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  1. Thanks I have rejected their offer, has anyone received compound interest on a business account or just the 8% ?
  2. I am claiming on my Natwest business account and they have made me an offer but have deducted all charges from 1st March 2007 as they state their new Terms of Business class these charges as an unauthorised overdraft request and therefore they are a charges for a service? Is this correct or shall I continue to litigation?
  3. Hi I have tried to claim back my PPI from Welcome Finance. I haven't got anywhere, what do I put on my claim form at court. N1 I think it is called. Thanks
  4. Where do I find information about how to do this on this site? Thanks
  5. It is estimated there are £12bn worth of default charges that may be able to be claimed back, it is easy therefore to calculate that even if we were to deal with 1% of this we are talking about a lot of money. All of our Directors are shareholders and thus salaries at this stage are not high. Jimbo, I would love to give you the name of our company, indeed it was available at the start of this thread but it was deemed by the administrators to be advertising and removed(that was not the point, but I understand the rule) so I will abide by the rules and thus cannot give out our name again. Maybe you could private mail Mindzai he may be able to help you. Did it not annoy anybody whilst watching the Money Programme tonight that the BBC are advocating that people merely claim their fees back, what about the millions of pounds of interest on charges and loss of interest? Is this ok? We propose, although this is not final, to guarantee to reclaim 120% of peoples charges, with no risk to themselves at all as we will cover all legal costs etc. So please could I hear peoples views on this ? It woud be lovelly to hear a positive comment! Maybe I wish for too much!
  6. On our board of Directors we have 3 senior ex civil servants, an ex CEO of a top five bank, a former treasurer of the CBI and numerours other well conected non execs. It is through these people we have been able to liase with the banks and asertain our information. This information cost us nothing apart from salaries. We have also conducted 'blind tests' on sites such as the CAG and certain sectors of society find it of no use at all. Please do not take that as saying the CAG is of no use, merely that certain people find it hard to use. You must understand how much power the banks have a how little authority is carried by the regulators. The FSA is no a rather toothless organistion and is not willing to get involved, self regulation rules in the City. All the banks are interested in is profit, pure and simple. If we can save them money they are interested, we are going after them anyway so why not save them some time in the process, it really is a case of speaking to the right people.
  7. I really cannot understand why you think this is a con, please could you elaborate on your opinion. I find it hard to understand peoples resistance to our service, but this sort of feedback is useful. Question: Are removal men a con? We can all do it ourselves, we choose not to because: a) our time is valuable b) can't be bothered c) they are experts we are not d) numerous other reasons People pay for their service, they don't have to, but the choose to. Should removal companies be vilified in the same way as us? I don't think so but please let me have your opinion. ps I don't mean to pick on any removal men out there, it's just an example.
  8. As I said earlier we are still in the trial phase and as such there is no website or any other record of us on the internet, apart from Companies House, Information Commision and the Inland Revenue. Most of the informaion we have sourced will be freely available on our website (launching 31st Jan). Whilst I applaud your enthusiasm for this site Mindzai, I feel it might be a little naive to assume the banks are going to take this sitting down, we have spent considerable time and money consulting with the banks and indeed have been told at what stages they will setlle etc(the reason we are privy to this info is that the banks have decided it is easier to work with us than against us, thus saving everyone money, they are not quite as stupid as many people think!). This is the sort of information that will be available to our clients. It is this level of experience we feel makes our chargable service of value to our clients. So whilst I would have loved to have not spent the money the information gained is invaluable. It is only through private investment that information and expertise can be gained and I firmly believe that whilst many people will find this and similar websites a great help, many more will be prepared to pay for an easy, fast and hassle free service. I am also amazed that Mindzai considers the BBC's offering useful information, people will be missing out on literally £1000's in lost compounded contractual interest, professionsl fees, and other claimable expenses!
  9. We are of course qualified legal practitioners and are qualified to offer legal advice. As for LeeS80's assumtion that we have somehow gained all of our knowledge from the CAG website, this is simply incorrect. Thus far we have invested over £100k in researching the legalality of the situation and possible responses by the banks. In no way do we aim to appear sponsored by the CAG or anything like that, we were merely offering to donate to the CAG. The reason for me mentioning ourselves on the site is just to start a debate on the issue and hopefully we can all benefit from our collective knowledge. Finally to Dave, I am interested to hear why you feel it would be unlawful to charge a percentage of a potential court case.
  10. Mindzai, it is clear from your responses that you feel our service is somehow designed to extort money from people by giving them a service they do not require. If people are happy to help themselves then that is great and we will of course direct people to sites such as this. However the fact remains that there are many people who do not have either the time, inclination, or ability to do it for themselves and it is only by using services such as ours that they will be able to reclaim their money. As for my example, Mrs P only became aware of our service becasue of the paid advertising we had done in her area, and without this, she would never have even known that she could reclaim her charges. Unfortunatly we do not live in a perfect world and the press and the internet will not let us advertise our services for free, in addition I have yet been able to find people to work for 8 hours days without payment. Until such a utopia exists I feel that for certain members of our society a fee paying service is going to be the only way for them to reclaim their fees. As you have clearly been such a help to many members on this site I would ask that you help us in what we do rather than view us with scepticism and chastise us for trying to help people reclaim their monies.
  11. I will give you an example, we have recently (for free, as we are in our trial phase) helped a 79 year old lady reclaim £2500 from various bank accounts as she had not realised how much she had been being charged. She does not have a computer and would never even dream of starting legal action against her bank. Would you just leave Mrs P and people like her to find the information out for themselves? Or, help her to claim the money due to her. How can this be so wrong, there are thousands of people in a similar position, and we firmly belive they should be helped.
  12. Whilst I respect your opinion, I think it is rather naive to believe that everyone in this country is capable or indeed willing to go through the proceedures invloved in claiming money from their banks. Many people need extra help and it is only through a paid service that the message will get through to the banks that people should be refunded al money that has been taken unlawfully. I would be delighted for you to explain how our service is almost as bad as the banks!
  13. We are in the process of starting a business with the intention of helping people claim the money that is rightfully theirs. The CAG website is a great resource but the reality is that 95% of the population does not know of its existance. We are setting up a business that will advertise in the national press and encourage people to claim what is rightfully theirs. We will of course have to charge a percentage of the monies claimed to cover our fees etc however we will also donate 5% of all profits to the CAG website. We are aware their are a few companies already offering this service, however it is our view that that are rather small and unable to offer the level of service to which we aspire. We would like to hear from anyone interested in helping us develop our service including job applications or any general thoughts and opinions on our proposal.
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