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  1. First off welcome to the site. The first thing you need to do is remember however painful or time consuming it is - you need EVERYTHING in writing. Maybe CAB can advise of anyone in your area who could help you with letter typing? Secondly, you need to send off a CCA request to Moorcroft to get a copy of your credit agreement. It is highly possible this cannot be found. If so no-one can legally collect the debt. now this bit courtesy of CurlyBen Courtesy of Curlyben First NEVER talk to these "people" on the phone as they will try and get you to agree to anything.
  2. Sending this off will not make matters worse. You are taking control. As previously said NEVER speak to them over the phone. CCA the DCA and also SAR the RBS at the same time. When you have done this, it is a waiting game - waiting for them to make mistakes! If they do not come up with a properly executed CA they cannot claim the debt. It's not exactly wiped, but no-one can collect a debt they cannot prove is yours.If the RBS do not give you the complete sent of records under the SAR they are in breach too. For a CA send off the letter and a one pound postal order with the reas
  3. Wanted to just catch up with something. I had a CCJ from Cap1 via Bryan Carter just over two years ago. It had to be paid by a certain date - my evidence never got shown to the court so they "assumed" I was working and not a carer on benefits. My OH paid it to stop the CCJ - it was to be paid by 17th of whatever month it was - my OH paid via electronic bank payment from his account on 15th of whatever month and Bryan Carter said they didn't recieve it til 23rd of whatever month. We have proof it left my OH's account on 15th. I never got a certificate of saticfaction and the CCJ sits on my cred
  4. Edz11 - thank you for the reminder. Its always good to have this mentioned in any thread for the newbies as it's a really easy one for them to be caught out on. Spritigirl - how's you? Thanks for that letter - I was nearly there with it - my CCA and OFT guidelines are a bit rusty after my illness. How are your cases going? Not had time to catch up yet.
  5. If I am writing to a DCA to inform them that the account is in dispute because another DCA did not furnish me with a CA after if had been requested, should I send a copy of the original CCA request or not? Anything else I should or shouldn't mention in a letter of this type, please?
  6. OK DMD - you think I should report to Trading Standards? What sort of things should I be mentioning and is it their TS or mine? Sorry been out of the loop for so long, it feels, and I've mislaid all the CAG info flying around my head! LOL
  7. OK Thanks Rory. Nice to see all the familiar faces on here. Missed this forum and it's jolly japes!
  8. That's what I thought but the debt is "apparently assigned" to 1st Credit, who failed with the original CCA request.
  9. Yes I'm back! Been ill for 3 months, but not beaten yet. HBoS cc from years ago, had the debt bought from then by 1st Credit (COUGH) in April this year. CCA'd and not produced well in to default and commiting now. SAR HBoS who sent me some very dodgey paperwork saying the debt had been can't think of the term off the top of my head - when it's sold on? Oh well you know what I mean - that had apparently happened several years ago without me being told. Charged off that's it! 1St Credit, (COUGH) sent this to Connaught Collections who passed it to Dzimitrowicz York solicitors for doors
  10. Pop over to the debt collectors forum and it'll give you some ideas there.
  11. As I was on 2 different courses both which started pre 1998 although the course finished in 2001, should that be 2 credit agreements?
  12. Just a quick aside - when I CCA and SAR them, as they claim their are 5 accounts, do I have to send then 5 requests? That's £50 in SAR and £5 in CCA - I only live on £100 a week!
  13. I have been having numerous nasty letters from Buchannen Clark and Wells threatening court action over the first £11,000 of the loan. Then today I had a letter from the Student Loans Company demanding £216.08 per month for the next £17,000 of the loan. It also stated I had to pay the £11,000 NOW. I have also been told on numerous occasions they will only back-date the deferrement by 3 months and anything else they say you owe they will chase you for - even if I can prove I have NEVER worked and earnt over the threshold. I am going to do an SAR - when I have some spare money, and a CCA, bu
  14. I took out my first year SL in 1994 and it ran for 7yrs during my Access course and Degree - although they were at 2 different institutions, they were continuous. The Degree was started in 1996 and the entire loan from 1994 is the old mortgage style loan.
  15. P.S. they still send this to a mispelt surname - is it really my debt?
  16. OK I've got this HBoS/CapQuest debt that 'appears' to be good. I know I have to SAR HBoS to remove the charges, but as I've been away from the forum for a bit, can anyone tell me the coup with claiming charges on credit cards? Is it still good to go or on hold? I'll be fair, CapQuest will STILL accept my £1.00 per month and have offered to drop the debt by £600 - not that I could afford to pay it off and I'm sure that's only the charges removed anyway. But, I fell floored by it and they are threatening court action by 16th Sept if I don't comply. If I SAR does that stop them see
  17. I've heard about the fated Buchanan Clark and Wells but as yet did not have the pleasure of their bullying. This is in relation to a large sum of Student Loan. I have not worked in a job earning over the £17000 threshold, since graduating and for the last 5yrs have been a full time carer. I tried and failed as I believe many have, to get forms to put payments off for a year due to low income. The forms either never arrived or they claimed never to get them. The last communication I had with the SLC was in Feb 2002 which was the last time payment was postponed for a year. In Feb
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