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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I claimed and got my 8% from BOS. They paid up just before it went to court the full amount minus interest and I said unless they paid the interest I would continue with my court case as they hadn't settled it in full. It took a bit of arguing but I got it all paid. Stay firm and you will get it!
  3. Hi, I used basically the same wording as you to claim my 8% , ie. made it part of my claim ( thanks to robert as well if i remember right). The bank still didn't pay it but I phoned them and said I would be continuing with my claim in court if they didn't pay up if its part of your original claim then they haven't settled in full if they don't pay it so you are perfectly entitled to go to court. The only suggestion I would have is to include the amount of interest in the wording of your claim as this was one of the things they tried to use in their argument against me even though I had stated 8% from the date of each charge and attached spreadsheets. Keep at them and they will pay up
  4. When I was having financial difficulties which were causing me to go over drawn etc. I used to check my account online everyday, several times a day to check I had enough money in my account. When I saw I was going to go overdrawn I would transfer money in from another account to cover this. However BOS don't update this regularly, their excuse is that they can't see DD's coming in as they come from another company, this is BS as I used to work in the DD department of BOS . This situation only arose after BOS became HBOS, before they used to have a section online where you could see pending transactions but this disappearred! So the short answer is I don't think it is my fault if I go overdrawn when the bank themselves don't tell me that their is money coming off my account. I used to check my account before I left work at 4.55pm then again when I got home at 5.30 and I would have had a DD come off inbetween which would mean I would get charged £30 plus £28 at the end of the month. I don't think most people on this site are arguing that we shouldn't get charged, only that it is unfair to charge £58 for going OD by £1 for 24 hours, this is the sort of rate you would expect from a loan shark not a high street bank.
  5. Hi, I got the interest paid into my account yesterday. My exact wording of my claim was, "The pursuer claims from the defender the sum of £441 with interest on that sum at the rate of 8% annually from the date of service for each charge( together with the expense of bringing the action) I had to argue with them a bit to get all this. First they said they weren't paying the interest as i hadn't stated the amount on the claim, then they said I had actually only been charged £370 in charges. I had all my info in front of me when I phoned so was able to stick to my point as I knew I was right and eventually the guy said they would refund all my money. I might suggest to other people to word their claim slightly differently, something along the lines of "The pursuer claims from the defender the sum of XXX with interest on that sum at the rate of 8% annually ( total of XXXX interest plus XXX charges, total claimed XXX) from the date of service for each charge (together with the expense of bringing the action) or something so they can't complain about not paying the interest.
  6. spoke to someone at bank today who grudgingly agreed to pay the interest. He claimed they never got my spreadsheet either. It might be worth noting for anyone filing their claims now to include the actual amount of interest in the claim (ie. box 4) as well as the rate etc. I will hopefully get my full amount back soon, will wait and see!
  7. yeah I didin't think when I was on the phone at the time but the woman was telling me I wasn't going to get the interest cause I hadn't stated the amount in the claim bit but £441 PLUS INTEREST ON THAT AMOUNT can't really be interpreted in too many ways
  8. After getting a partial refund of my charges I was just interested to know how much has been refunded in total to everyone who has used this forum. I seem to remember reading a figure of £1million but can't find it now, is this about right?
  9. Scotland. I know I'm just so happy, I kept worrying that I would be the first one to go to court, I suppose everyone does that. Telling everone at work about it and got one other person to start claiming now
  10. I won I won I won !!!!!!!! looked at account today and they have paid 2 sums of £371 and £109, don't know what this equates to and is £78.65 less than the total I claimed, they say they have paid me total claimed plus £39 court fee and are refusing to pay interest so i have told them I will be continuing with the court action as they haven't settled in full! Might be of interest but the reason they gave for not claiming the interest was that i never put it on the original court forms. My exact wording was " The pursuer claims from the defender the sum of £441 with interest on that sum at the rate of 8% annually from the date of service for each charge (together with the expense of bringing the action) " Then in section 7, the details of the claim bit i said the claims are detailed in the attached schedule which was my spreedsheet bit with the dates of claims and the interest. When I was on the phone to them i explained all this but the woman was having none of it, I was quite pleased how firm i remained despite being so happy to get all this back :) :) Ps. can anyone tell me how to change the title of this thread to I WON!
  11. didn't put in link D'oh Entrez PubMed
  12. This website lists practically every research paper published in medicine and science. You might not get access to all the articles, I work for a University and they suscribe to loads so we get free online access, but if you see any that are particulary interesting you can buy them for 24 hours or if you are near a decent Uni ask if you can go and visit their library where they will have bound volumes of all the journals which you can photocopy and take away to read.
  13. Have filed my papers in Edinburgh Sheriff court and recieved a copy back, summons no. is SA1888/6. My return date is 05/09 and the hearing date is 12/09 at 10.30, hope they cave before then
  14. Make cheques payable to Scottish Court Service for all courts in Scotland
  15. I am about to post off my forms to court but cannot find any where who I make the cheque payable to in Scotland. Thanks
  16. Have filled in all the forms (Thanks to JMio) and am going to send them by registered post tommorrow, getting quite nervous now
  17. hi I'm coming close to the deadline of the final 14 days I gave the bank in my last letter so just wanting to get everything ready to submit my claim. Do I submit via the moneyclaim site or via the scottish courts website for a scottish claim. I woulkd prefer to do everything online Thanks Lynsey
  18. Hi I got a letter in yesterday, 1 day before my first 14 days, offering me £90 "in full and final setlement". I plan to write and accept this (ignoring their form) but inform them I plan to carry on claiming the rest! I'm claiming £440 from 2 accounts from them.
  19. Hi I got a letter from the bank after sending in my letter asking for my money back. It says they are very sorry i'm not happy etc. and it is being passed on to another dept. to deal with. Now do I wait to hear back from the other dept. or just send the second letter when the 14 days is up? thanks Lynsey
  20. we've got all the staements bar my partners from 2001-2002. Think I will try to give them a call to chase them up as the 40 day period expires 14/06. thanks for the reply
  21. Got statements from 2004-present for all the accounts but still not the 2001 ones which are where I think there will be the most charges.
  22. We got the first lot of statements in yesterday! I got statements from 2001-2004 and from 2002-2004 for my partners and our joint account. Hopefully we'll get the rest soon! Thanks for the advice but I would prefer to just keep 1 thread as my partner is not updating this site and I would prefer to have everything in 1 thrwad for myself and just comment on his account.
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