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  1. Thanks for that Emma. Sorry I've not been back but I had internet problems. I have been on DLA for a number of years and they DIDN'T defer my account for 3 years initially. Obviously I have not had any contact about this for 5 and a half years and thus the Statute Barred will kick in in 6 months. I am concerned though that although I haven't had contact since Feb 2002 for April 2002 deferement, that the contact is considered to end in April 2003? Tricky. All advice greatfully recieved.
  2. *coughs* *mustn't say as I say too much especially about 1st Credit, allegedly* *coughs*
  3. Thanks Peter. The original CA copy sent to me as per the photos - this has the T's & C's printed overleaf. However, when they re-sent this, there were no T's & C's overleaf. The Agreement box states "I have recieved a copy of and agree to be bound by the Conditions of Use". It makes no reference to "overleaf" which another agreement I have says and actually hasn't got them overleaf. Plus this turned up after an offence was commited on the out of time production of the CA.
  4. I had an old style Student Loan when I started higher education in 1994. I eventually went on to University and graduated in 2001. In April 2002 I signed a deferement form to take me to April 2003 - though I hasten to add I last made contact in such a way in 2002. In November 2002 my mother had a serious stroke and I became her full time carer on full carers benefits. Come Feb/March 2003 I recieved a deferement form which I duly sent off. They claimed they never recieved it. I asked for further deferement forms and although they claim to have sent them, I never recieved th
  5. I had a debt "charged off" in 2004 - it was only this April the DCA contacted me. Something doesn't smell right to me!
  6. Can I please ask then, if you sign a box stating "This is a Credit Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Sign it only if you wish to be bound by it's terms." - If this is on an application form - is it valid? Also, could one argue that you signed to be bound by the terms of the Consumer Credit Act 1974? The "it's" in the above statement doesn't clarify which "it's" it is - the CCA 1974 or the Credit Agreement or both.
  7. Thank you all! Let's hope the rest fall the same way!
  8. I have DCA's on the brain today - sorry!
  9. Sorted no worries. Legitamate call!
  10. You might be right there, sequenci, but it's all rather dubious and not too clear for consumers.
  11. Hello Angelfire and welcome to CAG. You need to find out if your ex did sign anything, I think, because that would then implicate him in the debt. But the CCA route is the best one you can take at this point. Used to know someone called Angelfire......
  12. Hi VV - another Cell Block H fan! I have to say from my dealing with DCA's and CA's that get sent to me, I believe the prescribed terms contained in the below post are the legal terms for enforcability. Your alleged CA doesn't contain your credit limit/amount! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collectors-debt-collection/105315-my-agreement-enforceable-useful.html
  13. LMAO This has to be a huge joke, surely? Or some DCA [problem]!
  14. You can CCA the Halifax, i'm sure! If they can't find the CA then the law still applies. However, you have the risk they may have it and because you contact them they might try to review your monthly payments. Personally I'd give it a go - but it's up to you.
  15. Subscribing. Keep up the good work Rory!
  16. *to the sound of Queen* "do do do, Another One Bites the dust, yeah!" Do I get some of Dave's balloons? Please view below!
  17. Oh remus, I was really happy for you for a bit there! Bloody 1st Credit! Would it be a crime to photograph their offices? Maybe we could spot Mr Bully Boy and name and shame him! I bet he lives locally too! I got some very interesting news about something today but can't spill yet because of SPIES!
  18. Thanks to all who have PM'd and answered. I've had a thought. It might me stupid but well here goes. When on signs a bit on the application form saying "Credit Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974" - are we all not just signing to say that if our application is accepted, we agree to the terms of the Consumer Credit Act 1974? I am reading slowly through the Cabot stuff to ty to piece together a good reply letter, though I think it's gotta be a basic I don't agree and "knob off for all eternity" type letter! They are just so up themselves!
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