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  1. I previously applied for the industrial injuries disablement benefit and was turned down, because the company i worked for dismissed my claim of coming into contact with certain chemicals (they lied). When i got my letter of rejection, i did not appeal. I want to make a fresh apllication, but this time I have got evidence of the chemicals (a friend of mine gave me copies), can any one advice me of how to go about it this time
  2. Hi Conar, I too have received a letter from Lee Hancock. I wrote to Experian about "old data" and the need to remove them. Hancock basically wrote back with a standard letter and so bascally he has not fully responded to my letter. I will be drafting up a more sterner letter. This time I will be asking for defaults to be removed as the accounts have been closed. Any help will be appriciated mila
  3. Count me in as well, ill be happy to sign. I am currently fighting them off, they want £4400 of us and I know they are wrong in their calculations mila
  4. Thanks Alan & nightmare I will do that. I have read a lot about Kensington in these forums and there is no way I will be taking this likely. But I really need to make a stand to them, as the £50 arrears fee is killing me, I have been paying for a while.
  5. Im pleased for you Louisk, well done. I have a mortgage with them as well, I too will be making a claim for the arrears charges and anyother unfair penalty charges Oh I presume it would be ok to claim from them, as i still have a mortgage account running with them?
  6. I suppose I dont stand a chance in fighting to get the default removed
  7. Fair point. Thanks for that However this has left a downside to all this, they have stuck a default marker on my credit report
  8. Had a big bill from vodafone - £440, agreed with vodafone to a payment plan, was paying it off, then was hospitilsed. When I recovered, continued paying, but they said account was in default. I told them of my illness, but said the dafult would stand. So when wescot contacted me, thats when i sent cca to them and SAR to vodaphone
  9. Buzby Thanks for the pm, I tried replying but your box is full. Now that CCA is not an issue, can I still ask for the deed of assignment and if they fail on this, does it mean they (Wescot) cannot enforce it?
  10. Thanks Gary, I will be writing again, as they have not fully complied to mu CCA request, i.e. deed of assignment etc
  11. I had a business contract with vodafone for many years, that has been defaulted by Vodafone for non payment, a payment that I am disputing. Vodafone have employed Wescot to recover this "debt". I have wrote to both Vodafone (about default issue) and Westcot (sent a CCA request). Wescot replied as follows: "We can confirm under the terms of the Consumer Credit Act (excempt agreements) Order 1989, Article 3 (1) this account is not regulated by the Credit Credit Act ans is enforceable" My question is, Are Wescot right? need some help folk, please mila
  12. Congratulations Tink! I have started my claim with Mint, unfortunately I have not had copies of my statements. I sent the SAR to their Southend-on-sea address. Is this the correct one? Please help
  13. Hi Charliuk My deadline for the prem letter on two accounts (current plus & advantage) was also for today. Wells its quire weird, in that I only sent one prem letter covering the two accounts. Yet they have only replied for the advantage Gold account offering me a tiny amount (from Higley dept). I too will be sending my LBA letters today hopes it goes well for you.
  14. Thanks Matt,I have already started a thread - mila v Halifax (ERC)will keep you posted
  15. Thanks Matt I have read Zoots sticky too, but wanna go ahead. Is it ok to use your letter above, and did you send it to the Trinity road address?
  16. Hi Matt, I have also started my claim for ERC (£2700). In your prem letter, the claim you are making, is that for ERC, because as per your letter, what did you use for your shcedule of charges, the standard spreadsheet? please help
  17. H i can anyone help RE: ERC I changed my lender from Halifax in Oct/03. Halifax charged me : Repayment Adminstration Fee of £115.00 Early Repayment Charge of £2699.10 Can I reclaim both the above charges as per the bank charges claim guidelines (i.e Prem, LBA etc)
  18. Hi there all, I have received a reply from NatWest cards after sending in my Preliminary letter signed by a Heather Compton-Edwards - Has anyone recieved a letter from her ? Basically its a fob-off letter and I quote one paragraph : "It is not our policy not to refund late payment/over limit fees that were charged previousley at a higher level at the time that the fee was incurred" and they are basically saying no refund charges are due. Now do I wait until the deadline date given in the preliminary letter or can I send out my LBA letter? Any help would be welcome.
  19. Hi Joey, I have read other citi threads and have now sent out my LBA letter- deadline is 6 feb for citi... let see what happens
  20. Received all staments and sent off prem letter with schedule of charges on 15 Jan. Received letter from Citi on 17 Jan. Basically it is a fob-off letter Dear xxxxx Thank you for taking the time to write to me about the charges, which have been added to your Citi Account. On Wednesday 5th April 2006 the OFT issued a statement regarding the default charges levied on cutomers by CC issuers for breaches of contract such as making a late payment or going over the credit limit. Within this statement the OFT has stated that it believes that those charges are too high and has recommended cc companies review thier position with a view to reducing their respective charges to a minimum of £12, unless there are exceptional reasons why a higher level should apply. In order to remain compettive with other lenders we have reconsidered these charges after a review of the market. From 28 June onwards we have lowered our charges in light of the OFT statement. Citi was involved in a recent court case in Northern Ireland, the case of Kissick v Citifinancial Europe plc, in which the fairness of these charges was challenged. The court dismissed the case, implictly finding that the charges are fair and in conformity with the OFT guidance and common law principles of contractual damages. I understand that this was not the outcome you would have hoped for and if you would like an independant review of this, you may refer to the Financial and Leasing Association at the following address: xxxxxxx You may also contact the Financial Ombudsman Service. Thsi must be done within 6 months form the date of this letter. I f you have any other qiestions or would like to discuss this further, please dont hestitate to contact me on the number below and I will be happy to assist you yours..... Mark Clibbens Office of the Chief Executive Is this the standard fo -off letter, so do i now send a LBA letter? Pleae help
  21. Thanks Martyn, So I can use the std SAR letter in the templates library (+£10)?
  22. hI Martyn, Congrats for the success....well done. I am about to start my claims with HFC. Can you tell me when sending a sar letter will it matter if the accounts with HFC was settled and closed, however they have still recorded a DEFAULT and i want to get the default removed as well as get the unlawful charges back. please advice
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