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  1. Hi and thanks for all your remarks, Just having a few days rest and relaxation with her indoors, then I will start to attack again. Once cheque received and cleared donation will be made as usual, Thanks for input on this Halifax case, look forward to more fun and help with the Carcraft Case, and I know you are all up for it I hope everyone as had a good xmas and a new year party, now lets get down to business as usual. hail to the cagger's regards mike
  2. Hi takeitallaway, I have a car on HP as well and I have sent my claim into Carcraft as the finance was sold by them to me. I tried to approach the finance company who I pay every month but they told me that they were not the ones I could claim from as they are only the finance company. So who did you buy the car from (first) then they are the people who mis-sold you the PPI if at all they did. Please have a look around the caq site carefully as other members may be having the same problems with other remarks. Think first read alot then when you think you have a remedy post you comments and lets see what we can do. Have you asked them for a copy of your agreement and does it contain PPI payments, if you dont have a copy you have to get one through a S.A.R Request letter is available from the forums libary. I hope this helps regards Mike
  3. Hi Hellasnofury, I am in the motion of downloading my DCA file from Credit Expert, once the cheque and the letter of loan payment in full is received I will get on with everything else. So should I send a acceptance letter as once paid, it means that the loan is clear at last and that is the most important thing on my mind at present. Regards Mike
  4. Hiya Gang, Here is the reply from Halifax so far, where do I go from here ?? Do i accept or go with aletter of some sort,???? Any suggestions will go down well at this time, the figures fall short of what alanalana as worked out but its nearly there,. Here goes. Dear Scouser9, I am pleased to confirm that the redress of your Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) on your Halifax loan has now been cpmpleted and I apologise for any delay you have experienced in your redress calculated. The calculation considers the number of premiums you paid towards PPI, plus the interest charged on these premiums at the rate of your loan, plus interest at 8%. Below is a breakdown of the compensation calculation. Refunds of premiums paid to date = 1,132.86 Refund Of Interest at 10.9% APR = 442.82 Interest for compensation at 8% = 443.03 Total Redress = 2,008.71 The rest of the letter states that they will take that will take payment of whats left of the loan owed leaves me with a total compensation amount payable to me of 304.59 I can consider this as a win WOOHOO for me:D Now for Carcraft teehee Regards Mike
  5. Thanks for all the info Alanalana, I will browse through it all, and give my feedback later Thanks again Mike
  6. Hi alanalana, Great thread im glad you succeeded in a lot of items and good look with the rest of your quest, in the words of Peter Kay make them (ave it)!! Im just starting on my own quest concerning PPI with 2 companies please take a look at my thread. Any imput would be apprieciated http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payment-protection-insurance-ppi/174373-scousers9-ppi-thread.html thanks in advance Mike pps. good luck with the search for new car, I tried to get a new car for the wife, but the salesman would'nt swop lol
  7. Hi Hellasnofury, Just a thought how long back can you claim mis-sold PPI, as someone said to me that it would be like bank charges, ie that we can only go back 6 years, do you think this is true. As I am unsure about claiming one of my claims other than Halifax and Carcraft. I still cannot post attachments so I cannot post my loan agreements for you to peruse, perhaps I should ask a mod to intervene eh? Obliged for all your help. Mike
  8. Hi hellasnofury, Thanks for the excellent work and quick reponse, I dont understand what blips are, I have read the info link you sent and it seems com=nfusing to me but I get the drift about adding PPI after the point. I will scan and post both of loans in a short while im not to sure how to do it but i will sort it. I will post both meaning Halifax and Carcraft documents Thanks again regards mike
  9. Just a quick update here is my link to my PPI claims and letters regards Mike http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payment-protection-insurance-ppi/174373-scousers9-ppi-thread.html
  10. Hi here we go with the Carcraft Robbery or Loan as they put it!!!! Start date 6/8/2004 CASH PRICE 6,090,00 GAP INSURANCE 150.00 PPI 1,258,00 DOC FEE 100,00 OPTION TO BUY 50,00 CASH DEPOSIT 100.00 TOTAL CREDIT 7,548.00 HIRE PURCHASE 4,528,80 BALANCE TOTAL 12,176,80 APR 28.5 48 MONTHS @ 251.60 I have received my cca request in the form of a full photo copy of my agreement and with my signature. I pay Marsh Finance of Rochdale my payments. And I approached them with a Miss Selling PPI claim and they said the following. Dear Scouser9, In response to your letter re mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance,(PPI), the policy was sold by Carcraft who are independent to Marsh Finance and are in no way linked, Marsh Finance Ltd are purely the financing company and not the seller of the policy. Carcraft is fully approved by the FSA to sell insurance policies. Therefore we are unable to comment re the claims that the policy was mis-sold and not liable for any compensation So Ive already sent a mis-selling letter off to Carcraft just waiting for reply. What do you think so far, Ive got the Carcraft telephone number off CAG and will be useing it as soon as I know the figures Thanks in advance Mike
  11. Hi Hellasnofury, Yes ive received a full copy of my loan agreement its a true photocopy with my signature and everything on it, I had a copy from Halifax and Moorcroft, and since that they have closed my bank account but not my savings account. I also have a laid out payment by payment from Moorcroft is that what you mean. I have a telphone number to the woman dealing with my case and its on my previous posts and she says to get in touch to discuss the account,? what do you think. Perhaps I give her the figures you have worked out and she pays me (wallah) as if it was that easy. And Ive another money matter with Carcraft that needs to be worked out on a spreadsheet could you please do that one for me as well hellasnofury please, im useless with figures and spreadsheet. Thanks in advance mike
  12. Hi, Hellasnofury thanks for the figures what do you mean by the ca request please mike
  13. Hi jackie and welcome to the best forum on the net for any problems shared is always a problem solved. A little advice read up on the subject and other like for like case's on the forum pages until you are happy with with the way things work. Post your problem then lets get to work and dont worry about anything we can nearly always make a difference. Nice to have you on board and good luck regards mike
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