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  1. Very Interesting stuff, thank you. I have paid over £1,000 in PPI charges on my Sainsburys Visa card in a little over 2 1/2 years! I have written to them claiming a mis-sell on the grounds that I was self employed but they have told me that my claim is with the insurance company and not them! I cannot understand this as it was their staff that sold the card and PPI to me and not the insurance companies. Do you or any others have advice for me. Many thanks in anticipation of any help at all.
  2. Thanks for responding Cheddar. I used a letter template off 'Money Saving Expert' along with a 'Bank Charges Interest Calculator' on the same site. I have very limited time to research the best way to do this as I have an 18mth old boy and a 4 day old baby girl to entertain. I would appreciate any advice that you can offer but will not be able to respond until they have gone to bed tomorrow. Thanks again.
  3. Hi to all I have just written to Abbey for the first time claiming charges and interest. They have replied to me with what I imagine is a standard delay letter saying that they will write to me in 4 weeks to tell me how their investigation is going!! Should I sit tight and wait or should I write back and give a time scale for their response? Its the first time that I have used this site so if I am using the wrong forum would someone please point me in the write direction? Happy new year to you all.
  4. Hello all. I have sent my initial letter to Abbey claiming both charges and interest. I received what appears to be a very standard letter saying that they are looking into my case and will probably get back to me within 4 weeks!! Should I sit tight and wait or should I write back saying that that is too long a time scale? I hope that I am asking this question in the correct place, if I am not, maybe somebody out there would be good enough to point me in the right direction. In the meantime......Happy New Year to all.
  5. Hello to all at the CAG. I have only just registered with your site and am about to start reading the forums and FAQ's. I am then going to try to recover charges from the Abbey National going back nearly five years! Please wish me luck!!!:-|
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