someone in India who tell me they cannot help me access the funds or remove charges only the b
  17. I am trying to cope as a carer being ripped off for hundreds by my bank and I seem to be barred from getting a basic bank account with any bank. I've applied with several banks including my own and because of a CCJ I erroniously have - am fighting that - and I am turned down for them - apparently I am barred and was questioned as to whether my driving licence was my own. Feel like I'm being treated as a criminal.
  18. Hiya BB - how's you? Thanks for that. I wasn't sure how to proceed with the 1st Credidud one! A lot of mine are coming up for 6yrs now!
  19. OK me again! Due to the amazing help I've had from this forum I have appeared to successfully fend off nearly all my debts - some are now even coming up to the 6yrs cut off period! OK, 1st Credit are hounding me for a debt I don't know. I believe I applied for the credit card mentioned years ago and it never turned up. I just, stupidly assumed, they had, after agreeing to me having it, declined it. I have never had a statement or anything. So if some unscrupulous blue tit has wracked up £1300 in my name, I'm not sure what to do. I know I should CCA but what after that? Al advice
  20. Oh yes I also found a letter from BC after the ruling saying I had to start paying installments of £250 per month - which was not the case. All evidence I feel. I also sense an SAR to BC coming on!
  21. I wanted to add to this as I am going through the process of trying to get the CCJ removed. I have sent an explanitory letter to the court telling them about the circumstances around the CCJ, that my defence was never shown to the court and that the CCJ was paid 3 days before the deadline. Plus it would appear from an SAR that Cap 1 never received any payment from Bryan Carter and Co and are now trying to chase me via Lowells for the debt. The letter and evidence of payment arrived at the court and they sent it to BC. The court told me if BC agree it was paid they will mark it on my
  22. I just wanted to add that although I knew after the 12+2 they had committed an offence, I had never heard of anyone getting a prosecution on this and I was also aware that if they came back with a CA within the time before a debt was statute barred, I was always lead to believe if it was good to go, it could be enforced, though a judge may ask why it took so long and could make some sort of ruling in the debtors favour.
  23. Ooh OK thanks Rory - sorry to sound dumb but I've never come across this side of it before. I'll SAR and CA and see what occurs. They may well have everything though as it's not that old.
  24. Yes it does just looked it up - barsteward swines!
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