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  1. This is disgraceful. If we, the customer started "charging" banks, et al for various little things, we'd be up in court for a form of fraud. Wish I didn't have to have a bank account, or a phone account or anything else where people can "pilfer" money from me.
  2. That site doesn't seem to be there anymore
  3. Hi I'm new to the forum and just to explain, I am a full time carer for my mum who have had a stroke, has dementia and cannot run her own finances. I personally have a number of debts incurred when I was a student which, due to my caring responsibilities, have been unable to sort out. I have banked with NatWest since 2001. I worked for 6months after graduation in 2001 before becoming a full time carer. For those who are unaware, benefit claiments now have to have their benefit paid directly into a bank account. Both my carers allowence and my mothers benefits due to her condit
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