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  1. Hang on a second. BANES have been issuing PCN's for bus lane offences for about 18 months now. My understanding of that article is that only London local authorities can. Can someone please correct me? regards, andy
  2. If you know which council issued the tickets ask for a freedom of information request for all information regarding the ticket. Ask for a certified true copy of the ticket as well. Won't cost you a penny and can be done over email. With regards to charges ask the bailiffs for a copy of their charges or ask them for a SAR (Subject Access Request) which should be the total amount broken down into each individual charge ie £30 for visit. Good luck Andy
  3. Hello Today had a visit from a bailiff whilst I was out (nobody was in at the time) and a letter was posted (not in an envelope) through my door advising all usual threats. Telephoned bailiff (who was surprisingly nice) about payment and have arranged 2 monthly payments of the outstanding amount. Now the issue is for a parking fine dated back to September 2006 where I parked on a single yellow line (badly faded and I doubt that it was legit). Had disputed this with the parking office but nothing had happened about it. Drakes sent me a letter in December 2006 advising we will be visiting your property in the next 7 days and taking things etc, at the time I was a nervous wreck as I had recently lost my job and decided to ignore the letter. Now fast forward to today and I get home from my work and to my absolute shock I find this letter sitting on my door mat advising that somebody had called round. Got straight on the phone to the bailiff and firstly queried the amount (was for £248 and this was the first visit for a PCN originally starting at £30, have been informed that this amount should be £143.10). He replyed by saying that included in this as a fee for his van. I read somewhere on here that they should send you a letter advising that they will be coming with a van 7 days before they come. Could somebody verify this for me please? I am planning on making the payments as per planned but I am then planning on taking the LA who issued the ticket to court for a refund as I am sure that the ticket wasn't valid in many cases.
  4. Hello everyone. Last year I received a parking fine for not displaying a valid ticket at a pay and display car park (my own stupid fault and was the 2nd day of driving after passing my test). I sent the £30 away same day and thought of it as a lesson learned and would not do such again. The date of the parking contravention was 06th July 2007. On the 11th August 2007 the council sent a notice to owner to me I received a notice to owner saying I now owed £60 blah blah for not paying. Sent a letter away saying already paid blah not paying again along with evidence. Never recd a reply (although did not send recorded delivery) and the council did not reply as they claimed to never have received it. On the 15th September they sent the £90 letter and saying it was now due for payment. I got straight onto the phone to them saying that I had already payed the parking fine and would not be paying the £90 as requested. Left it at that and thought nothing off it. Roll own October and comes the £95 letter which I didn't even bother to reply to out of anger. recd a letter from CSS enforcement saying now owe £111.66 and the threat of the bailiffs. Totally ignored this and was waiting for the county court thing to come through so I could put my case forward and show hard evidence that it had been paid. This never came and after receiving no contact from them received a visit from one of their bull dogs called Brian Sampson demanding payment. I was out at the time but they left a slip. Got straight onto the phone and explained to him that I had already paid and that I was not paying him or his stupid company any money. Had a massive go at me and making it out to be all my fault and being very abusive about me over the telephone. HE came round another 2 weeks later and I decided to end this and paid up. Did a FOI request from the council and have all pics etc of the contravention. Hadn't had any time to to look at until now due to work commiements and family issues. Now first issue is on the "true" copy of the PCN it states the following: "You are required to pay a penalty of £60 within 28 days. The charge will be reduced to £30 if payment is made within 14 days". Now I read in this forum that the above wording is actually illegal and should say something on the lines of payment is required within 14 days and that the registered keeper is responsible blah blah. The second issue with the PCN is that the included images only shows the rear of my car showing vehicle reg and the front of the vehicle showing no ticket attached. on no image does it show the car reg with no ticket being displayed on the windscreen. Also the dates on the image are set as 01/01/2005, surely this should show the correct date as per the PCN? Can anybody advise on any course of action I can take in order to make a recovery of my money to the bailiffe. Regards Andy
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