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  1. I am going to start a new thread as there is nothing I can see which relates to bringing court action on packaged bank account fees on a personal account which is what this new action is about -
  2. I have had the same problems , they failed to reply to a SAR request initially but following an email to Nick Jeffery stating I was about to report them to the ICO I was sent bills by email . They donnot hold copies of any contracts with tariffs on have refered me to their terms and conditions Iand have affected by credit file on two occasions. I have been a customer for 15 years with exceptionally high bills.
  3. Erm is the CEO not responsible for diabolical customer service ? I think the solicitor has behaved inappropriately. This is a litigant in person making what sounds like a valid claim. The response sounds intimidating and I'd say your going to use it as evidence should the case continue . If you can get a refund then withdraw and start again - I'd say you'd be happy to withdraw on full and final settlement - and their letter is going to the ombudsmen - the address is on their website .
  4. Ofcom are inundated with complaints about vodaphone , throw in another one for good measure and get a reference number . Their customer services has a shocking reputation. I recently ( yesterday ) after making a SAR request on the 1 Nov threatened them with the ICO , all my bills have been sent today by email. It's sounds like they are bullying you. I would reply to their solicitors stating you take humbrage to corporate bullying and it is because the customer service is so diabolical that you felt your only redress was through the court system , also add that you are reporting them to Ofcom. I would not withdraw the claim - but that's me ....
  5. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?53869-Tumble-v-Natwest-**-WON-**/page4
  6. Should I start a new thread - maybe called Packaged Bank account reclaim LA . There's another thread of mine which is probably more appropriate to put my posts under Unclebulgaria. I'll try and find the link to the thread on here .
  7. Andyorch I have searched the site , I don't know how you monitor what I've searched but it would appear to be flawed. Is it a case of do more homework before I post ? Direction to the relevent posts would be more helpful .
  8. Hi All , I posted on site re other issues but now I'm back at loggerheads with Natwest. I claimed some fees back for a couple of friends with ease . My account goes back to 1986 , fees kicked in 2000. I've had my case looked into twice. My first complaint was sent March 2016 after spotting it on TV about mis-selling. They stated that due to leaflets being sent out in 2009 and 2010 that I should have been aware. Obviously I have no recollection of this literature and I 100% was told during the bank charges reclaim when querying these fees that there where no other non fee paying accounts available to me . I even have the bank managers name documented. I have sent Natwest a SAR and a LBA . I have been advised that the ombudsman is not withholding complaints where limitation has been applied and Natwest are allegedly totally relying on this by using limitation. I am preparing a POC . Back during the BC reclaim I won at a hearing to have a case heard to challenge the LA act using sec 32 c - the judge was keen to hear the skeletan argument . Natwest paid before the hearing on my charges beyond 6 years. I am preparing my case and would like some assistance preparing a POC which is relevant , I have no legal background , just tenacity and the ability to read. This site was invaluable in the past with spreadsheets , templates and some clever people. Just could do with assistance following procedures to refresh and help with a POC . Do I mention LA in the POC or let them at defence stage ? any assistance or thoughts . Through my reading I understand that should this LA be challenged that bank charge reclaim would re-open if it was incurred by another bank charge or mis sold bank product - we know how things can snowball and impact on other outgoings . Thankyou for reading and hopefully some positive feedback ��
  9. Apologies I haven't been on site for a while and didn't realise this had already been updated . I am working on another case , just trying to navigate my way around - looking for an old case of mine that I need for reference . I will pm
  10. Ok so what are we going to do - I'm an old cagger back on board
  11. I claimed these charges back with ease for some of my employee , yet personally I have met a brick wall . They are stating outside FCA time scale , as they alledgey sent out a pack in 2009 , nine years after they simply switched it and it is from that date I should have reasonsably been aware , according to them . I did raise it but was told by the actual manager at the time it was the only account available . The uphold rate with the ombudsmen is apparently low. I'm thinking letter before action - breach of fiduciary duty all over again , they will not provide details of their legal department . I think this is almost criminal - they take money without permission , then say oh well we sent a pack out and throw the FCA into it to blindside - they don't even quote the section of the handbook it relates too. If anyone else took money without asking they would be a thief . I became aware of this latest scandal in March. Are there any of the old Cag team still on board . Here were I really miss Martin , can't help thinking what he would have made of it all .
  12. Well it feels like my old friend Martin was looking down on me again. Case withdrawn , no costs. Rip Martin
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