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  1. Hi all I am pleased to confirm that Abbey have now paid me out. No going to court. What a relief. ******* Can someone please update my thread to Georgie Porgy Wins against Abbey. Thank you all for your help Georgie Porgy x:D
  2. Hi Matt I was due to get my court bundle in by 29 May 2007. Abbey called me last Wednesday and wanted to settle out of court. I called the man back (Roman) and decided to ask for an extra £150.00 on top of his offer to me. He agreed and asked me to liase with the court when money arrived. This has now happened. I now have my money - all settled. Keep up with your claims and good luck Georgie Porgy
  3. Thank you Noodbrider and KnellyK. I'm over the moon. Recommend everyone to keep on going. Good Luck to you all.
  4. Hi all - GOOD NEWS I have just had a call from Abbey - they have settled out of court. I have not yet sent my Court Bundle in. It was due to be in by 29 May 2007. I'VE WON AND AM VERY HAPPY. **********MONEY WILL BE IN MY ACCOUNT BY MIDDLE NEXT WEEK. THEY ARE PAYING CHEQUE INTO MY ACCOUNT.******* Can someone, please update my thread for me to show i have Won. I will make donation once money cleared next week. Thank you to everyone for all your help. Wish everyone luck on their threads. Georgie Porgy ;)
  5. Hi Pirus I have had a phonecall from Abbey this afternoon. A nice Gentleman who's name was Roman. He Has just offered to settle my ''' CLAIM OUT OF COURT''. He explained about the Lloyds TSB bank with Their winning the other day. He went through what i wanted and what he was prepared to offer. I took his number and said i would call him back. I called him back and said i would accept another £150.00 on top of what he offered. This has been agreed = £3200.00 will be in my account very shortly. Keep on with your claim and good luck. Georgie Porgy;) :grin: :grin: :grin: :wink:
  6. Thanks Villiafan for your help. I am still preparing my court bundle. I have quite a lot together now. I am trying to get information of all settled claims from the Abbey to put with my claim. How are you going????
  7. Hi Mariejader How are you doing with your claim??? I am still getting my court bundle ready. need to be back to court by 28 May 2007. I have just been trying to get some details ready for cases that have been won. Be really glad when it is all over. Georgie Porgy
  8. Hi Villafan Thank you for this. Looks quite daunting. I am just printing off the 40 pages and will then see what else i require. Latest Statement of Charges. Does this mean that you reprint the charges with the interest??? Or is this just what you have already requested?? Georgie Porgy
  9. Hi Miss-Bonkers I am at the same stage at the moment. Getting my 40 page document x 3 ready for court. Do you also include all the statements that you have charges on?? Is there anything else that should be included with it?? Georgie Porgy:confused:
  10. Hi All I now received letter from the Court for my Court Bundle to be submitted to the Court and Abbey by 29 May 2007. I have found a 40 pages document on here under Court Bundle. Do i send all this together with my statements???? Any comments or help would be appreciated. Thanks Georgie Porgy
  11. Hi All, Been a bit quite at the moment. I contacted the court today and they advised me that they had received both Allocation Questionaires. They were sent to the Judge for Direction on 20 April 2007. They reckon i should hear between the end of this week and the start of next week. Any news from anyone else yet?? Georgie Porgy
  12. Mariejader thank you for going back to PSM, i have been really busy the last couple of days. How is your claim going. I don't get much chance to look round the sight at the moment?? Georgie Porgy xx
  13. Hi PSM Thanks for your post here. Good luck with your claim. Make sure that you stick to your timescales and keep them letters going. As you probably have guessed by now you will probably not get anywhere. Maybe a GOGW. Look forward to the court hearing - or not??? Georgie Porgy
  14. Thanks Mad Nick for your advice here. I am completing form now and will hand delivery at court tomorrow. How is your claim going???? Have you a court date yet.?? Georgie Porgy:)
  15. Hi All i have now received my AQ questionnaire and am not sure what to use in Section G. Should i use Standard Disclosure or not???? If someone can advise me as i would like to get this in the post tomorrow. Thanks again everyone Georgie Porgy :confused:
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