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  1. Ok my friend has received a letter from Northampton CC saying he has a "stay" til 14th June 2013. Any advice as to what happens now? Does my friend need to do anything? Still no signed credit agreement.
  2. Sorry, another question. Will the lack of a signed Credit Agreement with the prescribed terms be of any use now? Also, as there seemed to be several different cards updated without credit agreements and they are showing an application for a Mastercard, (my friend had both a Mastercard and Visa), and the debt appears to be on a Visa card, isn't there a lot of ambiguity over the entire thing? Lastly, does my friend need to SAR MBNA at this stage or are we too far down the line? Thanks.
  3. UPDATE: My friend says he got a loads of letters from HL Legal today claiming "Due to the commercially sensitive nature of the Deed of Assignment, this cannot be disclosed to you". Would this be correct? My friend says still no sign of a Credit Agreement. Not personally seen all the paperwork but post any other information when I have seen it.
  4. Thank you Andy. Off to post them now - you'll be glad to hear! LOL
  5. Sorry Andy getting confused. These documents below - sorry can't seem to highlight any points but the one about small claims is at the bottom of the Section I document. Draft Order for Directions The Claimant shall within 14 days of service of this order file and serve the following: o Copies of the Credit Agreement and any documents referred to within it which complies with the consumer Credit Act 1974 and all subsequent regulations, which the claimant seeks to rely upon o Default Notice compliant with s87 (1) Consumer Credit Act 1974 and Consumer Credit (Enforcement, Default an
  6. Sorry Andy - I think I have found the particulars of claim on here to send but obviously this doesn't mention PPI. Think I have worked out the form filling now. I am sorry I ask so many questions, I get worried about getting it right and not missing anything. I know I am a nuisance sometimes Andy, but your advice is greatly appreciated.
  7. OK on Part A we have ticked YES to 1-3 Part B ticked YES and put local County Court address and reason being it is local. Part C - Not sure what to tick and if NO for what reason. I think it's a YES. Part D - Filled in the amount in dispute. Under Applications not sure what to tick or say. Under Witness gave friend's name and put ALL under Witness to which facts. I have no idea what to put for Experts as we have not got any - I guess 3 NO's? Track = Fast Track? I gather we just answer NO for disclosure of eDocuments? Part E - No idea what to put. Part F - Ticked YES as
  8. Ah I see thank you. Bit stuck on a couple of the filling in points but I am exhausted today. I will post up in the morning. They are simple but I just want to check. Will post in the morrow.
  9. Sorry to trouble you all but the allocation questionnaire we have here is an N150 is that the same form?
  10. Update. Having discussed a few more personal issues regarding this case with Andy, I can report back that my friend took it upon himself to contact both the court and HL Legal yesterday. According to HL Legal they sent him a letter in February with an enclosed 91 pages of statements. I don't know how this could have affected things. I feel worried this could have upset things somewhat. They are resending but will not arrive til after the form deadline. Thank you for your kind help so far Andy, bit skint at the mo but will make another donation to CAG asap.
  11. Ok thank you. I may be back if I get confuzzled! lol
  12. Hi all. Well As my friend had not heard from HL Legal, we just assumed there was no further action. Having spoken to Northampton, a Stay was put on this case but apparently the court made a mistake thinking Varde/HL Legal hadn't replied within the 28 days, but unfortunately they could prove they had, so now the stay has been lifted and an allocation questionnaire has been sent. It arrive 2 days ago and needs returning by 13th April. I am lost as to what to do for this for my friend so all help greatly appreciated. I also have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and find dealing with
  13. Sorry it's small but I have put a note to seller with my forum name in so take my first name from the invoice thingy. First 3 letters ok to use. Just read this and it sounds daft. Yes, use my real name.
  14. He says they are different accounts that he applied for separately as the other account has a small balance on it. I see what you mean but at the end of the day its an application form and not a credit agreement.
  15. Thanks Andy. I read your post on Court Procedure. One thing which is very interesting is in their little disclosure pack, they have sent a signed application form for a Mastercard yet the debt is on a Visa card. Having now seen the paperwork, it is clear that they just want my friend to admit. I believe that after the AQ arrives and has been sent off to the court, the court expects the two parties to attempt to resolve the case, is my understanding correct? If so, then because my friend has both Visa and Mastercards from MBNA, it would appear they have sent an unenforceable appl
  16. Very sad news for his family and for CAGgers. My condolences to everyone who was personally connected to Martin. A very talented and selfless individual. RIP.
  17. Ok thanks Andy. Not seen the paperwork but just been told what arrived. Sorry to sound dumb, but what is an AQ please?
  18. Ok my friend got a letter from the court. HL Legal have sent a copy of the Mastercard application form from 1997. I have not seen it but if it is the same one as my brother has this is the card that appears to have changed account numbers when being changed by MBNA for upgraded cards. Have not seen the paperwork so not sure if the application form is fully legal. HL Legal have said they want to persue the claim and have applied for the hearing to be moved to the local county court. Also an N9a Admission Form has been sent. Again we are both clueless with this and would be v
  19. OK so far nothing back from the Court. HL Legal have responded to the CCA request saying "our clients have provided you will all the information you have requested, previously", and not sent anything to my friend. They also didn't cash the postal order. Not sure what to do but I suggest it would now be prudent to SAR MBNA??
  20. Thanks Andy. I will do that. Many thanks again for your help. Vamps
  21. Thanks Ford. Just have to see what delights my friend gets in the post regarding this matter.
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