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  1. Good for you! I am about to find out how I do something about the CCJ they gave me 3 years ago for part of a debt. They are a truely lovely bunch of people!
  2. I'm still waiting for Fredrickson's to reply to my CA request. Ah well, perhaps they are busy!
  3. Ooh lovely lot these ones! Go on - send off the telephone harassment letter - it really gets up their goat! LOL
  4. OK for absolute clarity. I have a "supposed" CA from HBoS. On the front it says For your Signature and This is a Credit Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The page I have signed is not a credit agreement, however, on the reverse it says "Credit Card Conditions of Use" which are T&C's and this is where the prescribed terms are. So is this a legal credit agreement or not?
  5. Hold on - maybe if it's on the reverse of where you sign, the T&C's are implied on that page??? Just thinking outloud, sorry.
  6. Thanks for that, but it's not clear if the T&C's can be overleaf from where you sign. The T&C's have all the prescribed terms but how is it affected if the signature is on the other side of the paper from the T&C's. I know it's a moot point, but one which is possibly quite valid and one I'm still trying to get a definitive answer to.
  7. Any chance you can scan it in or take a photo and add it. Sounds dodgey but we need to see it.
  8. This may have been answered elsewhere, but I can't find it. Can we have some clarity on T&C's regarding Credit Agreements please? Do they have to be on the same page? If not can they be overleaf? If so, does the place where you sign have to stipulate the T&C's are overleaf? I was wondering because I have a newer credit agreement for a credit card which is running well with only a tiny maxxed out balance - i.e. not impossible to clear. The credit agreement and T&C's were on the same page and that was the page you signed. Any clarity would be great as I've
  9. BellaGoth is right - don't worry about things. I know they seem scarey and we've all been scared of them but they just do not have that sort of power. Hopefully you'll get the correct advice to have them running scared.
  10. Tis ok we all get "toys out of pram" days. As you were!
  11. *big squishee hugz for the Babybear*
  12. I just emailed Babybear. I was concerned because I said Curlyben had offered advice about something and her reply was quite curt saying ignore her opinion she's only the lacky - yet we get on really well. Then I noticed she's unsubscribed from loads of threads after that and then saw this thread. I hope she's ok and whatever has upset her isn't irreversable.
  13. Seems she got upset at something in this thread from what I have read - wonder what's up?
  14. I've emailed her to find out. Which thread was this, UUN?
  15. Not good is it? I guess it's the beginning of the financial year and they are after more money!
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