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  1. OH has made a few PPI claims from when he was in business. He has a longstanding MBNA card which he tested for PPI saying he thought he was self employed at the time. Turns out he was a few months off turning self employed at the time and they refused his claim. They sent him a "credit agreement" as proof he was working and ticked PPI. This "credit agreement" isn't. It is an Application Form with details he filled in of his employer at the time. The full details of PPI are not explained on there and of course one could argue that he could apply for a card with PPI but change his mi
  2. The initial loan was 1996 and the rest were continuation loans and are all the old style loans.
  3. I have had a look but he's so negative and claims he has asked and refused. It's like pulling teeth... Thank you I might ring them in the morning.
  4. Question on behalf of my brother. He neglected to pay his utilities for goodness knows how long. He suffers anxiety and deep depressions and dare I say does not spend wisely. He is considered disabled due to his mental health. He had an outstanding bill of £2k or some such ridiculous amount. Scottish Power got a warrent and broke in whilst he was in bed and put in a meter and according to him not only entered the porch where the prepay meter is but also got into his house. He was too scared to confront them. Anyway, he is claiming that he is putting £10-15 a week in for gas and £10 f
  5. After OH's panic he calmed down and said the same. If they try to pull a CCJ I will have it covered.
  6. I just found this in my old signature: "Student Loans Company/CapQuest 3 - CCA sent 11/06/08 - No Reply."
  7. Oh yes the spreadsheets lol
  8. Yes that would be good especially as I have never been in a position to meet the financial income limit to repay the loan.
  9. Hiya DX. Good to see you. Long time..... Re Erudio. No acknowledgement since about 2004 or 5 when mum had a larger stroke and to be fair I gave up sending stuff to be told it hadn't arrived. So it may be statute barred. Will SAR and see what occurs. Thank you for your help. Are they at this with everyone?
  10. Ok. I will do that. I think I have an old SAR template somewhere. Does anyone have SLC address please? Thank you for your reply.
  11. Thank you for the welcome and quick reply. ☺
  12. Not been here for a long time but still recognise some names. When I was last here sorting my things out, I still lived at home and was a full time carer for my mother. I graduated in 2001 and didn't find work til May 2002. I worked til October 2002 when my mother had a stroke and I became her full time carer on Income Support and Carers Allowance. I, unfortunately, had to stop caring in July 2012 because I was extremely ill with untreated thyroid and autoimmune diseases. I moved in with my OH. Because I was a carer I was able to claim ESA Support Group f
  13. OK, the CCJ wasn't statute barred. Found some paperwork. I was very ill, undiagnosed and unmedicated some time before I moved and things lapsed. They still didn't have a signed CA though. Can't really challenge it I guess. Hold on a roly mo! I remember the account lapsed but I was allowed to order stuff if I paid by debit card still on the same account number. Should I SAR and CA them?
  14. The proof is, I still have a catalogue account with J D Williams at my new address! I know what you mean though. I will SAR J D Williams and CCA them too. I'll see what they can come up with. Talking of SAR's, should I do so with Aqua?
  15. OK the CCJ is from J D Williams who I still have a catalogue account with and who know I changed address back in 2012. Phoned the court who said I should ask J D Williams via CrapQuest and HL Legal, to apply to the court as it was issued to an incorrect address. I also never had a CCA for this account and it was statute barred as far as I recall. Court sending me papers to set aside and original paperwork which was sent to my own address. Any ideas how to proceed with this one?
  16. OK I will ring Northampton. I know it can't be set aside because I moved but I am absolutely sure any debt would be statute barred. I also suspect any company issuing a CCJ knew I had moved. All previous debts whether paid or not have had DCA's trying to get money out of me since I moved. All but one of these were CCA'd and SAR'd some time ago and went dormant as they were statute barred. Before anyone says anything about paying debts, (my OH often disagrees with me over CCA's and stuff and thinks stuff should be paid), I was caring full time for my very sick mother for 10 years. Al
  17. Just been scouting around CAG and the letter I got was the same as this except different details and dates obviously. Is this just a letter trying it on? Would a discount mean it is statute barred? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?400009-Restons-First-Direct-HSBC-court-threat
  18. OK I found a letter dated 08/10/2010 which is from DHS 1st Credit, introducing themselves as the debt team. I suspect they were not the first DCA involved in this but as I was I'll at the time, I don't really remember. I think Aquacard themselves went on for a good number of months asking for payment but again I don't recall this. I need to dig out more paperwork. On a seperate note, what do I do about the CCJ? I have no idea what it was for and had moved well over a year earlier so have never seen any paperwork for it. Obviously nothing has been paid and I can onl
  19. I am going to look at some paperwork. I have a little info I would like to run past you but its sensitive so I will drop you a message a little later. Thanks for your replies.
  20. Hi DX, long time no speak. Sorry not very clear. I have no idea what the CCJ is for or who it is with. Obviously I have never had paperwork. I moved in mid 2012 and the CCJ was registered in September 2013. It's for under £400. With regards Cabot/Restons, I need to look into paperwork as to when the Aqua Card defaulted. I actually thought it was about 2009 which would be the magic 6 years but it seems to say the default date was 2010 which would only be 5 years. Seems a bit suspect to me though.
  21. Can you clarify what you mean by bad debt please? I did ignore it but something made me fish it out tonight. Re Cabot names, I read they have changed names as they didn't renew their licence or something? How would this affect things?
  22. It started with a letter from Restons the other day saying they wanted payment of under £1000 for a debt which I believe to be statue barred. The letter said if I didn't pay I would get taken to court for a CCJ and would request monthly payments. If the court does not allow this, the full amount is required forthwith including any accruing interest, fees and costs. If I don't pay by a set date their client may be prepared to accept installments and return the expenditure and income form by the previously mentioned date. They also draw my attention to the fact the client s
  23. Yes they moved all his stuff from the porch into his hall and left a letter propped up on something in the hall. I don't know what the relavant law is this is why I am asking. I have never had a utility meter other than water when I moved so I have no idea how they are used and cannot answer his questions.
  24. PLEASE...does anyone know the law regarding the entering of homes to access meters? Somebody please help? We can't really move forward as I don't know what to do for him at this time.
  25. Also, would this have gone to court before they did this? My friend says he has no knowledge of this but I know he often gets so depressed he doesn't open mail.
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