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  1. 2 small points the £12 oft recommendation was in regard to credit card charges. the charge of 2 months interest is standard for the early closure of a loan, the bank loan you the money so they can make money, and you agree to a payment plan, you are breaking that plan, therefore the bank explain you will pay 2 months interest, if you don't want to pay it, just pay the loan as you would normally. or do you see any fee/charge/payment as an excuse to cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war?
  2. they are not a penalty charge, they are a fee for a service. why don't you see if you can claim back the purchases you make aswell?
  3. why is an increase in the percentage rate wrong? the charges ou can argue, but the interest rate? not trying to antagonise (spelling?) just wondering?
  4. halifax, like all banks have a bonus scheme, but all lending like the other two mentioned is checked, all loan affordability is worked out from figures supplied by the applicant, so it is part of the reviewer's job to make sure these figures are as accurate as possible
  5. i go onto my pc, the enquires program, click on copy statement request, put in the dates required, click ok. that isn't too much help, as it is the procedure the bank worker follows, and is for all accounts.
  6. go to your local branch, and order copy statements. took some thought that like
  7. silly question time..........(i seem to do a lot of that on here....) what were you expecting?
  8. thank you, new to me, the way we are told about early repayment, is it is the outstanding capital, plus 2 montyhs interest
  9. we do quite a few checks when it is presented, even when it is at the dsame branch it is drawn, anything doesn't add up, it goes straight into the normal clearing system, and an investigation is started at the same time.
  10. silly question time.....what is rule 78?
  11. ok, i apologise for posting again, but here goes. at the halifax where i work, and deal with drafts all the time. we can stop them, but only on reciept of written authourity from the payee on the draft, that is the only way we can do it, and get the customer to sign to accept that is the only way it will be stopped. we can pay a halifax draft into a halifax account as cleared funds, slighty different procedures if it is the drawing branch, or another one, but end result is the funds available straight away. hope that helps in any way.
  12. overdrafts have been increased on a lot of current accounts automatically. of course it is selected customers, and not nessessarily the ones who need it the most.
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